John Magnum vs Phillip Aubrey

Jul 24, 2012 - and

John Magnum is brand new to NK and his name says it all. This stud is massive... bulging arms, rock hard chest, and a big fat cock. He has six years of the military and jiu-jitsu training. Phillip is another Naked Kombat rookie. He's been training Budokan, a mixture of martial arts and yoga. He's tall, lean and built for the long haul. Phillip is confident that his muscular opponent will tire out long before he's begun to fatigue. At that point, he plans on striking without mercy and claiming Magnum's muscled ass as his prize.

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Sep 20, 2013 Both guys Magnum and Aubrey are hot guys/wrestlers. I'd say Aubrey provided some good stiff competition. Enjoyed not only the wrestling but sex round. Magnum has mastered the art of fucking with his awesome dick. Great! (5)
Oct 14, 2012 John is a great wrestler as I have sean him wrestle on other areas and he loves coming out on top even if he does he still doesn't mind taking bottom with the right guy and Phillip is very tough also and will go a long ways here I am sure. Very aggressive and has alot of interesting holds and moves and positions. Bill from Vermont Great! (5)
Jul 28, 2012 For me, another great entertaining match on this great site. Ok. some rolling around, why not? each match is different, including round four. That's the beauty of the site. Hope to see you again soon guys and thanks. Great! (5)
Jul 26, 2012 Not a good match and definitely ref called it wrong again. I watched closely this time and counted much more points for Philip. Ref needs to go. When it was called wrong I tuned it out as I didn't think John should have had the liberties with Philip. In my eyes Philip won the match. Better wrestler too. Below average (2)
Jul 4, 2012 An observation--In the John & Philip match the action was manly but the conversation during the fights way nothing but Junior High School Boy Talk -- tell your athletes to shut up during the fight unless they are hurt! You are a Steel Site, Don't let any Silk slip into your Steel Site!!! Great! (5)
Jul 4, 2012 A MESSAGE TO NAKEDKOMBAT--You Are The Best Site EVER!! You have real Men/Athletes !!! You do not hire sissy models who just look good to try to fight -- you hire men/athletes who want to fight and win. The male/male relationships are just pure sweat,muscle,jizz,and strength! Even though these guys fuck in the last round - it is never sissy - is is 'winner over loser' and the winner takes the other guy's dignity, pride, and manhood. This is the best site EVER. I can smell the guy sweat coming off my screen, and I can taste the guy rush in my mouth. You are nothing but professional, and HOT!! Great! (5)
Sep 13, 2011 John Magnum has a great body, but a terrible habit of mugging all the time and his roar at the end of the sex round was on the verge of lunatic. And the spitt was unnecessary and certainly uncalled for. Philip Aubrey has an even better body and in my opinion won the match. He certainly is a better wrestler and has a body to die for. I'll give it a great for him and the way he handled himself in the sex round. Great! (5)
Jul 5, 2011 Anything, bad match. Below average (2)
Jun 28, 2011 John Magnum is a keeper - would enjoy seeing him dominated on Bound Gods Great! (5)
Mar 26, 2011 I wish I could have been the one eating John's beautiful ass. Great! (5)
Feb 26, 2011 Nice and pleasant guys Great! (5)
Feb 18, 2011 John Magnum is hot. Good wrestler it seems as well. Look forward to him being dominated by someone bigger (not be weight!)! Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2011 LOVE this match! I wish I was the one eating John's ass! Great! (5)
Dec 25, 2010 I wanted Phillip to lose - I wanted to see him take John's awesome cock. Great sex scene! Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2010 This was one of the sexiest matches I have seen and John Magnum has an incredible body. Every round was good unlike others. John has a great command of the loser; totally takes control. Wonder what it would be like if he loses and the roles are reversed? :-) Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2010 PLEASE more of John Magnum!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 I loved this ,atch. Talk about two beautiful men! I'm really not sure how Magnum won. He was everywhere in round one, but Philliip's endurance showed through in rounds 2 and 3 and I think he got the best of him. Anyway, loved it. Enjoyed the sex scene expecially. Would love to see either one of these guys go against more experienced wrestlers and be totally dominated. Watching magnum get pounded would be AMAZING! Great! (5)
Sep 14, 2010 How in the hell did Magnum win this, when he pretty much got over powered the majority of the time, he only sat on Phil's face, did very little figering, spanking or any of the things Phil did to him? Phil dominated this sorry excuse for "Muscle". I know it's his first time, but he didn't "fight" for this win at all. He evaded mostly in round 1, and pretty much got dominated by the skinner Phil in rounds 2 and 3 in my opinion. I didn't care for this match much. Would have preferred Phil to loose, which he did, but in an overwhelmingly humiliating way given the size of his opponent..he convinced me that if given a second chance, he'd kick Magnum's ass in a heartbeat. Put Phil against DJ, Shane, Aubrey, or Lorenzo(?)..Add oil, no audience. HOTTNESS. Poor (1)
Jul 18, 2010 Love to wrestle phil then we fuck Great! (5)
Jul 11, 2010 A bit different from a lot of matches I've seen, these two athletes seemed to like; respect each other, as if they would have hooked up and been friends out side of the arena. It doesn't sound like a hot moment, but when the guttural "I got you" laughter was going on, I felt like a voyeur watching someone's private moments. Two hot athletes that will be stars. Great match guys! Great! (5)
Jul 10, 2010 Great Match! Two guys who actually know jiu jitsu submission - having a a fun roll and obviously into each other as men sexually and loving the grappling - the scoring was a bit of a mystery - But lets see more equal skilled matches in between the fetish matches some of your audience likes. Great! (5)
Jul 4, 2010 Phillip has a terrific body and good looks. I hope to see more of him in future combat episodes. What a physique! The sex was great especially with Phillip getting rammed doggy style. All in all, an excellent performance by both. Great! (5)
Jun 24, 2010 Two amazing men trying to outmuscle each other, but needs more intensity. Good (4)
Jun 22, 2010 I like to see Philipp, the young panher, groaning when he was fucked by John, this very muscular bull of man. The fucking positions are most awesome. Both fighters were very attracted to each ohter, I think therefore the sex was the best. Great! (5)
Jun 20, 2010 Amazing! This has to be one of the best matches on here by far. The guys are hot, into each other, and rough as hell when wrestling. The skinny guy puts up one hell of a fight. absolutely fantastic. Great! (5)
Jun 18, 2010 I can't stop to seen it, amazing! John I hope to see you soon. Great! (5)
Jun 13, 2010 Is there an EXCELLENT category! HOT! HOT! HOT! Great rounds all of them, especially R4... superb camera work/angles at 39" and 42".... Hot spitting, rimming, loser fucking himself on winner's cock, winner is an excellent verbal top with good body slams...... MY kinda match! One of your top 5 ever guys! Bravo! Great! (5)
Jun 12, 2010 Definitely a good one and if the two guys weren't so obviously attracted to each other I would vote it great. I agree with what was said earlier. Phillip wanted it badly :) However he delivered a great performance and had a fair chance to take down the big guy. John! It is great to have him at NK and I am sure he will provide lots of fun. Thanks Good (4)
Jun 11, 2010 Hot hot. Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2010 Initially this looked promising but as the match progressed it dissolved into more of a fun romp around rather than a seriously determined fight for dominance. Fun, yes and hot men, for sure, John is an agile, handsome bull of a man and Phillip's a statuesque beauty who moves like a panther. Shame that they failed to demonstrate a more overt sexual aggression towards one another. R.4 was the highlight of the match, would liked to have seen Phillip's supple flexibility used to greater advantage which would have made for some interesting fucking positions. Good (4)
Jun 10, 2010 This was good, glad to see two new faces. It was close in scoring, though all the rounds were just good and hot, you really didn't know who win. 1st Magnum, 2nd felt that Aubrey came back with some nice holds, 3rd round could have gone either way. Great match!!! Great Sex!! Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2010 Not bad but great euther. At times it looks like more of a love-in than a wrestling match - both guys just wanted to fuck each other and to hell with the wrestling. I've never seen a loser with such a satisfied smile on his face after being "punished". Yeah! Be a loser. Good (4)
Jun 10, 2010 This match was okay, not great but good. You need to have more matchnes like Luke and Shane. That was a great wrestling match, not rolling around like you don't know what to do. John Magnum has a great body, but really needed to be matched against a more muscular guy. Phillip looks okay, but I think he was overpowered bY John. He's built and he knows it. Good (4)
Jun 10, 2010 One additional comment about this match . . . . It's matches like Magnum-Aubrey and Hammer-Cooper that make me enjoy edging all the more! Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2010 DAMM!!!! One of the two GREATEST matches in recent memory, Cooper-Hammer being the other one. These guys are very evenly matched in many respects. Both have great martial arts skills which is essentially what this match was about. There was lots of energy and aggression, and they looked and sounded like they were having fun competing. The "trash-talk" was one of the enjoyable parts. Bobsal was right on target: More of these guys! From a production standpoint, this was much better than some of the earlier productions. The different camera shots and the sound made this much better. I agree with bensilb that this was FUCKING AWESOME! Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 Maybe the wrestling wasnt top notch but both these guys were energetic fast moving and put on one hell of a show. One of the best matches in awhile and enjoyed it a lot. Wouldnt mind seeing a rematch of these two in the future. Am with ginobear on his comments that it would be nice to see some of our old favorites return to the scene---I miss them and some of the best matches that they gave us. Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 I really want to see Mgnum take down Shane Erickson Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 Stallions! I love it! Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 when i'm i going to see a asain guy wrestling, may a asain guy wrestling another asain guy Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 more of these guys! Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 I have to say that this match was FRAT-TASTIC. These guys seemed like College roommates who just decided to come wrestle on NK. Unfortunately, that also meant that the wrestling was not technically very good at all. It was still pretty hot, though. Plus, John Magnum has an unbelievably huge cock. I mean, what? The banter was pretty hot, though Rounds 2 and 3 did get a little boring in parts. The sex was truly the highlight. Great sex scene. Both guys looked very good. I would love to see Magnum go against one of the NK Vets, to take him down a peg. But it was a really good match overall. Nice looking, interesting models. Great sex. I still wanna see some of our old favoites back soon though. Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 Cute young energetic and they had fun. What a treat! Thanks Van. Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 There should be a choice of FUCKING that was great. Philip is really hot Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 Nice to see a big man on the mat; but, it's no fun when the big man wins -- after all, it's what one would expect, and the expected is not amusing. Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2010 Spirited match. Loved the Charles Atlas pose in round 4. Made losing look like a lot of fun. Great! (5)