Bound, Gagged and DP'd

Apr 27, 2010 -

Beautiful porn star Bobbi Starr in her last ropes bondage shoot as a sub for Hogtied. Bobbi gets tied up, gagged and double penetrated. An ass-hook tied to her hair keeps Bobbi's head thrown back so we can see her expression as her pussy lips are pinned open and tied to her toes for easy access. Suspended in a helpless and humiliating position, Bobbi cries out as her feet are caned and she orgasms again and again.

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Apr 27, 2010 I preferred Bobbi when she shaved her pussy Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 just the sexiest woman in bondage Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 man i was waiting for bobbi to come back...but i agree with anderson, much better shaved, still amazing though Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 May be your greatest shoot, Bobby! So glad to see U again! And hope to see u on the others sites of kink...workin with Felony? Would be grat too! And keep your bush...Ilove hairy pussies!! Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 Bobbi is hot.. shaved or not! Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 BOBBI STARR,One of the Greatest. I don't want to make a ranking.I appreciatte too many KINK models. I was waiting for BOBBI at HOGTIED. It is far above GREAT. In the mean time, she make great shoots for other KINK sites but in my point of view, based on KINK five years ago and more. Hogtied is a huge part of the basement of KINK. The trailer is terrific. BOBBI always wonderful and nasty,so thank you so much BOOBI. And thank you so much KINK because if BOBBI, DANA, LORELEI, FELONY, MADISON and many more star are always there is because they all performed very good job with you. Very PROFESSINNAL, and BEAUTIFUL from all KINK Company. Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 The first time I saw Bobbi was on an old ttoo. I have been wondering when I would see her again. She was beautiful then, but even more beautiful now. I tend to agree with Bobbi's philosophy of give and take. Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 Man, Bobbi Starr has been my favorite model for a couple years now. It's a shame she doesn't shoot often. Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 Looks fantastic - it's Bobbi Starr for pete's sake, she's always fantastic. Sad to learn that it will be her last shoot for HT as a sub. Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2010 dude, you're not listening. love the undressing in the spread eagle scene. no gag, only tied on the ankles and wrists, natural breasts. PERFECT. then you leave her belly begging for the single tail, her back and tits begging for the flogger, her ribs and arm pits begging for some tickling. geez. right to the vibrator. how can you get the world's most beautiful girl in that position and get her to climax so well and still leave us disappointed. think foreplay dude. FOREPLAY. COME ON. Great! (5)
Apr 28, 2010 I love Bobbi! Great! (5)
Apr 28, 2010 Watching someone do something for no reason--another batch of pixels churned out by someone who’s just doing a job--gets old fast. Lochai seems almost deferential--rather than playing with his latest toy, he’s there to give her a good time and then he’s done. Maybe he has a good poker face, maybe Bobbi had strict limits and he was bored, but there’s a strong sense of detachment here. Below average (2)
Apr 28, 2010 The set was awesome though--it’s nice to see a big room, and the lighting was great. Those hanging lights were a nice touch. Below average (2)
Apr 28, 2010 full-on, and lovely. great to see her, always: an intelligent and dirty mind wrapped up in a great body, and with a nice personality (as in would be fine to talk to in a shop, with her clothes on!) Great! (5)
Apr 28, 2010 If you see enough bondage pics and vids you almost forget about pussys have hair. *snicker* I agree however, much better shaved. Either way though.. damn she's hot! Great! (5)
Apr 29, 2010 I loved Bobbi!Goog shoot. Great! (5)
Apr 30, 2010 I enjoyed Bobbi, and I liked the pussy hair! ;) Can't always be all clean shaven, gets to be too predictable. Change is good. :P Liked the action, cool room, good shoot! Be fun to see her more... used, as it were. But again, I enjoyed it, and will be fun to see her as a top (if that's the way it's playing out)! Great! (5)
May 1, 2010 I understand where Bobbi is coming from. Everyone gets to a point in their life where certain things change. Things that, at one time, were really a turn on, aren't that much fun any more. Bobbi's a very lovely lady and what ever she does will always excite me. Great shoot. Great! (5)
May 2, 2010 i love bobbi!!! Great! (5)
May 4, 2010 Much better then the shoot prior to this!!! I liked the pussy hair. It was a nice change from all shaved, more animalistic back to nature!!! Awesome shoot and a perfect model. Great! (5)
May 6, 2010 Splendide, merveilleuse, extraordinaire, senssasionnelle, le top. A part �§a, je pr�©f�¨re quand m�ªme la chatte ras�©e, elle est tout simplement divine. Great! (5)
May 8, 2010 Beautiful body..excellent!! Great! (5)
May 12, 2010 Bobbi is a very beautiful girl more so with her pubic hair I just love her in nautural form . huray for return of Hairy pubes wheare women look like women Long live pubic hair Thanks for chance to see hairy pussies hope for more to come Great! (5)
May 17, 2010 Great shoot BOBBI always fantastic and is developing into a great dom on the other Kink sites will always be good nice frank interview at end thank you jh/uk. Great! (5)
May 18, 2010 can't get pictures - only vids Poor (1)
Jun 19, 2010 I always had a soft spot for Bobbi. But liked it better when she shaved. It feels like we're watching a porn from 1973. At least trim it down to a 5 o' clock shadow/landing strip. Good (4)
Aug 24, 2010 Leave your bush just as it is! great shoot! Great! (5)
Feb 21, 2011 By far the most sexiest woman in Kink Great! (5)
Apr 14, 2011 I really love Bobbi but I prefer her with a shaved pussy! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 What a beautiful doll and what a sexy video !!! Bobbi is by far my FAVORITE model, she's got beauty and sex-appeal. Her bush is magnificent too, please bring her back ...pleeaasseee !!!!!!!! I cum on her video... Great! (5)
Jun 11, 2012 No doubt about it, Bobbi loves it in the ass. Just about every shoot I've ever seen her in has had some butt hole action. Bobbi keep up the great work. Great! (5)