Katie Summers, Seda, and Isis Love
Part 1 of 4 of the January Live Show.

Feb 1, 2010 - , and

Live Show Mondays brings you the start of the January live show that featured Katie Summers, Seda, and co-top Isis Love.

Fist lets all thank Seda for stepping in last minute to do the show, we had a late cancellation and Seda literally jumped in as the show started.

We warm the girls up as we do every show, with a tight bondage escape game. It is amazing how much bondage hurts and can tire a girl out who is trying to escape, but it's very erotic at the same time.

The we start off with a dual electricity scene. Standing spread, made to stand on electrified blocks. Both girls start crying before we even begin. We get them calmed down and start the scene. Both girls struggled with this one physical and emotionally. but both made it though! Now both girls are done in for but we have 2 more hours to go.....

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Feb 1, 2010 seda is just qute Great! (5)
Feb 1, 2010 Call me old fashioned but ending this segment with a passionate kiss between two sexy dolls...nice. Great! (5)
Feb 1, 2010 I AGREE! (folterarzt) Seda deserves a solo shoot she's a pint size cumm bucket. Thanks for stepping up Seda please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Feb 1, 2010 I love Seda. She's cute, fun, and the perfect proportions. I think we have a new star. Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 Great but for the first scene don't tie the wrist palm to palm (fingers inside) but "back to back" fingers outside. Then let them try to get loose. Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 The idea is for them to get out.. Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 Seda, your display of genuin anxioty was without a dout very sexy. Remember it takes a strong person to allow themselvs in such a vunarable prediciment. I hope to see you in futeur shoots. I look forward to seeing the other 3 installments of this live show. I wish I could have watched it live, but I had to work. Both you girls are very sexy. Matt keep up the good work, I like that you look out for the models well being. Isis, what can I say but keep on keeping on, I like your style girl! Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2010 Matt; Great shot and I love both of these girls but I don't like the new format of one long clip. You have to sit through 15 minutes of fluff to get to the actual suspension. Breaking it up to a couple different clips would be better. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2010 Fantastic. Both girls were brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed this shoot. Looking forward to seeing the next 3 installments. Great! (5)
Feb 8, 2010 Wow. Powerful. Not your average day at the job. Very intimate moments, must have been difficult for all four involved. Great! (5)