Summer Cummings

Apr 17, 2003 -

Summer Cummings is put to work on an inventory of electroplay toys. Her manager returns to find her orgasming to the toys she was supposed to be working with. As a result, she is tied up and punished.

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Apr 17, 2003 It was okay but nothing really spectacular. -
Apr 17, 2003 yes!!! its about time you got the new summer cummings shoot! i like the clit suction -
Apr 18, 2003 I simply can't understand who anybody can like these tits for real. They are just ridicilous. -
Apr 18, 2003 Sorry, not one of the better shoots. Way too faked, even if it wasn't and those fake balloons are not attractive at all. -
Apr 18, 2003 The fakes are so bad that they overshadow the entire shoot. The appealing aspects of this site are the ones that rely on contrast. This contrast and sense of proportion are wildly violated. I find it hard to say in a forum like this, but I feel that this moves from the grounds of an erotic appreciation of the human form and the response to stimulation to a disrespectful display. -
Apr 18, 2003 fake. sorry... -
Apr 19, 2003 Worst i've seen yet. -
Apr 19, 2003 Summer is so beautiful and sexy ... this quite soft shoot is still very exiting Next time ... it will be better with much more shocks !!! -
Apr 19, 2003 Summer performed very nicely...her inner passion was brought to a boil, but to really allow her to sizzle needs a bit more buzzz -
Apr 19, 2003 Yes her tits are fake, SO WHAT! Summer has appeared in many,many films, she has always taken her submission very seriously here people. It's not often that you find women of this caliper to produce the quailty of the material that is produced from these fine people. Not every seen can be the woman of your dreams or your fantasy. I don't know of any web sight that offers what these sights do and much yet are givin a chance to review with your personal comments. Sometimes the seens maynot be agressive as one would like but heck thank, them and tell them how it could be improved. Personally I have always loved the moves that Summer has stared in. Than you all at whippedass,hogtied and wiredpussy for all you great work -
Apr 20, 2003 I always have loved Summer -
Apr 21, 2003 Best Girl I've ever seen here! -
Apr 22, 2003 Nice girl, good shoot, but I'd like to see you spend a bit more time sticking things in her butt - perhaps in a F*cking Machines shoot? -
Apr 22, 2003 More tortured big tit girls - let them scream !!! -
Apr 24, 2003 I like piercing very much. -
Apr 27, 2003 Summer is best -
Apr 28, 2003 Summer is Best with a nasty Fist up her puss. She loves a good Fisting too! I've seen her live. Also: Why not jam the Hitachi wand right up her Butt? She's such a trooper, I'm sure she'll go for it! -
May 7, 2003 gotta love big tits, i'm a breast man myself. -
May 28, 2003 ok -
Jun 3, 2003 i love big tits -
Jul 23, 2003 Actually better than nice. This lady has a fabulous figure and I don't go along with the fake tit assessment. Video well worth the wait (slow line), this lady is sexy plus and is as beautiful as any I've seen anywhere!! -
Sep 15, 2003 Decent, but the fake/balloon tits are a complete turnoff for me. She looks like a clown. -
Jan 26, 2004 Summer Cummings Rulz Nice Job Lady's Thanx The-Gundam! -
Mar 21, 2004 uninteresting -
Oct 21, 2004 Summer's breasts just take a little getting used to. Think of it as a fashion statement. What could be more erotic than her great piercings and tattoos? Definitely one of the greatest. Do yourselves a favor and watch some of her films. Incidentally, as great as they may be, she is terrific at WP. -
Nov 6, 2004 AWEsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wee need more big boobie girls!!!! summer cummings iz tha shit!!! -
Nov 16, 2004 all is beauty by Summer, the face, the breasts,SUPERGIRL -
Dec 2, 2004 Call me sick, perverted, a degenerate. Allow me to digress. A woman undergoes breast enhancement, or other forms of feminine body modification, so that their physical appearance is more appealing For our pleasure...they have their bodies cut, adjusted. Getting fake tits is one thing, but getting them THIS large, is outright deformity. And the idea that in order to please us, the woman has deformed herself? I find that arrousing. Now whatever the shape of her chest, Summer is a delightful submissive. Her squeals are an erotic opera. If the monster mams bother you that much...then just watch somebody else. Summer, you live on a plateau that only true submissives can attain. I could listen to your screams every day. Let's see, who wrote that song, "You Are So Beautiful...To Me.." -
Mar 3, 2005 tittle48 has a point... This site is all about ladies who suffer and enjoy suffering for our pleasure. Natural is good: but deliberately modified, to this extent, is pure nasty. thank you, Summer! -
May 8, 2005 YOu're all missing the point: Summer is an EXAGGERATION of womanhood--woman taken to a RIDICULOUS and wonderfully HUMILIATING extreme--she is literally tits, ass, cunt, asshole--not a person anymore, but a THING to be USED by men. Thus punishing her in the very areas she enhanced to try to make herself more attractive only ADDS to the humiliation! Of course you shock a cunt like this in her cunt and ass and tits--it is all she is! She is a THING to be USED, a living, breathing blow-up doll...and when she's bound, penetrated, and electrified, she KNOWS it and is thoroughly and completely HUMILIATED. That's the pleasure in seeing her exaggerated form punished. SHe's the perfect slave. -
Jul 15, 2005 Dear summer i have been reeding all that has been said .you keep it up good luck to you we all have the right to do with our boddys what we are very sexy .and a hot look female .i would watch any film you make ,hugs and all the best -
Jan 11, 2006 always...Totally Hot....definitely needed more shoots with you included and I would be a lifetime member -
Oct 9, 2006 Seen you. love you. missed you. Still like you. -
Feb 12, 2008 I liked her at the gyn.bench.! Think I must be a doctor ... Great! (5)
Jun 13, 2008 Cool Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 Yummy Summer again Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 Summer her boobs must oiled Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 Summer has great eyes beautiful face and hair too But boobs draws attention Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2010 beautiful love cave I love eat it your shout "take me" Great! (5)