Yasmin Lee
Complete Release Massage

Apr 7, 2010 - and

Yasmin Lee has a stressful life full of photo shoots, looking glamorous, shopping, seducing men...and that is just an average Wednesday. She needs to unwind in her own special way and that means hiring a strapping guy to give her a massage in her house, alone, with no one to interruption.
The massage starts off innocently enough, working out the tension in her muscles while increasing the tension in her cock. She convinces Lobo to disrobe and let her touch him, just enough to keep him close by her mouth and breasts. She slowly pulls back the sheet revealing her hard cock and Lobo reluctantly puts her in his mouth, licking only the tip first. He is in a bind since as a therapist this is NOT allowed but as a guy, Yasmin is too tempting.
He gives in to Yasmin and is soon pinned to the bed first with a large butt plug that makes movement impossible and then with rope and Yasmin's cock pounding his ass. She wants him to man up and fuck her like she fucked him, so Yasmin gets tied up and demands Lobo fuck her just as hard, just as fast. They both are sweating and ready to explode for a mutual complete release.

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Apr 7, 2010 super yasmin se best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2010 Always love it when Yasmin takes it. She is soooooooo sexy!Not to mention when she gives it to one of the "good boys"!! Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2010 WHEEEW!!! Im a total mess right now after i watch this 100 more times then il reply! Yasmin please stop!!! Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2010 It is always a pleasure watching Yasmin. I'd gladly trade places with the guys she films with. She is the best. Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2010 Wow! I Love Yasmin!!! There was foot worship,sexy. I will never quit Bitchen about the lack of Tickling, would be Great with Yasmin involved,but other than no Tickling, I loved this one! Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 Wow what a pounding, both ways. Whoever is getting I was to see it dished out. I wish someone would give Honey Foxx a pounding like that (only after she had pounded them) Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 Yasmin is a dream come true. Thank you for featuring her so well. Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 Yasmin you and Lobo were so sexy in this scene! I loved the expression on yr face Yasmin, during missionary. A combination of playfulness and aggression hehe. I would die to give you a massage like this :) When are you debuting the new improvements?? I can't wait to see! For the record I love yr nose (amoung other things hehe) as is, but I am dying to see the new and improved version. Sorry but can't abide by your request not to judge. I judge you a perfect 10! xoxoxo Tomcat, awesome scene....loved it! Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 she is smoking hot wish if i can be her slave Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 super video yasmin in nylons then in bondage ..i love it I like to see mor scences with TS in bondage and also in submissive roles...please go on with videos like this Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2010 I love her feet too..... Great! (5)
Apr 9, 2010 That was the best scene yet. Thats seduction and with Yasmin double bonus... Great! (5)
Apr 11, 2010 Gettting old. when are we going to see some new talent. Fair (3)
Apr 12, 2010 I love you Yasmin!! Great! (5)
Apr 13, 2010 Hottest scene yet, by far, and one to be enjoyed again and again. Two gorgeous people having real sex ! Nice going, Tomcat !!! Great! (5)
Apr 15, 2010 Yasmin is the best so fare.I realy love her. I want to be in a movie with her pls. TSS is worth the money due to Yasmin! Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2010 ahhh...im not that old..still in my 20s....or is it tire of seeing me...:( i'm sad..ok i'm over it. :) lobo is a sweetheart and thanks for putting up with my energy level that week...was so tire for some reason. xoxo luv everyone... Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2010 Yasmin is the best TS in the business. She can massage me any time-I really love her Great! (5)
May 9, 2010 Yasmin, you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen! You also have such a vibrant and sweet personality. I can't get enough of you, I wish I can have the honor to one day meet you! Great! (5)
May 23, 2010 good dirty fun for all. Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2010 I wud fuck the shit out of Yasmin!!! she just dont know Great! (5)
Sep 25, 2010 great! Great! (5)
Nov 8, 2010 another side of yasmin.....she is so wonderful, it is great to see her getting satisfied. she so deserves to be. Yasmin is really sweet and yet really naturally sensuous she isnt shy about guiding her partner into wanting to please her no matter what.......sure wish it were me...i would love to please her or at least give everything i had in the attempt. what a reward it would be to see her happy and having her come inside my tummy. Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2011 Yasmin is so sexy in stockings.....I'd like to make love with her. Great! (5)
Nov 22, 2013 do you thing i can give you a massage, or you giving me one ? Great! (5)
Sep 6, 2014 Yasmin is really hot! I love the massage scene and the part where she is tied down on her back and fucked. Great! (5)