The Reluctant Slave

Jan 7, 2010 - and

Shane Frost is a reluctant horny slave. He's immature with sophomoric behavior. We lock him up for some attitude adjustment because Shane is too damn hot to let go. Our house dom Nick Morretti has taken his time to work over this boy. He starts with a hard crop all over Shane's body. Nick moves on to the Zapper on Shane's cock. He screams a bit but he's still has a bad attitude. Nick's heavy flogging did nothing for this boy. Fed up, Nick fucks Shane in bondage and call it a day.

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Jul 7, 2016 Plot thin but performers did well. Thought the flogging could have been more intense, -
Jan 11, 2015 Nick, as always, is amazing. The fucking was great, but not to fond of the rimming afterwards. Why reward the cocky (no pun intended) bastard? -
Jul 24, 2013 Shane Frost Good (4)
Nov 27, 2011 this shane is a fantastic sub. one of the best whipping scenes i have seen. i know he is in one other film but can we have him back one more time? Great! (5)
Aug 16, 2011 I like the sub the way he looks, I like that kind of body so it gets me going. The fucking is the best part, the bondage was ok in this one. Good (4)
Jun 4, 2011 I love how Nick sucks on the enticing cocks of his boys while punishing them. Yan and ying. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2011 This shoot was great and Im gonna have to agree with BillyTK. Seeing that would be absolutely amazing! Great! (5)
Jan 17, 2011 Nick needs to top Shane and Phenix saint, Phenix needs tyo support Nick and show Shane what a good slave behaves like................................ Great! (5)
Nov 19, 2010 Even hotter on the second time! Good (4)
Oct 29, 2010 ACTORS Great! (5)
Oct 22, 2010 What a cocky little slave. Nick was much too nice to him, I think. Please bring Shane back and this time I wanna see him punished till he becomes a submissive obedient sube. Very hot actors and nice Fucking Scenes. Good (4)
Oct 9, 2010 Very Very Hot - Shane deserves all he gets! Great! (5)
Jul 30, 2010 Loved these two guys together. Some of the best acting I've seen on the site, especially by Shane. He is beautiful and hot. One of my favorite scenes. Great! (5)
Jun 19, 2010 This attitude bad boy Shane is HOT. And Nick keeps you guessing as to how he will adjust this slave attitude.....Nick can be my master any time Great! (5)
May 22, 2010 Shane Frost, the best!!! And the with Nick Moretti out of this world. More, more, more!!!! Great! (5)
May 11, 2010 Great clip Iwish I was was Shane Frost and had that done to me Great! (5)
May 6, 2010 This is the video I keep coming back to--all others pale in comparison. Would love nothing more than to see a sequel with both Nick and Shane. FUCKING HOT Great! (5)
Apr 25, 2010 Shane had too much of a cocky attitude by far, the boy needed some serious character readjustment. This shoot could have built upon this aspect more than it did. Whilst he took a good beating and zapping, that streamlined Physique of his could/should have been restrained in much harsher bondage positions. Liked the ass hook ending up in his mouth but two of them gagging him would have looked far more humiliating and why did Nick remove the hook from Shane's mouth before he fucked him?? And aside from the fucking there was no use of dildos or vigourous fingering which is just what this boy needed to wipe the smile off his face. The content and approach of this shoot was too one dimensional. Fair (3)
Mar 29, 2010 Awesome; Nick is superb as always and Shane is a great discovery; his body is beautiful especially his thighs, ccck and ass. I would have liked a bit more attention to his stunning clean shaven hole, putting some huge sized dildos up there would have made him scream loud, maybe a suggestion for next time. This guy needs a lot of punishment before becoming an obedient slave, Train him again and again please sir, he deserbes it !! Great! (5)
Mar 18, 2010 Nick MOREtti!! I want MORE> cant get enough of him. If I ever met him in person I would be on my knees in a heart beat! And Shane Frost is the best sub you've ever had. The guy can actually act!! Hope to see him again and soon. Damn. This one was really HOT. Great job Great! (5)
Mar 16, 2010 I loved Shane's cocky attitude. It made the punishment he took well deserved. The shocking of his cock with the zapper was particularly hot. Great! (5)
Mar 6, 2010 Really awesome! Shane's body is perfect, and i like the kind of bondage in the first two scenes very much. I would love to see more of that style. Excellent work! Thanks, Van! Great! (5)
Mar 4, 2010 Awsome! I loved the whole video but especially loved the flogging. Would love to have seen Shane up on a cross. Love crucifixions. Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2010 Nick was good as always. And Shane is also very hot,especially by being so reluctant. Great! (5)
Feb 23, 2010 ps -- loved the lack of gag reflex!! great shot! Great! (5)
Feb 23, 2010 Definately up for seeing Boy broken and made to be subservient... introduce an inflatable and see if he doesn't learn his place quick... He actually Mocks his Sir in this... Great scene...but time for Boy to learn his place if he wants to come back, no? Great! (5)
Feb 23, 2010 nnot the best nor the worst Good (4)
Feb 21, 2010 I really like Nick. He's hot and he's the most persuasive cocksucker you've got, top or bottom. Just didn't feel the usual chemistry or the usual inventiveness here; the first third of the video is kinda dull. Also a weird technical problem you've never had before that I can tell: it felt like the set was going to fall apart any minute. Fair (3)
Feb 19, 2010 A great vid. The "reluctant slave" was a bit too reluctant especially at the end and should have been taught to beg properly otherwise he should have been denied cumming! Maybe the cue for a follow-up where he is taught subservience!! Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2010 Shane is HOT! Too bad the zapper didn't land on his horny hard cock much. What a shame. Nick is way too soft. Hope to see more of Shane with skilled masters soon. Great! (5)
Jan 21, 2010 Edwardii, in response to your Jan 13th comment... I clicked on your name and saw all your comments up to Dec 31st 2009 were all "Great". Surely we haven't done anything drastic between Dec 31st 2009 to Jan 12th. I'm more than happy to cancel your membership and refund your money. Sincerely, Van Great! (5)
Jan 18, 2010 Nicee body Shane would like to give his chest& thighs a good whipping and perhaps some face slapping, Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2010 I just signed up to April. I now wonder why. Same stuff and same @#$$# echo! I think I will put this down on my list as yet another bad investment. Fair (3)
Jan 12, 2010 Commendation to lucmilne for his insights and cogent comments. Great! (5)
Jan 11, 2010 love getting my cock cropped like that Great! (5)
Jan 10, 2010 Always like seeing Nick work a guy over. Nice look and attitude with Shane. After watching the interview at the end... i think we need to see him back and beat with a rubber hose... But thats just me.... Great! (5)
Jan 10, 2010 Nick Moretti at his best once again. If this site didn't have him making regular appearances I think I would probably leave. He's just wonderful to watch. You can feel that he's really letting out some aggression and getting off on it. This site does have problems with repetition however and it would be good to see more raunch such as piss play for example. Only twice have I seen this here. The video with the condom being filled and hung above the slave was ingenious. To see someone such as Nick Moretti doing this would be great. What about rimming? Or Boot licking? Or socks and feet? There are so many other things that could be introduced into these scenes to keep them fresh and varied. Great! (5)
Jan 9, 2010 Wow! What a horny slave!!! Great! (5)
Jan 9, 2010 Both good looking, hot guys but it came across to me as staged and really faked, especially the fuck scene. Or maybe I'm just expecting something approaching reality. This definitely could have been better given the 2 guys. Poor (1)
Jan 9, 2010 You have a great ability to bring on the 'virgins'. Then they disappear - please, please bring back Shane and Tommy Defendi, for me the star of 2009. Where is he? Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Van, I have read all of the comments. Shane, yes sir you can handle more a lot of the comment lead up to. Nick, your one of the Gods that a lot are asking for, but some might say we all mave a different idea about a Bound gods, as was mentioned. Van I hsve always said you are a Master. Please keep up your great work. we all understand it isn't easy to find a person that can handle all the punishment that is given out. To that I say your great at finding the actors that can handle it. bravo to you and keep up the great work, most all of us love it. Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Fantastic! Shane has the great body and right personality to really get a dom into beating and using electro and all the 'fun' things to torture him into submission. Hot ass for flogging, too. Next time, as we now can see how much Shane can really take, let's see a super flogging and more cock and ball electro. Bravo to both, and looking forward to seeing them again! Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Loved this ONE! Nick is the Master Master. As for Shane, he is too cute for words. I love those meaty legs. Hope to see him tied-up and fucked a LOT more! Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Very cool - only comment is sound quality - way too much echo. Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Lately, the videos are starting to look like just any other gay porn. The scenarios are weak. It's a lot hotter if someone is "forced" into a scene instead of a slave just submitting meekly to a master. Below average (2)
Jan 8, 2010 Shane's real personality came through - obviously more work has to be done to bring him into slave mode (in other words, bring him back!). Nice body (good genes obviously!) and he's worked to bring himself to not quite perfection but, for me, damn close to it! (Nice job, Shane). The cockiness could be a problem - maybe on the next scene, we see more of his transition to slave. Van, re: your question re: tying up a body builder and flogging - Nah! That would be truly BORING! Stick with your formula, giving new guys an opportunity with the "Darkholme" creativity to keep the interest up. Nick, great job, as usual. Too bad you couldn't bring young Shane to accept a collar (maybe next time!). Thanks Guys - nice job! Hal Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 I enjoyed every moment Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 I enjoyed every minute Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Another fantastic shoot. I really enjoyed the defiance in Shane that worked up to him really getting worked over. He really took some punishment and I think he was feeling every stroke that Nick delivered. Both hot models and there was constant action throughout. Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Shane is smokin hot,cocky and defiant. Now we are finding the type of subs I crave That last scene, after he spits in Nick's face and gets fucked into submission may be your best ever Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2010 Unfortunately I had to cancel my membership for the time being. Thanks for a great final shoot. Very glad it turned out to be Nick having such a great time! And Shane really knows how to take it admirably. I'll be back when finances allow. Thanks for the great work. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 A Bound Gods star is born! Shane Frost is HOT! Bring him back again ASAP! This is one of my all time favorite videos! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 Great job guys Nick is great in the role of the dom and loved how he just took control and fucked the hell out of the cocky little sub. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 BRAVO! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 Now we are getting back to the BoundGods that I signed up for. I am one who thinks the limits are more inportant than the build. The build is nice when it is somwhat muscular, but the intensity and limits are the secret. Nick did a great job as usual and I thought Shane was an outstanding newcomer and I would like to see him back more. This shoot was way above the ones that have been coming out lately. I want to see BG go back to the way things were in the beginning that is what made the site. Thanks for this one! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 This was pretty hot, could have used more intense rope-bondage on the cutie sub though... Good (4)
Jan 7, 2010 I love the cockiness here--it created some real conflict, edge,tension. It felt real. As for me, gods come in different shapes and sizes. Apollo was no musclehead, or Mercury. Personally, I prefer Bound Frat Boys Having Real Squirmy Sex and Pain. Van works heroically to satisfy us. This site is head and shoulders above all that other lame stuff out there where guys writhe and whine for 15 minutes before their underpants even come off. Imagine, guys getting fucked while tied up! What a revolution. I never thought I'd see it on film--now I see it every week. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 What would you all say if I bring on a bodybuilder on BG and just have him tied up with no sex in the update?... as mkillough67 mentioned. Go to the BG forum, there's a poll about Looks vs Limits. See what's people are voting and vote yourself. This is only ONE site. I have to build hundred of sites to make you ALL happy. Look at a couple pages of updates. It is pretty much the format of this site. Through your support, hopefully I will be able to have another site. Constantly thrashing it, everything will go away. Simple as that. Sincerely, Van - Director of BG. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 Heavy and hot Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 The Spider gag can be found at Rupert Huse and Sons, they are out of DC, I had asked the powers that be at Bound Gods to work out a way for us to purchase but it fell on deaf ears. Nick is awesome, would be nice for the punk ass to thank him once fucked into submission. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 well better than the last two video posted i agree with nick moretti hard punishment pure and simple, the flogging in my opinion could have been a little more extreme for the sub being so with attitude, keep the hard flogging cumming Good (4)
Jan 7, 2010 You used hundcuffs :-) That's good, I love it! I've seen many shoots in here on BG which I liked more. Putting Shane the hook in his mouth was too much! And Nick didn't contain himself with flogging. When Shane got fucked, it seems that he has a lot of pain. Don't think he enjoyed it. Fair (3)
Jan 7, 2010 Absolutely hot! Nick is Dom king, i love to watch him as he watches his slave suffer.Shane is a little pain slut and should definately come back and have a Dom try and knock some of his cock...iness out of him. Would of liked to see him fucked on a more stable surface and maybe take the cane on his arse. As always an excellent job by the whole team. The scene scenerio with the troublesome cocky slave was great too. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 Finally, a scene where you see the sub actually take the spider gag. I have been waiting for such a scene for a long time and Nick did not disappoint. Now, if only your store sold such an item. Awesome flogging. Good (4)
Jan 7, 2010 I found it quite good and it fits with my ideas of bound gods! It was just better than good!!! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 Nick Moretti here... I've been looking forward to the release of this video! When Master Van talked to me about doing this scene he said he wanted to take things back to the way they were in the beginning at Bound Gods. Hard,non-stop punishment... pure and simple. That's what we did. No long build ups, no complicated story, just not stop punishment. I have to say this was some of the most extreme flogging, cropping, electro-shock and fucking I've done. And, in my opinion, Shane Frost was an awesome slaveboy. His cocky attitude made me want to keep him in line and break him down. I know that everyone has different tastes in men, boys and punishment, and I respect that completely, buy I really hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did when I was filming it. - Nick Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 I have been a member of this site for about a year now. This is my first posting ever and only my two cents: So here goes :) As far as production value and creativity I think the site is fantastic. In terms of acting and realism, it is what it is, but still better than any other site I'm aware of. Unfortunately, my disappointment comes with a growing sentiment (I believe)...the actors. Not that they aren't attractive or cute, but when you're site name is 'Bound Gods', well, you have a lot to live up to. It was with that hope of seeing bound 'gods' that I joined the site. It has become 'Bound Better-Than-Average Guys'. Again, that's not said with any malice to your actors, but more in your decesion to cast them and holding them up to a standard of 'Gods', which to my taste they are not meeting. I recently joined another bound-type site where the production values are, well...laughable (most of it looks like it's shot in the guys basement) and the 'acting' is, again, laughable, BUT what it lives up to is that it's SUPER HOT, musclular, masculine, beefy guys who are tied up and bound. There's no sex or even JO between the guys (guessing they're all straight?) and I couldn't be happier with the site. It lives up to its name. I know you have a difficult job trying to please so many people and tastes, but I think if you simply stay true to 'gods' who are 'bound' you will make the majority of subscribers happy. I would happily trade much less production for much hotter guys any day of the week. Personally, I don't associate 'bound' with pain (as it seems a lot of guys do). I don't need to see spanking, flogging, electryifying, dildoing, enemas, etc, but I'm fine if it's there, I just fast forward. I'm simply looking for bound gods...and PLEASE no comments on how 'god' is a matter of taste. Yeah, we know that, but I'm pretty sure 90% of us could agree on whether a dude is a god or not. One last thought. If you do return to having gods bound, PLEASE do not make their captor/dom their equal. Please make it a much smaller guy or a much less attractive guy or a much less masculine guy or a much younger guy...just some contrast please! I still like this site...just my two cents :) Fair (3)
Jan 7, 2010 Hot, hot, hot!! Shane = awesome!!! Would love to give him some treatment of my own!! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2010 If it had been the first time I wach I would say this was truly great. Both actors were beautiful. People say (my friends who have this site) I look very much like Shane except for he have a much more beautiful body and I hate to say it but his dick also mucch bigger I think.Otherwise I have to say things getting to be pretty much the same every week over again. When I first saw the toylet I thought at last we will have enema play that I have asked for many many time. Please consider to do so or will you let everyone know why. Thank you Good (4)
Jan 7, 2010 Another bound boy, rather than god. Time to change the name of the site, I think :-( Below average (2)