Bella Rossi VS Darling

Aug 4, 2009 - and


The Annihilator
HT: 5'5
WT: 155lbs
Season record (3-1)
Lifetime record (3-1)
Ranked 6th
The Grappler
HT: 5'4
WT: 115lbs
Season record (3-1)
Lifetime record (12-5)
Ranked 3rd

Welcome to the 2009 Championship tournament. The top 16 wrestlers of the season face off in a single elimination tournament. Check out the Summer Vengeance Bracket here.

Now the competition steps up. We are in the Quarterfinal matches, the top 8 square off to see who is the elite, the best US has to offer. Bella Rossi has powered her way into the quarterfinals on size, strength and brute power. She is a power, but a power that is wild and unpredictable.

Darling is one of the most highly trained wrestlers we have. Her knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu has given her the skills to make her one of the elite Ultimate Surrender wrestlers. Brute power and size had no answer for finesse and skill. Darling schooled the bigger girl, [REDACTED] her to submit on the mat, and fucked her like a whore in Rd4. Darling moves forward to the Semifinals.

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Aug 4, 2009 First.... what do I win? :) Actually this was a great match for Darling. It gives some insight on just how much she's improved from last year. Darling controlled the match from the very beginning, Bella just couldn't stand a chance against her. With her improved Jui-jitsu skills I think she may be the suprise upset of the season and actually win SV away from Dia and Vendetta Superior battle (4)
Aug 4, 2009 Summer Vengeance, the big guns have arrived. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 4, 2009 darling looks like she took care of bella in rd 4!! Can't wait to see this battle!!! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 4, 2009 Darling works so hard at her craft her technique is wonderful and her conditioning superb. Nice run for Bella, but to get to the next level here she needs a few hundred hours training with professionals. Anyone in Darling's path had better bring their "A" game. This woman will bring her best, and deserves the best, from whomever is lucky enough to fight her. And yes lucky. They are getting paid for the theatrics of round four but the remaining fighters, Dia, Ariel, Darling, are coming for the competition and the fight. Me too. Good fight (3)
Aug 4, 2009 Darling is just so awesome for words Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 5, 2009 Wow!, I thought it would be a lot closer, Darling looks pretty formidable. I love Bella win or lose, she is one hot chick, beautifully built, curvy voluptous large natural boobs, she is built for sex. I love to see her getting fucked nice and hard like Darling did her. I hope to see more curvy brick house girls like Bella on this site. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 5, 2009 Darling looks very slim and trim and Bella stood no chance at all. Bella has strength and spirit in abundance but against the top wrestlers she lacks skill. I hope Darling winns the tournament, she would make a worthy winner. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 5, 2009 Two super hot women and a great rd 4..liked seeing Darling throw those thrust fucks while Bella was lying on her belly.. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 6, 2009 Great match Darling made a hard job look easy but right from the start of the season Darling has been faster fitter and more skilled this has come by lots of hard work so Bella your time will come. Arial and Darling have both now laid down a challenge for the S/V crown both improved and stronger so from here its going to get tougher thank you both jh/uk. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 6, 2009 As much as i love Bella, Darling was just to strong and had to much techique. Bella needs somebody to help her. Let hope she get somebody to help her next season Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 6, 2009 wow, its a great time to be a member...bring on the big guns...i love it cuz somebody will have to lose and its not often you see Ariel, Dia, Darling, Vendetta lose Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 6, 2009 i got a question? why does Darling let go of control suddenly and then regain it? somebody clue me in Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 7, 2009 Darling letting go just before the one minute thirty second mark means the wrestling can restart without Darling starting from the bottom in the forum there is a post (catch and release) most of the top wrestlers use this tactic jh/uk. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 9, 2009 Darling is a natural and wanton wonder. I could watch her dominate all day long. I think she enjoys building them up to surrender, it as much as I like watching. She is perfect. Bella ain't bad either and she'll be on top before long. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 9, 2009 Darling is back and she is better than ever. She is strong and quick like never before. I was really surprised that Bella got only 15 points. Darling has made some substantial progress since last year, and she has hunger for more. This Summer Vengeance is the best in the history of US. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 10, 2009 Great fight, but I am still frustrated with the cameraperson always panning and amazingly always panning away from the money (crotch) shots. It's enough to make one dizzy watching it. The camera people need some direction or a beating by Darling to smarten them up. And please do something different in the 4th....the strap on is getting really boring. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 10, 2009 Darling attempted two main moves with Bella - first - get her on her back; second - get on her back. It was the latter that sealed the deal. A chin lock or head lock combined with her legs locked around Bella's waist was more than Bella could cope with. Bella is 40 pounds heavier than Darling, but was unable to use size to her advantage, when her opponent was basically using her weight against her by clinging onto her back. Darling perhaps lacked the skill necessary to get to Bella's pussy (during the match), but was particularly wise then, in not attempting to do so, prefering to score points by face licking and breast fondling. Going for pussy would have allowed Bella the opportunity to break free and put her weight advantage to better purpose. Bella needs to work on her aggression and her upper body strength - she needs some conditioning as well. With such seasoning, I think she could one day win a rematch. Good fight (3)
Aug 14, 2009 This is a perfect match for me because it has two of my favorite models. Darling with hte experience should win and did but Bella will learn and soon her inexperience will be gone. She will dominate within a year. My favorite part was watching Darling dominate Bella. They will one day meet in a rematch - it will be great also. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Sep 6, 2009 klasse Ultimate surrender! (5)
Sep 11, 2009 GREAT ALL AROUND Superior battle (4)
Sep 19, 2009 nice Ultimate surrender! (5)
Nov 16, 2010 turned out nice again. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jan 13, 2011 tis was a blowout. both competitors are hot though. Lovely Rd4 :) Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jan 2, 2012 Bella never stopped trying. She is a true fighter. Ultimate surrender! (5)