Oct 17, 2002 -

Dusty will serenade us with her torture symphony. She is hung upside down with electrodes in her ass and pussy, made to fuck Cowgirl while being shocked in her pussy, then sings while being shocked on the tits, ass and cunt.

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Oct 18, 2002 Cowgirl you are amazing! I can't get enough of seeing you get off while Dusty is fucking you. I have never seen a shoot with you in it that I have ever been disappointed in. Your work with fuckingmachines was awesome alone. You are truly someone that I would be honored to meet someday. Keep up the excellent work as I am anxiously awaiting the next update with you in it. Also kudos to Dusty. You surely endured all that Cowgirl had for you. Great work!!! Great! (5)
Oct 19, 2002 very nice, I like SJ very much Great! (5)
Oct 19, 2002 Great performances from "top" to "bottom." Great! (5)
Oct 19, 2002 Average Fair (3)
Oct 19, 2002 sucks Poor (1)
Oct 20, 2002 Agree with pp_coldstorage100. Nothing against torture, but it belongs in whippedass. Here I prefer to see torture by pleasure. Sparky Below average (2)
Oct 20, 2002 Three of the last four updates have been bondage/torture oriented. To each his own, but these shoots would seem to be more appropriate for Hogtied or Whipped Ass. Poor (1)
Oct 20, 2002 I also agree that these updates are not what is expected of Wired P. According to the website of the manufacturer of the electro-sex devices used, the shocking is suppose to be pleasant not torturios. I for one will let my subscrition run out and not renew unless things change. Let this kind of stuff be on whipped ass or some other such site. Cowgirl you are great on FM but you are not cutting it here for me. Poor (1)
Oct 21, 2002 Greatest thing I've ever seen. Electricity, torture, and you getting off. It's perfect. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2002 This can also be found in the forum, but I thought adding it here as well would be helpful for those who don't check the forums. Thanks. To address the issue of "Torture versus Pleasure" I must say that each girl reacts to the e-stims differently. Some girls find it intensely erotic, others find it torturous. I look at it as though it is my job to find out which kind of girl they are, and play with them accordingly. In fact, the next scheduled update is TJ, who found them quite exciting. I think you will find that the site is a mix of both, and not each shoot is only one or only the other. Even Dusty, whose shoot was very torture oriented, told me later that she really enjoyed it, and that one of the reasons she had such a hard time keeping up the singing was because she was so turned on by the pussy stim. In hindsight I would have liked to explore that some more, and will most definitely have to her back for another. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2002 DUSTY, DUSTY, DUSTY, DUSTY!!!!! What can I say but, I am in love. I just finished watching your shoot from whippedass and you are amazing. I don't think I gave you nearly enough credit in my above comment for this shoot. You are truly beautiful, erotic, and very sexual. I hope to see more shoots with you included as well. Also your tattoos are very erotic and I was wondering if you could explain the one that wraps around your leg. I can't seem to find a photo that gets close enough to see totally what it is. Keep up the great work. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2002 What would happen with a pierced wired pussy???? Fair (3)
Oct 26, 2002 Wow! I'd face fuck Cowgirl without being shocked. Cowgirl and Dusty are two of the best on the site. Great pussies, natural tits, and long legs and they both love to get nekkid Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2002 The highlight is video 8, where cowgirls makes really good use of that obedient hot slave-girl and makes her mouthfuck her with that dildo. I like the mixture of pleasure and pain you give the girls. Great! (5)
Jan 20, 2003 Very nice... Good (4)
Feb 28, 2003 the singing idea is brilliant- great humiliation the best thing i've seen for ages Great! (5)
Jun 17, 2003 So hot...I so love it when our Cowgil lifts her legs high in the air to get fucked until she grits her teeth!! More of this plesase! Fair (3)
Jun 17, 2003 OOOPS, sorry, forgot to vote, t's not OK, its fucking awesome!!! Girls with their legs in the air rock so hard!! Fair (3)
Jun 25, 2003 Good shoot but punish the Dusty next time. This bitch signed up for humilation, give it to her. Make it rougher on her next time. Great! (5)
Sep 26, 2003 Best sequence on the site. Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2006 u could do with dubbing the camra mans clicking it sounds so cheap Fair (3)