Enema Desires: Dia Zerva Self Served & Then Used

Jun 17, 2009 - , and

Enema Desires tells a story of a woman (Dia Zerva) who finds herself needing to piss but ends up getting more than she bargained for. After relieving herself, she finds an enema bottle & decides to try it out. Finding the flow of water highly pleasurable she spends longer than she anticipated masturbating her ass.

Using bottles & plugs that don't belong to her, two Dominants catch her in the act. They instantly give her a crash course in deep, full enemas a gallon at a time. All the while she is made to service them while fighting to retain the water. Any loss and she will have to clean it up... with her tongue!

When she shows some promise in multi-tasking they decide to throat-fuck her mouth and abuse her clean asshole putting her to good use...

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Apr 10, 2009 Now THIS is what we need... more enemas and anal toys. I prefer girl-on-girl, personally, but that's okay. Great! (5)
Apr 11, 2009 Loved the Erotic Enema!I love all the new enema fetish stuff your adding...keep it up Great! (5)
Apr 12, 2009 Beautifully erotic! Whoever had the eye at the beginning to let the camera watch this amazing woman play herself was genius. The quiet, except for the water; her face, revealing a painful pleasure. And then the given enemas and anal play! Probably the hottest anal play I've seen. Of course, I'm into anal and enemas, but this format would reach across to many I believe. The only thing I would have wanted to see would be the bag emptying as she described her experience. Glass toys are my favorite kind as well. Love it!!!! You can make the next one similar, but tie her up, perhaps?? Great! (5)
Apr 13, 2009 Dia, better anal dea (latin for goddess), you are so hot there are no words to describe your ass drinking all the bottle, your tummy bubbling, your marvellous sphinctere so close not espelling a drop until you are permitted: strong and gorgeous woman. Please Lochai the site for anal/enemas Great! (5)
May 4, 2009 Although it's nice to see Dia without all of the bondage regalia, the enema thing just doesn't work for me. I get the sense that the other commentators share my view; this was more about Dia's beauty (especially with the choker and hot latex garter belt) than about bowel fixations. Good (4)
May 5, 2009 horndog111, What comments were you reading? ALL the comments are about her beauty AND her enemas.... That is what this shoot was all about. This is why it was called Enema Desires.... Great! (5)
May 6, 2009 Fair enough. You guys are awesome; I guess enemas just aren't my thing. Then again, I'd probably pay to see Dia doing her grocery shopping! Good (4)
May 27, 2009 Great shoot, the enema thing totally works for me, you should have her over more often. One thing though remove her shoes next time so i can see her stockinged toes wriggling. She would look great bound in a gyno chair, stockings and no shoes. An idea maybe. I hope so Great! (5)
Jun 23, 2009 congratulations lochia,great concept/vision.this site is going to be huge.enema desires a fabulous shoot.those that dont like enemas shouldnt watch.the title says it all.dia,fit/so cool/hot/gorgeous.you de zerva a porn oscar/award for this.no girl solo ever kept me rivited to the screen as you did in the first 17 minutes.the pissing/self fondling/removal of the knickers and the insertion of the glass but plug so hot.when it came to the anal with the dicks you ate them for breakfast.bet youve got a bigger one at home.i vote dia the current anal queen of kink.[gorgeous pussy too].this was top class.congratulations all involved including camera crew.i loved it.could watch dia doing anything,amazing girl right at the top of her game. Great! (5)
Jun 23, 2009 omg fucking hot... Maestro AND Lochai.... damn, I'm one very jealous little girl right now. Great! (5)
Jul 1, 2009 Dia is so HOT! And damn, Maestro, this is my favorite shoot of yours. Keep up the good work! Great! (5)
Jul 1, 2009 Lochai, dude, you are one guy hard to please. I came twice just watching Dia perform. Dia, I love you! Please make some videos of her. Nice work keep it up. Great! (5)
Aug 10, 2009 Domination and enemas and anal sex. Wonderful. Great! (5)
Aug 16, 2009 I very much enjoyed Dia's gagging while forced BJ (with the enthusiasm to release herself) and her face after the cumshot. The D/s-sequences were really stunning, and Dia REALLY had her fun, I guess. Great! (5)
Oct 24, 2009 any chance we could see more than just water coming out? a true enema expulsion would have a bit of scat--more humiliating and more realistic! Great! (5)
Jan 11, 2010 My "great" vote is for Dia Zerva. She has the wonderfully athletic figure of an elite sportsperson. How lucky we are she has decided to share it with us! I loved the eavesdropping part at the beginning.Here I am "Peeping Tom" the naughty schoolboy at the bathroom keyhole getting an eyeful of secret women's business. It was private and sexy and special. Then an intruder comes and the rough anal plunging begins. I don't mind too much that an intruder is opening up her asshole for me but I would prefer her to do it herself for me. After posing face down, ass up, for a while she would lie on her back, legs in the air, with her cheeks parted and invite me to consummate the relationship. But horror of horrors another intruder comes on the scene and my private interlude becomes another manufactured scene more akin to "The Training of O" or "Sex and Submission". In short my dream becomes a nightmare as a sexy private interlude is hijacked by a domination imperative. I write this comment Lochai full in the knowledge that you were one of those intruders and even worse possibly the author of the whole scenario, though I do give you credit for the beginning which felt authentic and real. It must be a struggle to strike an authentic mood on your shoots at kink.com. Much of Everything Butt concerns enemas and yet you've never done a real enema on camera because the guidelines probably don't allow it. So you try to be as real as possible in a fake environment. Generally I can suspend my disbelief with Everything Butt so the fantasy becomes real. With The Training of O I cannot do that and I can only view it as a comedy especially when I think of those character-building exercises. There was one exception though where Dia Zerva dissolved into tears at the end of a very rough water-holding session. A case of method acting gone too far. Dia please don't ever put yourself in mental anguish to entertain me. That's way too shallow a reason and I loved you in this episode of EB. Great! (5)
Feb 28, 2010 The early scene with Dia in the toilet is wonderful. A lovely pee from a beautiful cunt. Dia looks gorgeous with her panties down and I'd have loved to be in there with her ready to wipe bottom and cunt with great care and attention to detail, (with, probably, no paper necessary!) Great! (5)
Apr 21, 2010 This video in the bathroom with my love Dia Zervas is a real pleasure, 70 minutes of heavy sex? Long live Dia ! Great! (5)
Dec 30, 2010 screne was great, but damnit, dia is the ultimate surrender champion for me. Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2011 dia did every second of it. Great! (5)
Aug 1, 2011 Just, okay. Below average (2)
Feb 10, 2012 a very great enema video - I wished they would present more videos like this one. Great! (5)
Apr 29, 2012 Sehr Geil! Ich mach die Gummie Wasche Good (4)
May 18, 2012 This early shoot on EB has turned out to be one of my favourites,good role play scenario and well performed. Excellent Great! (5)
Aug 30, 2012 Dia is great,stockings is the best,BUT that two guys with such small pennis ruined this classic one.I do not know who they are,whether they are famous or producers something,but that two are really brave to do porn actor with such asmall pennis.Its just pennis ,not cock.SHAME ON YOU guys Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2014 why not a sequel with her being enema filled, a little leakage , and then penetrated and fucked anally with random squirts of brown water escaping? -
May 25, 2014 more of These actions Great! (5)