Tia Ling
Inverted, suspended, tortured, as her rock hard body
is sexually abused.

Apr 23, 2009 -

Tia Ling suffers an inverted suspension, in metal. With her head encased in a heavy metal ball, Tia's screams are muted for us, however amplified for her.

Upside down and impaled with a vibrating cum machine, Tia is helpless to stop the orgasms that rip though her fitness trainer body. Each orgasm sends her closer to insanity as her screams echo through the metal ball closed around her head.

Tia is pushed past the limit as her own screams almost deafen her. She is helpless and pathetic, but beautiful to look at in her suffering.

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Date Comments Name Vote
Apr 23, 2009 Yum Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2009 She certainly doesn't need a "bag over her head" Below average (2)
Apr 23, 2009 By golly - I think think he's got it. Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2009 Would be better with her head uncovered, can hear her orgasm better. Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2009 Pluses = Good that we get to see some of the tie-offs and that the devices were not pre-rigged before footage begins. ( Still hoping to see a few more minutes of this type of stuff,...ie..the actual cuff binding and hoist up ? ) Minuses = any good looking model never needs a hood, scarf, or anything to cover face,...we want to see it ! Good (4)
Apr 24, 2009 As always Tia is the best of the best! Nothing else needs to be said! Great! (5)
Apr 24, 2009 Inversion,flogging, smokin' hot model that is one tough little lady...and all those orgasms. Life is good!Tia,you were amazing! Really liked the camera angle that gave us a good look at that gorgeous muscular belly when Tia would tense up for the flogger...and when she was cumming :) Great setup,Matt! Thanks to all. Great! (5)
Apr 24, 2009 Tia is great. Loved the metal ball. Great! (5)
Apr 25, 2009 I don't know about anyone else, but I prefer to see a women's face while she's cumming. I don't like the ball at all. Keep those intense orgasms cummin thouh. Fair (3)
May 16, 2009 Insulting models will get your account deleted. Great! (5)