Syd Blakovich gets interrogated and fucked by three hot doms. Strap-on fucking, face slapping, cattle prodding and more await you inside. If you haven't joined yet, do it now!

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Feb 5, 2009 Please use some light bulbs! Way too dark for me!! Poor (1)
Feb 5, 2009 Syd reacted well but I would prefer Syd dishing out the punishment NOT receiving the punishment.I know, different tastes for different folks. Fair (3)
Feb 5, 2009 Pain without any erotism whatsoever. The worst ever. This was painful even to watch. Poor (1)
Feb 5, 2009 It's an interrogation scene. It isn't supposed to be friendly. Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Quite interesting to see something different. Personally enjoyed it immensely, although that may say more about me than I would like to admit. Congratulations on something really interesting, Princess-I love what you do. Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Also wish to add-Princess, I love the way you style your hair now xo Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Very realistic thanks to Syd's endurance. It was great to see her sweat in the scene with her suspended against the wall. I thought the lighting was just fine for the mood of the scene. Good to have some creativity. The only thing I would have suggested was at the end of the chair scene the Dommes might have been assigned to torment her tits with the zapper to keep her on the edge of orgasm as part of the torture. Bring her to the edge and hold her there until the point of exhaustion Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Hey rabbit2 its spelt 'eroticism' and for me there is plenty. I would hazard that the participants felt some arousal too. Cyd you are way hot and tough, the looks you were giving, like, "That all you got?". Love the sleeve skin art. Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Wow, that shoot blew my mind! I loved the icewater and the nails. (What a mind fuck!)I liked Syd's head locked in the floor. There were so many amazing parts. This site is so exciting. I can't wait for Syd to be back (topping though). Thanks Donna. Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 Convincing and realistic; in fact, a tad too much so for my poor little tender squeamish sensibilties! That Syd is a very good actress (was she acting?). I felt genuinely sorry for her but, sill, I managed to force myself to watch the whole shoot (there are some things a man just has to do!). I'm just curious, you understand, but when's the next shoot like this out? Of course, ther's no hurry, you understand? Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 I like to see Syd on the receiving end. It is always more challenging and interesting to see a strong, self confident woman being dominated than a non-emancipated barbie-type. I am not too fond of the multi-domme approach, though. It always creates a hectic atmosphere. I definitely like to see Syd sub again! Good (4)
Feb 6, 2009 Sounded good but couldn't see one domme let alone three. Poor (1)
Feb 6, 2009 Hey Dommastr, Sorry you didn't like the lighting. I think that it added a lot to the look and feel of the site. It is exactly what I wanted for this shoot. But don't worry, this was a special shoot, and normal updates do not have such dramatic lighting. Thanks to all involved. Especially Syd for giving so much to the shoot. You are amazing! Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 from what I've seen so far I like, I haven't seen the whole thing but the clip and from the trailer it looks like a great scene, I like syd being fucked too, maybe you guys could get her to work as a domme on the site too. Good (4)
Feb 6, 2009 This was the first shoot I've seen at and it was great... :) Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 Syd as always did a fantastic job and proved she can take it just as good as she can dish it out. Would love to see Syd be the Dom again as she is fantastic I hope Felony will soon be back as Syds sub jh/uk. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 Although the lighting was below average, there was nothing else negative one could say for this shoot. I am not sure whether this is the best WP shoot ever but it is damn close. You guys don't do that many interrogation scenes (this is the 2nd I know off, but if you do you know you need a tough cookie to make it work. Way to go Syd, please come back asap to do some more. Really great stuff. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 syd is f'n hot. amazing endurance, defiance and gluttony. would that i could slap that smirk off her face... Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2009 greta episode, Prinsess donna & Madalinne same episode HOT Great! (5)
Feb 7, 2009 Another fantastic shoot. I loved the brief time when Syd's nipples were being pulled and twisted. I could have gone for more of that - Syd has such sexy tits. I don't know how Syd got through such an intense set of scenes as this but I am thrilled she did. The use of lighting was creative and artistic. Thanks so much for this great effort. Great! (5)
Feb 7, 2009 Way too many threats without follow-through. It becaae apparent that even Syd knew most of the really nasty stuff, like a well-deserved cattle prod across her pussy, would rarely, if ever, come to pass. The result is a lot of fake "fear." Syd did experience a considerable amlunt of physical torture appropriate to, say, whipped, but the "wired" part of wiredpussy was sadly lacking (with exception of the excellent violet wand actio---a favorite of mine) in this shoot. The film nior lighting was intereesting. Still image 295 is lovely but too bad about the shadow. Good (4)
Feb 7, 2009 Great well done girls! Great! (5)
Feb 9, 2009 Please more like this! Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 can' see anything, Way too dark people!!!! Poor (1)
Feb 13, 2009 I'm a little late getting around to this update. I think this was one of the darkest (in more way than one) shoots I've ever seen on WP. I loved the intensity. One of your best so far Princess! Great! (5)
Feb 24, 2009 Madeline is fantastic..The best Great! (5)
Feb 27, 2009 Iamhoarg, Isis is the best ever! I love the way she fucks both women and men. She can make anyone cum when she wants too. Would love to see Isis sub on this site! Great! (5)
Feb 28, 2009 I just loved it. Should really have liked joining hem!!! Great! (5)
Mar 8, 2009 Good to see another side of Syd, at US she frightens me at times. I like the new hair do of Princess Donna and her smaller waistline, although I couldn't find anything wrong with her dark curls and her old figure. Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2009 Wow,finally sat down and watched it. Lighting was a good touch after all it was an interogation scene. Nice job all the away around Great! (5)
Apr 5, 2009 awsome shoot everyone did a wonderful job! i was convinced of the plot, the tuffness that val displayed was noted it enhance the scene all the well over all great shoot! Great! (5)
Jun 4, 2009 thank you all for representing such a spectrum of sexiness. this shoot was fantastic!! i think the lighting absolutely added to the shoot. syd's endurance was incredible - and she's just damn sexy. as a dom, as a sub - syd gets gold stars from me. i hadn't seen a shoot with isis and she definitely added to the fun! as always donna and madeline were fantastic! Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2009 Interogation senarios are hott, you should have more of them! Torture isnt meant to be nice. More of the torturers should have been at least partially naked.( breasts) All in all its a hot vid! Poor (1)
Oct 7, 2009 Loved the lightning, and Syd's defiance in the face of the collective Hell the ladies put her through. Great! (5)
Jan 4, 2010 No fast forwarding with this one. I loved Syd's strong, quiet presence... so hot! Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2010 I love the baseball bat.. Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 molto bello Good (4)
Nov 6, 2010 i dont know about this one.... it's different i geuss Below average (2)
Feb 24, 2014 Classic scene loved all the models but isis in those heels damn so hot and having syd lick them awesome Great! (5)
Feb 26, 2014 the lighting was awesome and gave it a different feel Great! (5)
Sep 25, 2014 felicitaties -