Ponygirls I - Part 1

Dec 5, 2012

The ponies' everyday life in a stately castle is defined by highs and lows.

Eve Ellis, practically made for the part of the well-behaved pony, was flown in from the USA. Mistress Louva, an imposing apparition, who was able to live out her dominant vein to the full, was jetted in from Paris. Natasha as the wild, little black pony had to be "tamed" by the lady of the castle, Bianca.

Breathtaking costumes and properties in a great location -- Ponygirls is a new standard for fetish films!

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Date Comments Name Vote
Mar 15, 2009 Very sexy! Would have enjoyed more focus on training of leg movements etc. But very convincing! Good (4)
Mar 15, 2010 KOD is heading in the right direction as far as real fetish goes. I enjoy these kinds of clips and hopefully there will also be some puppyplay vids in the future. Good (4)