Slicked Master and the Golden Boy

Feb 12, 2009 - and

Our slicked Master Nick Moretti is back with a new boy toy, luke riley. Both are slicked-up in the first scene where Master Nick receives head in his cock-sucking chair. He pulls the ass-zipper down on his slicked-up boy and slides his cock inside. Nick then ties up his boy and balances him on wooden stilts. To reminds luke who's boss, Nick beats him up with his leather flogger. He then suspends slave boy luke and fucks him until both men spray hot cum all over luke's body.

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Date Comments Name Vote
Apr 29, 2016 Nick knows what he's doing but Luke giggles too much. Good (4)
Apr 24, 2016 Two great actors with a great chemistry ! Great! (5)
Jan 1, 2015 It's all about Nick ,one of the hottest hairiest doms ever! That man should never wear clothes !!Luke has a nice ass but please Luke don't speak !! He seems stoned .I agree with hornyblx I would prefer to see the guys naked while interviewed and not draped with towels.. -
Jul 19, 2013 luke riley Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2012 I'm not too crazy about Luke's rubber suit, but all works with the theme. Luke & Nick are great together. Their boners are two of the hardest on Bound Gods. Any newcomers are more than welcome -- sporting the same :-) Great! (5)
Jun 6, 2011 A great mopvie altogether but during the final chats, why do these guys always end up with a modesty towel draped over their hot parts? Would any of us complain if they were to continue stroking and playing with their dicks while talking? Great! (5)
Jun 6, 2011 It's always a pleasure to watch Nick Moretti sucking his boys' cocks and a real thrill to see him fucking them with his impressive cock. Luke is a bottom to die for and any dom's dream fuck. He obviously enjoyed being fucked and was only able to tter "Ah!" to each welcome thrust of Nick's cock. Well done men. Great! (5)
Mar 16, 2011 Luke Riley is a very handsome young man. Would like to see him on a cross with dog-tags indicating he had been captured by the Taliban and up for interrogating. Wow! Great! (5)
Oct 28, 2010 VERY GOOD Good (4)
Aug 10, 2010 great chemistry! Great! (5)
Jun 14, 2010 I think knowing this was Luke's intro to BDSM just made it taht much hotter, and I have to say this one was very hot already!! Loved the chemistry between Nick and Luke. Excellent ass flogging, and the clothespins are always fun to see. Loved it all!! Great! (5)
May 4, 2010 Really great - msjennaclarke has said it all! Great! (5)
Apr 14, 2010 Nick you are great as always, and Luke was also very good. I liked the way of giving pain and than the kissing. Great! (5)
Apr 9, 2010 I joined this site because of Luke. I was amazed of his age (19 at the time of the film) - to be so young and be a full man physically (hair and body). He is truly beautiful (a platinum blond with his facial hair that is red). His grunts (when being flogged/whipped/fucked) are just an animalistic type of deepness that to me is an instant turn-on. The fact that he remains hard is great! I LOVE HIM and Thank You for having him. **Kisses** Great! (5)
Oct 28, 2009 Awesome! Visually brilliant standing on the blocks and he seemed to really get off on it. A good pairing Nick was brilliant and Luke - 19 and a natuaral bottom loved it all! Great! (5)
Sep 9, 2009 putain le petit luke sans prend plein le cul et il encaisse bien niveau fuet j adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Great! (5)
Sep 3, 2009 Hot and over the top. Nick is just wonderful. Wishes: More of the guys in their black suits. Yea black rubber would be great, but God it was soooooo good it is hard to ask for more Great! (5)
Aug 16, 2009 A natural pair!!! The wonders of being 19! Luke is the perfect canvas for Nick's work. They both seemed to be ready to go at it again! Even more arousing. Boys, be happy in your work as you do a great job. Great! (5)
Aug 11, 2009 19!!! and a natural at bondage. What a hunk. Scene 1 it was like seeing Batman in restrained. Nick was excellent & obviously was into this hot bottom. What a vision when he unzipped luks's cyclopean eys and big beautiful balls that properly got smacked and eaten by a pro. Nick loved this sub, who doesn't. The fucking was great and the ropes displayed the masterwork of Van who always does a fantastic job. I would love to see a scene showing Van tying someone in his unique ropework. I hope luke become a regular on Boundgods. He needs to move to SF if he is going to work at Kink and do porn. Hope to see you, beautiful luke, soon and often. Until then keep being nasty at a hot 19. Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2009 Worked for me! Great! (5)
Jul 5, 2009 Would love to see nick fuck a twink! Great! (5)
Jun 1, 2009 Sterrin is cornish for star. Luke and Nick are true stars. ''Increllebrea'' And congratulations on creating an engaging and exciting new medium for this fetish site. I have been involved in BDSM since I was luke's age and believe this is a whole other level of fetish pleasure. Well done! Great! (5)
Apr 27, 2009 Outstanding Great! (5)
Apr 26, 2009 Excellent!! Luke is a hot young guy and Nick Moretti obviously really got into abusing him. It is really great to see two guys click the way these two did. To let yourself just go for it at 19 is amazing. He is a true sub and I hope we see more of him. I think he prefers older doms though after watching the other scene with he and the other younger guy. I like the other guy too but they didn't seem to click the same. It might have been that Nick wasn't turned on to the fantasy also. Great! (5)
Apr 5, 2009 Nick was great, as usual. And for a new comer, Luke was amazing. I liked that youthfu-mature praing too. Great! (5)
Mar 27, 2009 The rubber suits are just fantastic - just like tight or revealing clothing, there's something to be said for variety; so it's not just bare skin all the time. The constant spanking and pain theme throughout every single video however, I find tedious. And it makes them formulaic after a while - I find myself forwarding through those bits and as a result, some of the videos are rather short once those are taken out. Good (4)
Mar 27, 2009 Please tell me pony play isn't what it sounds like. I'm into exploring bondage, rubber, & S&M but only between human men. Call me a prude. lol Great! (5)
Mar 27, 2009 The rubber suits are a new fetish for me to explore and I found it very interesting indeed. I loved it when the clothes came off too though. I cant get enough of Nick Moretti and I'd LOVE to see more of Luke too. It was so hot when he STILL had a raging hardon after the scene was through. I'd love to have seen them get right back into it because that boy looked like he was ready for more! ENCORE! Great! (5)
Mar 6, 2009 Slick Master Nick is my fantasy man....Hot! Great! (5)
Feb 23, 2009 luke riley is great... wanna c more of him tied up... but not covered up like n the first scene Great! (5)
Feb 21, 2009 FUCK! Want to be used like this by Master Nick - my ass needs that cock SO bad! Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2009 "Pony Play", please don't!! Derek Pain, please DO!!!! Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2009 Hot, please talk Nick into being a sub. He is very hot, and he would be hotter to see him bound and gagged! Great! (5)
Feb 19, 2009 "PONY PLAY"?? Please please no. There are plenty of sites for such hetero hijinks. After 25 years of tying men up, I am not bored with bondage and fucking. Please keep doing exactly what you are doing! Great! (5)
Feb 18, 2009 Hi guys, On the whole I am quite content with the films you show here being aware that you cannot satisfy the desires of everybody all the time. I think, however, that your future orientation should go in that way that is practised by “meninpain” where I was a member for a couple of years. This definitely would attract an even greater public. Putting bondage in length in the middle of every produced film is boring and dull in the long run. Variatio delectat as the Romans said. Variety is more rewarding. I myself would love if some pony play is involved in the films every now and then. I am fully aware that this SM practice is not so widely spread in our community. For me, however, it is my favourite fetish and therefore I’d love to see it sometimes. And bring another sequence with Derek Pain with a hard and long-lasting whipping. He can stand it. Best regards Rittmeisterhh Good (4)
Feb 16, 2009 What a fantastic combinatio, and Nick did something I long to see every time someone shoots on another body. HE LICKED IT OFF!!! THAT GOT ME OFF AS WELL. It was just great!!!! Great! (5)
Feb 16, 2009 Wow!!! When I see two guys in full rubber I get so excited that I can't say but GREAT. But it's really so Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2009 Luke is super-hot, and of course I could watch Nick EVERY Thursday. Hope to see them both again soon. Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2009 Damn, had to watch it again. Love a coach athlete senario with our boy Luke... Good (4)
Feb 15, 2009 I would also love to see the after shoot when Nick takes Lukes cock up his ass! Bet they don't use a condom in that one gentlemen! Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2009 WOW, Both guys really hot. like seeing from the hard cocks that they are really enjoying the scene and each other. Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2009 The roping scenes are fantastic, hot hot hot! Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2009 That was the best I have every seen. Everything was perfect! Please have more of Nick and Luke...SOON! Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2009 One of the best sessions in a long time! Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2009 I would do anything to get Nick Moretti's cum inside me! Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2009 amazing! luke is stunning! more of him pls! Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 Love Nick, and want more of Dante Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 It looked to me like the two of them wanted to continue. Was there a little electricity between the guys? I'd like to watch the two of them just go at it without all the props. Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 Hawt stuff! It was very exciting to watch the handsome hard-on helping the hot virgin explore his limits ... would love to see a sequel with the roles reversed ... then another with yet another reversal ... I get off on using sex to torment ... let's have some hard-ass edging and some relentless milking in the next two shoots (please??) ... thanks for sharing, guys! Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 Luke Riley is very hot boy Nick was good, sex was good. production and rope work always beautiful. Overall not real exciting. Good (4)
Feb 12, 2009 Beautiful. Very sexy. Creatively photographed. I have to say, Nick sure is a better cocksucker than any of the bottoms we've seen him with. Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 Love the young buck and mature bull pairing. Two beautiful bodies. I especially love the pic where both men are side-by-side for a body comparison. Same size, big dicks. Nice. Good (4)
Feb 12, 2009 Especially loved the middle one, hanging standing on the stilts. The sling was a close second. The first was okay - seems a shame to cover up all that beautiful flesh. Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 I loved it. Nick has a perpetual hardon. I was mesmerized by his bouncing cock while whipping Luke! Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2009 Good, though leather is no turn-on for me. Please, can we see Nick himself in bondage? Good (4)
Feb 12, 2009 Very disappointed that slicked Master Nick does not wear black rubber hipboots!!! Good (4)