Annie Cruz wants more piss!!

Aug 21, 2012 - , , and

Annie is back and begging for more. Two people pissing on her hot body just wasn't enough. She wants more cocks and more liquid gold.. She likes to play in the toilet and let guys come in and piss inside her open mouth. Annie loves to use her tongue to lick these cocks clean. She sucks the cum right out and gets showered clean with more hot urine.

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Jan 6, 2009 i love annie cruz, but to short Great! (5)
Jan 6, 2009 I'm sorry. This woman does nothing for me, no matter how hard she tries. She just is not very attrctive! Fair (3)
Jan 6, 2009 Best one here so far imo Great! (5)
Jan 6, 2009 I think your the best Annie! I love watching you on this site as well as Ultimate Surrender. Thank you for your entertainment! Your my number 1 ! ! ! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2009 i don't care what anyone says - this is the hottest porn site ever..the guys are hot and the girls love them as much as i do. rock on! Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2009 Awesome. Unlike the past few girls Annie actually looks like she is turned on by getting pissed on. I just hope the repeat isn't because you've run out of new girls who can do the same. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2009 why only one update per week? we want more! Fair (3)
Jan 8, 2009 Tell the fucking dudes to quit "jacking" piss on the girls. Just piss, dudes. It looks gay when you fag off with yourself to pee. Poor (1)
Jan 8, 2009 i want all those girls and boys in those movies pissing on isis LOVE !!! i love you isis and i wanna see you on ;) kiss kiss Great! (5)
Jan 10, 2009 I joined this because I like women drinking piss....but I would also like to actually see some penetration. I mean all of these scenes are nice...but none so far have anyone getting totally railed. Maybe even pissing while fucking...just a suggestion. Good (4)
Jan 11, 2009 Finally a girl with shoes when Pissing. A pity that they do not piss herself. Good (4)
Jan 13, 2009 Fun shoot and cute girl. All the girls are not naked enough for my taste e.g. wearing shoes all the time...And I second the jacking off thing while pissing as a kink-kill. It's really strange to see a guy jacking off and pissing at the same time to the point it's distracting and takes away from the fact a man is pissing on a woman instead of jacking off, the latter being all over the internet in great abundance. Thanks for reading :) S. Fair (3)
Jan 13, 2009 we want more update..more and more !!!! Great! (5)
Jan 13, 2009 I love Annie she is the best! Even if it is the same old format Annie does it best. She can squirt on me anytime. Good (4)
Jan 14, 2009 Annie, you are great. Just wondering about some other creative ideas you might consider? Since you are into bondage and being pushed to the limit, would you consider: Being bound, being made to drink a lot, then being made to hold it... until you lose control and pee all over yourself? Also wondering how it works to combine pissing and squirting for you? How is it if you are really needing to pee and then you make yourself squirt while you need to pee? Good (4)
Jan 21, 2009 i'd drink annie's piss if she'd drink mine Great! (5)
Jan 29, 2009 i love annie cruz Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2009 VERY hot girl and she takes a complete streem in her mouth ... very sexy girl. Great! (5)
Feb 16, 2009 sexy Great! (5)
Apr 5, 2009 I love this bathroom they shoot in with the old fashion urinals. I really like having Isis talk really dirty behind the camera which is an added bonus to the turn-on factor of these movies. Great! (5)
Apr 15, 2009 Oooooh Annie, want you mary me? Great! (5)
Jun 21, 2009 it's great and horny in front of the pissoirs, i like it! Great! (5)
Sep 7, 2009 annie is fucking awesome...not her fault the guys try jacking off...huge pluss for finally putting some cum in her face, at last! Great! (5)
Dec 25, 2010 I enjoyed the three guys in this video so they could keep the pee going most of the viseo and three big cum loads dumpped on her in this video. She took every drop and all three cum loads from the guys. She is very hot and want to see more of her. Great! (5)
Jan 26, 2011 Of all the models on here, I would love to drink Annies' piss and then give her a piss enema! She is the best! Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2011 I Love anne I was hoping you could get some your T'S to be in some of your pissing scenes please. Good (4)
Apr 15, 2011 that girl was great give her number Great! (5)
May 20, 2011 awsome annie you are beautifull :) Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2012 Nice place to shoot a piss show. Need more guys. Nice girl to watch. A little too short indeed. Good (4)
Jul 15, 2012 Deliciously fantastic and sexy... Great! (5)
Sep 3, 2012 Annie is electric when she starts performing... which is dangerous with so much liquid around! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2012 she is so incredibly hot-awesome, I want to be there!!! Great! (5)
Apr 11, 2013 one off the best pissing for me...... Great! (5)
Nov 21, 2015 Annie cum play with me. Great! (5)