Alexis Taylor

Nov 29, 2000 -

Alexis is back. Great tits, great woman, good bondage.

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Nov 29, 2000 Beautiful woman but those nipples are just begging for some rope and clips! -
Nov 30, 2000 Great crotch shot with the steel bondage, but lose the thong! -
Nov 30, 2000 The only place for a bound girl's panties are in her mouth. Or another girl's mouth... -
Dec 1, 2000 Wow. Can we ask questions? Like, how long was she in that position? What about it was the least comfortable? Did she try to say anything while gagged? She looks like she'd be a fun girl to know. -
Dec 1, 2000 I like the RMs that show the tying and gagging. When she's sitting there, getting a harness gag, for example. But Alexis is incomparable no matter what. -
Dec 7, 2000 You couldn't whip her ass when it was up like that? -
Dec 7, 2000 Is it possible for her to maybe shake those tits instead of just standing there? -
Dec 9, 2000 very nice! it was like her own tits were smothering her. -
Jan 3, 2001 She does naked for Close-up. Why not you guys? Incidentally, Close-up isn't REALLY very close-up. -
Jan 10, 2001 It would be awsome to see Alexis tied to the fuck machine. I think she would wear it out! -
Feb 26, 2001 Not bad, but she needs to act like she has never done this before. She acts like,"Well, this is one job, where is the next?" -
Mar 28, 2001 howard is an idiot, lose the high heels, corsette etc. -
May 7, 2001 ok this sucks, She is all tied up. But she is not touched. She is beautiful, BUT she's not EVEN NAKED! Not naked and no whip/spank? What good is this? Might as well be a picture. -
May 7, 2001 same as before, she's not naked...and not even touched. Yawn! -
May 11, 2001 Alexis 4 and 5: she has her arms bound to knees and neck. This is superb. I hope you will use this one on other models. Please consider adding multiple nose and mouth hooks in the japanese style. Thanks! -
May 13, 2001 is it possible? there is stll someone looking for hi heels shoes! ma vai a quel paese poveretto! -
Dec 25, 2001 I agree with anoano, the knee to elbow bondage is superb. But the common consensus, & I'm sure Alexis must know this by now, is that she is over dressed. As one who worships at the alter of Scarlett with her hogties, machines, nudity etc, if only Alexis where as open to such kinkiness it would be... pure heaven! -
Jan 8, 2002 snore.she seems like shes to good to be naked and touched -
Jul 28, 2002 Excellent -
Jul 28, 2002 I am a new member but this girl i´snt!! Leila and Lulu showed me that you can "work girls to something they and us needs"!! Gentle and forceful at the same time and............Keep on experimenti`n Jan Banan -
Nov 30, 2000 i love the pictures but i would had a candle hanging from the ceiling over here rear end and you forgot the breast bondage and nipple clamps -
Nov 30, 2000 love the gag you used on alexis but forgot the blind fold -
Nov 30, 2000 i think you should hoisted alexis feet up where she is in a suspended hogtied and have nipple clamps on her -
Nov 30, 2000 you go probably got one of your biggest breasted models here and you didnt do no breast bondage not even nipple clamps but pictures are still good -
Nov 30, 2000 i like the pictures but i think you should done more tougherbondage on alexis you do tough bondage on your ugly models but you got the most beautifulmodel here and the bondage isnt tough -
Nov 30, 2000 Curse that thong. -
Nov 29, 2000 the steel is good, but more old iron restraints ´please -
Nov 30, 2000 A beautiful model looking so uncomfortable is wonderful! -
Nov 30, 2000 What a great set of knockers! -
Nov 30, 2000 Great position & Nice looking model -
Nov 30, 2000 Nice looking model - sort of a young Yasmen Bleeth. Looks good stretched out. -
Nov 30, 2000 Fantastic -
Nov 30, 2000 Love Alexis tied any style, but this is super! -
Nov 30, 2000 Even without bondage, Alexis is stunning. She is my favorite of your models. -
Nov 30, 2000 If she's so helpless, why does she still have her panties? -
Nov 30, 2000 Alexis is lovely, but this position hides too much of her. -
Nov 30, 2000 An interesting tie, but it conceals too much of Alexis. -
Nov 30, 2000 A nice way to display a beautiful girl. However, I agree with sailor and others who have suggested that Alexis should also be tortured. I have seen her whipped and clamped by other photographers. Does she charge extra to submit to such treatment? -
Nov 30, 2000 The corset suits Alexis well; it accentuates the natural curves of her body. However, I agree that nipple clamps are conspicuously absent from her fantastic breasts. -
Nov 30, 2000 Steel restraints are not usually my cup of tea, but anything looks good on Alexis. -
Nov 30, 2000 Another nice application of a corset, but Alexis' magnificent tits are begging to be flogged. -
Dec 1, 2000 this would of been better if she was barefoot!! -
Dec 1, 2000 She looks fine as is. She is the model of "voluptuousness" (sp?) The ballgag and heels are always nice. Please add that to more models. Nipple clamp stuff is OK, but not necessary, especially every time and especially with such a genuinely beautiful, expressive model. Thanks to you and to Alexis for the nice work. -
Dec 1, 2000 WHat a beautiful girl. Pleading, deep eyes and that irrestible, rare combination of athletic, slim, and full limbs. Thanks for the heels and ballgag -
Dec 1, 2000 Thanks for fetish wear, heels, and ballgag. -
Dec 1, 2000 why only one pic of Alexis in bondage? -
Dec 1, 2000 This set is very good -
Dec 1, 2000 Imaginative ropework -
Dec 2, 2000 nice but legs should be spread bound. -
Dec 2, 2000 Guys ! What about the good old fact, that slaves should be barefoot ? -
Dec 5, 2000 gorgeous lady - but for heavens sake buy a proper harness gag with chin straps. you'll have my business for life -
Dec 5, 2000 favorite model of all time - I'd like to marry her -
Dec 7, 2000 Alright! Finally some shots of her bound & barefoot!! Slaves look best when barefoot. -
Dec 7, 2000 Hey Peter! how come no "hogtie" pictures in this whole set of shots? -
Dec 7, 2000 GET RID OF THAT THONG!!! -
Dec 7, 2000 I gotta agree with some of these comments. Get a chin strap for that head harness. And please do something to those gorgeous breasts! Tie them, wax them, whatever. Much like what you did with Shay in that photo shoot. Otherwise, this is a pretty good shoot. -
Dec 7, 2000 When Alexis looks into the camera like that, she is begging for her tits to be tied, her panties ripped off, her ass to be flogged and reamed by the fucking machine! -
Dec 8, 2000 Alexis, take off her damn g-string or panties. Let's see her pussy!! -
Dec 9, 2000 Gorgeous model. One of my favorites. Love her stretched like that. How about stretched on a rack? -
Dec 9, 2000 Alexis is way too gorgeous to hide like this. -
Dec 9, 2000 Like the "elbow cross" section, this hides a beautiful model. -
Dec 9, 2000 Her legs spread and some pussy would be even better! -
Dec 9, 2000 What a perfect model to have her elbows tied back together. Someone should be teasing those tits! -
Dec 9, 2000 I completely agree with MAJORS! -
Dec 10, 2000 Very nice set, but HOW can you have a pair of tits this great jiggling in front of your face, and not squeeze them?! -
Dec 19, 2000 She has a grate set of tits and they need to be played. I would like to see more brest play. looking good!!!! -
Dec 30, 2000 Like the tie but, need to use some of that rope to gag her too -
Jan 3, 2001 Interesting, but if there's no gag it isn't really bondage in my book. -
Jan 3, 2001 I think Alexis Taylor is one of the best bondage models out there. Great shoot! I hope we see a lot more of her! -
Jan 9, 2001 This is great - she is really pretty but I so AGREE with the comments about seeing her naked and spread. I would double my subscription no problem! And this would rate a 5++!! -
Jan 9, 2001 nice girl and nice gag -
Jan 9, 2001 Nice. How about some Dental tools ( gags ) for this girl -
Jan 13, 2001 THis set is perfect -
Jan 21, 2001 MMMmmmm. Yes she is fit! -
Jan 26, 2001 What a lovely young woman, she looks wonderfull in or out of bondage. -
Jan 31, 2001 lose the shoes... -
Jan 31, 2001 lose the shoes... -
Jan 31, 2001 lose the thong and the shoes, how bout some barefoot nudity! -
Jan 31, 2001 such an amazingly sexy female ruined cuz someone can't pull her shoes off... -
Jul 25, 2001 Thanks for the straight pics of Alexis. She is really a knockout. -
Feb 22, 2001 Gee, tough crowd. I dunno, I think I'd still be happy if all you had done was shoot Alexis eating oatmeal in her bathrobe. -
Feb 22, 2001 Doesn't anyone read anymore? She doesn't do full nudity, at least not yet. Not even for Jay Edwards, who, by the way, has tons of her over at his place, too, for all you serious collectors. -
Apr 19, 2001 Those heavy silicione filled breasts look like they're about to smack her on the jaw. -
Apr 20, 2001 a beautiful girl, but i want to see her pussy and titstorture -
May 15, 2001 I like to see the model unfettered, offering the bounty of her beauty for future delights -
May 15, 2001 Mkmurphy, this is hogtied, not feet fetish unlimited. High heels are hot! -
May 15, 2001 agree with its49 OH, and Kiki, a slave wears what her master decides she should wear. Barefeet develope callous, get dirty and look unappealing. But a gam supported by a 4 inch heel screams sex! -
Oct 5, 2001 What a beauty! This girl's chest is like an un-fenced playground! Let's play! -
Jan 1, 2002 Holy shit, the one and only Alexis Taylor and her incredible tits. This is one hot looking lady. I love her in Jay Edwards videos. -
Feb 25, 2002 The eyes have it! -
Mar 27, 2002 she should be tortred, not handeled w/kid gloves -
May 26, 2002 people who are intrested in Bondage please mail me at -
May 26, 2002 people who are intrested in Bondage please mail me at -
May 26, 2002 people who are intrested in Bondage please mail me at -
May 26, 2002 people who are intrested in Bondage please mail me at -
May 26, 2002 people who are intrested in Bondage please mail me at -
Aug 16, 2002 Great stuff! How about a butt plug while she is in steel on her back? Very good photography too. -
Aug 25, 2002 Smothered by her own breasts lovely, and lay off the shoes, I love women in high hells, a slave in ballet boots for instance is in discumfort and off balance, just how a slave should be. -
Aug 27, 2002 bleh, can you patrons ever all be satisfied? :P -
Sep 6, 2002 No pussy shots again! So disappointed. -
Sep 26, 2002 Des seins suupppeeeerrrrrbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeees..............! -
Sep 30, 2002 boring -
Jul 31, 2003 thats what we need more stiletto heels!!!!!! -
Oct 30, 2003 Love this lady, can we see more of here as she seems to have gone into hiding ....?? -
Jun 25, 2004 ddd -
Aug 17, 2004 right , the rope shud be used to gag her and she needs to be getting fucked at the same time. -
Sep 12, 2004 what I wouldnt give to see this woman get done in by the fucking machines-Id lose it for sure 5+++ -
Oct 6, 2004 can i tie u up and fuck u then take for lunch then do it again take ufor dinner and then fall 2 sleep -
Mar 22, 2005 Very good -
Nov 9, 2005 If I had to choose just one woman, from all the bondage models out there, this would be the one. Obviously a killer body, but it's that face, and in particular those gorgeous eyes, that grab you. -
Aug 9, 2006 Steve, for the sake of huMANity. Please - whatever it takes - more Alexis! -
Jan 13, 2007 For some reason, I can't view clips about page 20 and higher....can someone help? When I select, it comes up in a differnt format than .mpg.. Not sure what to do... -
Jan 13, 2007 Short an sweet. -
Jan 13, 2007 What a beautiful lady. Nice set even without the bondadge. -
Jan 13, 2007 Alexis seems to be putting on weight. -
Jan 13, 2007 Nice positioning. Bet she could not stay like that for very long. -
Jan 13, 2007 Too repetitious other than that very good. -
Jan 13, 2007 Great set of pictures. I wonder i,f she does any bondage in her private life. -
Jan 13, 2007 What a beautiful face. I could love her forever. I kind of feel sorry for her because those breasts have to hurt after awhile from all the weight. -
Jan 14, 2007 Not one of your better set of videos. Too boring. -
Apr 11, 2007 i thought it was pretty boring too.Shes undoubtedly pretty and generally rather well put together,but those tits are so out of proportion as to be almost grotesque. -
Jul 28, 2002 I am a new member but this girl i´snt!! Leila and Lulu showed me that you can "work girls to something they and us needs"!! Gentle and forceful at the same time and............Keep on experimenti`n Jan Banan -
Dec 27, 2007 Beautiful lady,amazing tits,just pity that you couldnt coax her out of her pants,as I bet you she has a truly wonderful cunt to match.I think I am in Love. Great! (5)
Mar 4, 2009 That triangle face gag hides too much of her face. Alexis has a great talent to look fearful and helpless. Sorta like a secretary cum girl-next-door from a small Midwest city. It must be those eyebrows. You didn't take advantage of her talent at all – A wasted opportunity Fair (3)
Sep 25, 2009 she is one of the most beautiful models that i have followed over the years. Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2009 beautiful women,great body her eyes begging more tits torture Great! (5)
Dec 20, 2010 she is a keeper ... required viewing for any bondage collection ... still around, hope you guys can sign her up for some more work with kink Great! (5)
Aug 5, 2011 Fantastic woman! Fantastic shoot! Great! (5)