Sex Servants

Sandra Romain hires two prostitutes for Mr. Holmes to be used as sex servants. Lea Lexis and Crystal Crown arrive and are stripped, examined and cleaned. Their orifices are washed and their whorish makeup is removed. Once they are fully prepared they are tied up and presented to Mr. Holmes to do as he wishes.

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Oct 3, 2008 HI! Great! (5)
Oct 3, 2008 HI AGAIN! Great! (5)
Oct 3, 2008 Brilliant! The best so far! Outstanding scenes and acting conbined with erotica and beauty. Thank you. Great! (5)
Oct 3, 2008 If I wanted to watch Domme on girl on girl I would watch one of the Kink sites that provides that. This could have been vanilla porn with hemp ropes. To much (bad) acting and too far from the Sex & Submission esthetic. Poor (1)
Oct 3, 2008 This is the only poor I have ever given a Kink site scene. This was not up to S&S standards. You owe us one! Poor (1)
Oct 3, 2008 concur with littletart. If you need 2 doms get 2 guys. Poor (1)
Oct 3, 2008 It's too fake((( girls are very good looking, but it is a "vanilla porn" really. I for some reason can not get into shoots with Steve in them. He doesn't seam believable to me. Those shoots are very often not exiting or creative(( every now and then I cancel my subscription, wait for "non-Steve" stuf to pile up and then sign back up. Below average (2)
Oct 4, 2008 This was a good idea but would have been better if there were only one sub and three dommes. Putting the sub in more uncomfortable positions while 2 dommes take turns pleasing eachother while one domme stays with the sub administrating pain and pleasure. but i'm weird. Good (4)
Oct 4, 2008 Great!!! Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2008 I found this really erotic. The bits with the girls squatting, then with their asses up and their legs up were great. I'd like to see more multi-girl events. Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2008 Loved it. Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2008 I fuckin' LOVED it. Wish I had a hot bitch like that who would go out and get two sluts that we could both use. Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2008 Personally, I really like the thought of having a dominatrix helping with the subjugation and punishment of the two very beautiful slave prostitutes you had in this shoot. And, Yes I know that other sites like WhippedAss and WiredPussy have more of the Fem/fem theme, but there was plenty of cock-in-cunt-n-mouth in this shoot. It literally was submission with sex to quit yer bitchin' folks and accept something a little different from the norm once in awhile. I would have liked to see Sandra licking the cum from the blonds pussy and drooling it into the brunette's mouth - a major girl-girl fetish of mine. Overall, 'twas a Great Shoot... Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2008 Steve, the 70's called. They want their pubic hair back IMMEDIATELY! And beard, too! You look like the stand in for Gary Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula". Poor (1)
Oct 5, 2008 musr say i agree with littletart and nort12. deffinitely not your best work guys Poor (1)
Oct 5, 2008 At least with two girls you were forced to shoot the pictures in horizontal. There is one to download. Poor (1)
Oct 5, 2008 I would trade the whole video for a 5 minute view of the girls asses. Too much chaff to plow through. Poor (1)
Oct 5, 2008 I assume from the pictures that it's like the others. You download a part,look through it for pussy and find face shots, blow jobs and men's butts, then delete the mess. Poor (1)
Oct 5, 2008 LIKE IT Great! (5)
Oct 6, 2008 Excellent! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2008 kinda lame. So much could have been done with this set up Good (4)
Oct 7, 2008 3 girls is a good idea but a naked guy is not my cup of tea. I prefer when he stays clothed and only showing us his cock for fuck and blow job stuffs... Below average (2)
Oct 8, 2008 Not the best work I have seen. More bondage and submissiveness please. Poor (1)
Oct 8, 2008 not up to usual standards. and what can we say about that beard???!!! the single most off-putting thing i've seen in a porn shoot since that erotic tape i found turned out to be 1 of my mum and dads home videos Poor (1)
Oct 9, 2008 I like Steve, his voice, his dirty kinkiness.. but the whole au natual, naked, beard things doesn't work for me. It doesn't feel dominant enough.. too 1970's porn like... Bring back the clean shaven, black pant toting Steve.. please Sir! Fair (3)
Oct 9, 2008 Wasting my time with this girl on girl thing. All women need to be on the end of a leash. Poor (1)
Oct 11, 2008 Sandra is a sex genius! I'm a huge fan!!! Congratulation everybody. Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2008 I Love to See These Girls Feet in the Air With Legs SPREAD TO AND FOR THE me a third leg... Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2008 Loved it! Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2008 What I liked the most was seeing the established (and dare I say sweet?) relationship between Ms. Romain and Mr. Holmes. The folded deliciousness of having someone's submissiveness act out as Dom in a scene of serving her man, -- it was wonderful, and despite the acting that went with it- the connections and gratification they displayed felt very real. It seems odd to say, but real life scenes work like that to an extent - the trading or mixing of D/s dynamics to please a partner. The change of pace out of "dungeon" was also very nice. Great! (5)
Oct 14, 2008 great Great! (5)
Oct 17, 2008 It is getting better and better!! I love watching Great! (5)
Oct 17, 2008 I like the concept, but Steve doesn't really get my motor going...Same thing with the beard and jungle bush... Good (4)
Oct 19, 2008 Wow, finally this channel has something in a natural setting! Kink doesn't have to be in a dungeon all the time. It can be more relax and comfortable yet as exciting. Bravo! Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2008 Note enough throat fucking. I kept waiting for Steve to bury his pride and joy deep down their 3 throats. Good (4)
Oct 25, 2008 More of this! Great! (5)
Nov 10, 2008 Extremely enjoyable orgy. Not that much BD but fun none the less. It got me off...LOL Great! (5)
Nov 20, 2008 very nice I would like to have slave like this Great! (5)
Dec 3, 2008 more anal would have been better those girls needed it Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2009 Great Great! (5)
Jan 18, 2009 Quite a surprise. The clip has been out since Oct. Didn't even bother to watch it. Was I shocked. Great is the only way to describe it. Loved Sandra and the two models. Great idea. Really different. Could be an idea for public disgrace. You sure can't tell a book by it's cover can you. More More More. Hope someone reads this comment. Great! (5)
Jan 30, 2009 very very good grt looking gals Sandra is awesome as a Madam she beats them harder than some of yr Masters !!know wonder Mr Holmes looks so pleased luved it Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2009 d best Great! (5)
Mar 7, 2009 why did the guy need sandra? let guys be the doms. if you need 2 doms use 2 guys. Poor (1)
Apr 10, 2009 I love the wash scene. Should be more in this site. Submissive bath. Master washing all girl�´s body, hair too Great! (5)
May 18, 2009 Off the FUCKING HOOK. Great! (5)
Jul 8, 2009 The best I ever saw ! ! ! Continue like this. Lot of thanks for you'r work. Great! (5)
Aug 27, 2009 Fantastic! Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2010 Yes,beauteful girls!... Great! (5)
Mar 1, 2010 i just signed up how do i sign up to be in these movies:) Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2010 I love this very hot trailer. Great! (5)
Jun 19, 2010 Please more Crystal Crown! I Find everything about her utterly irresistible! I loved this shoot. Crystal and Lea made this shoot for me, and im always happy to see Sandra & Steve together in the dominant role - their chemistry is just undeniable! Thankyou Great! (5)
Sep 1, 2010 more dom on dom girlstrapon Fair (3)
Sep 22, 2010 Lea and Crystal have absolutely fantastic bodies - love to see bronze skin with a smooth slightly oily sheen; I enjoyed the scene at the bottom of the stairs where they're made to present themselves for general inspection by Sandra, very humiliating indeed. The shower scene was also enjoyable for the most part. The rest? Sadly rather lacking. I think it's because the girl's aren't really subs and are just acting (not very well). Shame because they are soooo gorgeous! Fair (3)
Dec 4, 2010 what fun! Great! (5)
Feb 7, 2011 sandra romain is still the best Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2011 the guy looks like a reject from a 70's euro trash porn Fair (3)
Jul 24, 2011 Sandra brings out the slut in everyone... Great! (5)
Aug 8, 2011 I would not say I am a fan of any of these girls - but the Story / Performance ist great Great! (5)
Aug 22, 2011 this shoot, along with many other Kink vids, has been uploaded to the Slutload website. You need to chase them down guys! Fair (3)
Jan 15, 2013 approved Great! (5)
Jul 21, 2016 Very hot loved it great bathtub scene! -