Unsuspecting Cop Amber Rayne receives and Electro-Take-Down!

Jul 18, 2013 - , and

In this fantasy update Annie Cruz & Isis Love play 2 hookers who are tired of being harassed by the cops. When Officer Amber Rayne comes up and threatens to take them downtown Isis & Annie turn the tables & take Officer Rayne to their station instead, a disgusting resident hotel room filled with all kinds of naughty toys. Amber finds herself handcuffed by her wrists & ankles to a dirty bed where Isis and Annie unleash their anger with whips, zappers, electric butt plugs & more. Officer Rayne is thoroughly humiliated when she gets her own nightstick shoved up her ass and then gets gallons of squirt in her gaping asshole! A great fantasy and humiliation update not to be missed!

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Feb 7, 2008 Creative, inventive, and entertaining. I enjoyed the sets and the face dildo. Very nice work. Thank you for this update. Great! (5)
Feb 7, 2008 isis rocks da shit! keep up with this great handgag scenes... Great! (5)
Feb 7, 2008 Great job, the role play was well done, and I loved all the squirt Great! (5)
Feb 8, 2008 Great is an under statement Great! (5)
Feb 9, 2008 My ex was a policewoman. I used her police issue cuff on her then stuck her baton in places they don't mention in the instruction manual. Great scenes that brought back great memories. Great! (5)
Feb 9, 2008 Not up to your usual standards. It looks like the stuff you pick up in the $3.99 video bin at a porn shop. Below average (2)
Feb 9, 2008 You know it's easy to cricticize something rabbit2, but you don't say what's wrong with the shoot,you also fail to mention what you would do better.I think it's very good and annie and isis in an episode togeher is a plus. Good (4)
Feb 9, 2008 Isis is by far the greatest talent in porn. Great Bod, nasty hot bitch and I absolutely loved when she came right in Amber's mouth - I could only wish that was me! Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2008 Absolutly amazing! Please let us see more foot fucking like the jan 10 shoot with Vai & Isis Love Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2008 Normally, I don´t like this electro-stimulation stuff that much. But these pictures, I couldn´t stand for, so I subscribed to Wired Pussy. Best update I ever have seen!!! It´s incredibly exciting to see the squirt coming down into the open ass! Maybe in one of your next updates, you could get a slave to drink the squirt directly from the ass? Thank you for this great work! Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2008 Outstanding shoot!!Amber could not have played it any better. Please have more of this two on one type of role playing. Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2008 I don't know where rabbit gets his vids, but this is far better than most dvd's I find. They all did a great job staying in character during the action - not that it mattered much because the action was hot as hell! The set was perfect. Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2008 Great job, the action was hot as hell, love you. Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2008 Hey fuck off jwjeffrey. I pay my money and am entitled to give my opinion. You don't like it,too bad for you. Below average (2)
Feb 11, 2008 hey rabbit, please don't tell other members to fuck off. you expressed your opinion, and he simply asked that you elaborate on what you think could have been done better. there is no need to get so aggressive. xo donna Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2008 I personally didn't like Amber Rayne being so "angry". I liked her how she was when she subbed for Niiki Nievez on Whippedass. Yaknow, more innocent and helpless. Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2008 Awesome! Very intense. Great! (5)
Feb 12, 2008 She said she loves piss play. any thoughts of incorporating more with her and acutally peeing on her Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2008 I'm biased, of course, but this was superb. :-) Great! (5)
Feb 16, 2008 I have always in the past submitted to men, but this one made me rethink that... Great! (5)
Feb 21, 2008 Cada día me gusta más este vicio. Los del Ois, sublime Great! (5)
Feb 22, 2008 I thought the squirt shooting into her ass was the single most decadent act I've ever seen in porn, and I fucking loved it!!!!!! I just wanna know where rabbit2 gets the porn like this in the $3.99 bin at, it'd save me a LOT of money on subscriptions ;) Great! (5)
Feb 24, 2008 Loved watching Annie Cruz squirt all over Amber!!! Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2008 Very nice go one Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2008 i-loved-it-if-i-had-a-ball-bat-iwould-fuckmyself Great! (5)
Mar 7, 2008 Well Shygirl619, I have a female friend that might be interested in teaching you hehe. Great! (5)
Mar 17, 2008 Such lovely women! Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 More More More Great! (5)
Mar 26, 2008 Isis' butt is awesome! ..yeah the rest was cool, ofcourse..I just can't get over Isis' beautiful butt! Great! (5)
Mar 28, 2008 I am a real fan if interracial domination but only, as in this scene, when a white girl is the sub and a latina (Isis), an asian (Annie), and/or a black male or female top the white slave. This shoot gave me 2 outta 3 so I'll give it a 5+. Oh Yes; squirting all over Amber's face was very intense and so was the strap-on DP. More white slave girls subbing to other races please!! I sure would like to see one of these shoots in person!!!!! Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2008 Very good.I ENJOY FANTASY play very mucy. Nice switch, very nice. I was a Township Police Officer at one time and had a chance to do some on nd off duty play. One VERY FOGGY nite I had a chance to handcuff a 911 dispatcher and left her out on a warm nite at an airport in her birthday suit. WHAT FUN FOR BOTH. THANKS AGAIN. Great! (5)
Aug 31, 2008 The Shit, Good Porn,Loved The Squirting,Fine Ladies,More Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2008 Outstanding! I would love to see more policewomen in peril movies from this site. Keep up the great work! Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2009 What a fantasy roll playing video. I was completely into the domination of the "hookers". Thank you all. Great! (5)
Mar 18, 2009 It was a great experiance and hope theres some more like this GO ON BUDDYS Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2009 great scene! the plot was easy to follow anie/isis are great in the scene also amber, two thumbs up. Great! (5)
Aug 26, 2010 No comments in over a year? Dont new members go back in the archive? - Well this was a real good one. All 3 actors very inspired by the hooker-police story. Great tempo and great intensity. I love the fantasy stories with abduction and nonconsentual mistreatment. And with sex that is forced, not a reward. Involontary orgasms. They all seemed to like that! - I have one idea for an alternative end of the story: Officer snarls "I'll be back and get you bitches, then YOU will taste my stick". And one hooker picks up her cell phone camera and says, "no you will not come for us, now you will smile in the camera and tell just how much you loved it all, and if we have any trouble with you, we'll put that on Youtube. So smile to the camera or we'll do something really bad with you." And so they make a mock interview like the Kink films always have, with a lot of 'Oh I loved it and yes I'll be backk for more." - And then the real after-play interview comes. So, it would be a bit of self irony. Try it next time you do 'non-consentual' play acting. Great! (5)
Sep 7, 2010 Sweet Girls and a hot Scene!!! Great! (5)
Jun 19, 2011 This Is Beyond Great This Is Excellent A Wonderful Performance I Give It Five Stars ***** Great! (5)
Aug 30, 2011 great Great! (5)
Aug 31, 2011 Annie - be my shower ! Great! (5)
Sep 19, 2011 Great Great! (5)
Nov 28, 2011 police trap!!!! Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2013 Fantastic shoot,amber rayne is the hottest woman on the planet,period!!! The squirting scenes were awesome! I only wish amber had left her tits alone and not had the tit job. But I still love her the same. Thanks.... Great! (5)
Jul 20, 2013 Great! Great! Great! More of this please!..? Great! (5)
Jul 21, 2013 Amber did a great job keeping character showing just the right amount of resistance! Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2013 This Is A Great Movie The Role Play Is Excellent And The Ladies In This Were Sexy I Give This Shoot ***** Five Stars And In The Words Of The Late Gene Siskel And The Late Roger Ebert I Give It Two Thumbs Up Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2014 uitengewoon hoogstaand, grote Dames met grote klasse ! Proficiat ! -
Jan 29, 2015 Another Golden Award for Isis Love ! -
Sep 14, 2015 why the fuck won't my videos play? -
Oct 20, 2015 DAMN movie won't play this is BS -
May 10, 2016 So sorry for Amber Rayne's death. She's amazing in this video of 8 years ago. RIP. Great! (5)
May 20, 2016 Here Is A Ten Bell Salute For Amber Rayne Whoo Was A Star In This Movie Who Sadly Died https://vimeo.com/167369373 Great! (5)