Jaelyn Stumble Upon and Electro-Gyno for her VERY 1st Experience!

Jul 16, 2013 - and

Jaelyn Fox schedules an appointment for her 1st gynecological exam. What she does not know is that Dr Harmony is not a doctor at all, merely the receptionist. Once Harmony tricks Jaelyn into being bound to the exam table she has no problem executing her own set of kinky experiments on her young prey. 1st she inspects the girls tits & pussy. Then she shocks her with the violet wand, electrified pussy clamps & the zapper before giving her a douche to test the tightness of her pussy. Jaelyn fails Harmony's virginity tests & now she must pay the price!

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Mar 20, 2008 I'm about tired of the fantasy updates Fair (3)
Mar 20, 2008 The doctor office setting doesn't do it for me. I'm sure for many others it does. Great models though. Fair (3)
Mar 20, 2008 fantastic shoot! beatifull girls! Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 Loved it! Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 The very beginning was a bit slow -- but it sure ended up with a bang..... no pun intended! Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 fantastic Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 Beautiful!!! Thanks babes!! Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2008 Love the doctor office Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 Love it. Harmony has that bitchy stripper look about her.Jaeyn looks like she got more than she expected. Also liked the use of rubber tubing to keep her head up. Quite novel! Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 not bad, but why hasn't there been any anal in weeks????? Fair (3)
Mar 22, 2008 First post. I'm 66 and have seen a lot ot porn. I got really tired of "lets do a blow job, eat a little pussy, fuck in four different positions and then blow a load on her fake tits and bored face." Kink is the first site that shows some imagination and creativity and esapecially WP. I love to see exposed clits that are almost white they are so turned on, and spread open labia. When you use a spaculum, let us see inside!! A pussy cam in there would be nice. Harmony has a great body. I like women with meat on there bones with hips and curves. (Sandra Romaine is purfect, too bad see has left.) I hate models that are so skinny that thier ribs are showing. The look like boys with tits. We all know that when a women comes she gets a nice warm red glow on her chest. If that isn't there, she is faking it and I hate that. The whole idea is a FANTASTIC ORGASIM, isn't it? (No blush on Ms. Wren a couple of week ago). Anyway, your sites are fantastic and I will never become a member or any of the old "IN_OUT" and come on her face sites ever again. Kink shows that the people who are producing it are intelligent, educated and creative people. Keep up the good stuff. I love your work! I think that you should have a special deal to become a member of ALL KINK SITES! Say, $100.00 bucks a month? Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Wow oh Wow!! Absolutely a great update with Harmony and Jaelyn Fox. A great shoot with the fantasy role playing scene of a doctor and a patient getting a gynecological exam. Really loved the cupping session with the suction cups on Jaelyn's breasts. The scene really called for Jaelyn to experience those green/grey castration bands on her nipples to intensity the sensory deprivation experience and when combined with the sucking action it is a real turn on. Overall a great shoot with a great submissive model and a beautiful domme. How about a future scenario in which the submissive must submit to the domme with a collar locked onto her neck and a chastity belt installed with internal vaginal and anal plugs to please/tease and/or torment/torture the submissive into having a really intensive orgasm at the whim and pleasure of the domme. Overall a great shoot Princess Donna!! Great! (5)
Mar 23, 2008 In the forums I made a suggestion along these lines.I don`t know if you used my idea or already had this scene in the works,either way,thankyou for bringing one of my fantasies to life. Both girls did a fantastic job and looked beutiful while doing it. The violet wand dildo is very interesting toy. Keep up the great work. Great! (5)
Mar 24, 2008 Loooove fantasy updates. (Especially white whores interrogated in South American Prison dungeons - by Isis maybe?) Great! (5)
Mar 25, 2008 Super fanatasy shoot. Both the girls are beutiful & excellent at their respective parts. I love the wicked streak in Harmony which brought the best out of Jaelyn as a helpless sub. Curious to know how she felt in her own words....any possibility for that?? Excellent. Keep up the good work. Great! (5)
Mar 25, 2008 Lets see Harmony Scream... Great! (5)
Mar 25, 2008 hey chrome, just type harmony's name into the search on the top left of the updates page and you will find several shoots with her screaming! xo Great! (5)
Mar 26, 2008 Great picture quality! Lots of light so I can see what the heck is going on! Please keep up this picture quality! I do not like dark artsy fartsy stuff. Great! (5)
Mar 28, 2008 great Great! (5)
Mar 28, 2008 Super Great! (5)
Mar 28, 2008 I love the doctor setup...but she could have been probed a lot more :-) Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2008 i love this i enjoy a wet pussy and i want to see more Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2008 i love this i enjoy a wet pussy and i want to see more Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2008 Greaat! Make me so horneyyyyyyyyy Great! (5)
Apr 2, 2008 I think this was fantastic. I love Harmony as a domme. Her anger is great. I love it when a domme seems like she's on the edge of being out of control and Harmony is good with that. One reason I'll miss Sandra is because she could be that way also. A little craziness was something that always brought the psychological and the physical together for me in my days as a switch. The more methodical, controlled approach is okay, just not as exciting for me. Great shoot and a great first time sub -- go Jaelyn! Great! (5)
Apr 21, 2008 not bad Great! (5)
Apr 21, 2008 not bad Great! (5)
May 3, 2008 Great and funny that the girls must have then they play together :-) Great! (5)
May 7, 2008 absoloutely great Great! (5)
May 7, 2008 Another day another dollar performance by both models Poor (1)
May 25, 2008 Yes, I like the nurse games. But I prefer more to see the multiple orgasmus scenes here instead of hard spanking and the load crying of the slavegirl. When she squirts many times and get orgasm after orgasm without a brake that�´s it what I like. Good (4)
Jun 24, 2008 I love the innocent-girl gets to revision fantasy, never seem to get tired of it. Im on the "prefer orgasm after orgasm" boat instead of spanking but as well all know there are tastes for everyone (just casting my vote =D). I would love some type of membership to all kink sites for a fee. I normally jump month to month between kink sites and that would be great. Thank you for the great work! Great! (5)
Jul 24, 2008 very nice shot. Great! (5)
Jul 26, 2008 one of my most favorite shoots Great! (5)
Jul 31, 2008 great shoot. love the fantasy aspect and jaelyn is one of the most beautiful women on the site. Great! (5)
Aug 24, 2008 very, very great! Fantastic! Great! (5)
Sep 6, 2008 I love Jaelyn! This shoot was hot as hell, especially scene two with all her screaming! Great! (5)
Dec 6, 2008 The gyno work is very hot, with or without the fantasy aspect. It would be great to see more use of the speculum, which always seems to suggest so many possibilities when it is inserted. Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2008 I always love and insanely horny with spread wide legs, especially with a gyno chair.. oppss.. i wanna cuumm... Great! (5)
Sep 13, 2011 ouch Great! (5)
Aug 21, 2012 The pics look gread, but I can't download the video in any quality. The download always has a size of 1 KB and can not be played. I've already tried with different Browsers an pc's. Does anybody have the same problem or even a fix for it? Great! (5)
Jul 18, 2013 this is too rough alround. Poor (1)
Aug 7, 2013 Loved it. Came four time in the first half hour and for a girl on antidepressants that's saying something. Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2014 Mooi, heel mooi, grote Ladies -
Dec 26, 2015 They should get married ;) Great! (5)