The Anniversary

Nov 2, 2007 - , and

Sex and Submission presents another storyline update with two beautiful women, Eva Angelina and Gianna Lynn. Mark Davis surprises his wife Gianna with a prostitute for their anniversary. Gianna is completely caught off guard and reluctant at first but eventually gives in to this kinky escapade.

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Nov 2, 2007 Great girls cant wait to watch it Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2007 All I can say is Mark is one lucky SOB. This is the best yet, both girls are soooo beautiful, what a present!!!! Gee could I ever be so lucky?? Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2007 Aaaah! You finally did it!! 2 beautiful slaves ~ 1 more dominant than the other ~ both subserviant to the male. Lots of slobber & drool. A great Pussy-2-Mouth scene and the forced smothering scene (ass on face). Then you topped it off with a cumswapping from girl to girl...Now you've got it all together! I did hear Mark say something about having a "whole bunch of guys" coming in to fuck her. Do I hear a Bukkakke scene in the not too distant future? Scene: A bound slave on her knees. An attendant female stands next to the kneeling slave. Next a long line of men (somewhere between 10 to 100) stand next to the bound woman with her mouth dental-gagged open. The attendant slave acts as a fluffer she gets the men hard and then jacks them off onto the bound kneeling slave. Just a thought. THIS shoot was great with plenty of things I've been waiting to see for quite some time. Great work folks!! Say, When do I get to come down and get a tour of the Armory? I'd love to watch a shoot in progress. Even help out on the set (For free of course!) Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2007 WOW! Seriously hot. nuff said! Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2007 Bravo !!! Horosho !!! Salute !!! Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2007 Love the two girl anticipation thing ! The reluctant debutant , the paid pro ... fabulous ! More ! Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2007 Fantastic!!! I do love to see beautiful ladies in nawashibari (Japanese bondage)! Please have these ladies in stocking! Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2007 4+ Beautiful women. Fun role play. Good use of music. Mark, great as always. Good stuff. Good (4)
Nov 5, 2007 Its my birthday now and this is a very great birthday present for me. You are the best Great! (5)
Nov 9, 2007 One of your best ever. Great! (5)
Nov 9, 2007 This is great! Hey, I really love it when they're forced to lick the cum off the floor (maybe they've been bad slaves and don't deserve it directly in their mouths)--could you do that again soon? Keep up the great work. This stuff is mind-boggling. Great! (5)
Nov 10, 2007 I must comment on this one again. The ultimate in degradation is to bang a beautiful woman while your tied up wife lays her head on her stomach and when you get ready to cum pulling out and shooting in her mouth. Keep up the good work!!! Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2007 I really want to know what brand of lipstick Eva buys? It seemed to stay on through even the BJ. Amazing. not one of the best but still good. Good (4)
Nov 14, 2007 I gotta hand it to kink, they do an amazing job with everything, from the beautiful kinky models to camera work and lighting, to fantasy and role play, Mark doing his job and getting into it like a pro, this is all good work. I especially like the lesbian aspect in this shoot, and the chemistry between all of them. Thank you, its been a pleasure masterbating to all of you, and i thank you on behalf of my dick as well. Cheers. Great! (5)
Nov 15, 2007 Wonderful! Great! (5)
Nov 16, 2007 BEST SHOOT EVER ! ! ! Great! (5)
Nov 16, 2007 Started out VERY interested, but then not so much. I really do luv the idea of women ravaged while still in heels and pantyhose, more 'IMPULSIVE' if you will, more 'instantaneous', less predictably scheduled out. Personally I luv girls like this, the harder more erect nipples the better and NOT totally shave pussies. Best 'start' ever. Good (4)
Dec 9, 2007 The double teams are the best and combine thst with TWO girls that are beautifully busted, leggy and sexily clad and you have a hit ! Great! (5)
Dec 10, 2007 Very sexy, nice scenario! Great! (5)
Dec 23, 2007 The forced ass licking thing was really hot. I would like to see more of that. The girls could also be forced to lick their Master�´s ass. And multiple slaves is always better than one. Great! (5)
Dec 26, 2007 These girls are super hot! Great! (5)
Jan 5, 2008 I hope to be knee deep in a situation similar to this on the weekend of the 25th of Jsnuary 2008... Like in 19 days... Muwaaaaah! Great! (5)
Mar 10, 2008 I normally don't vote but this is my favorite. Thanks for u good work. Great! (5)
Apr 3, 2008 I/we thought this shoot was fantastic...I think Mark does an awesome job with all of the girls on this site! Immature bashing of Him doesn't tear Him down and build you up, It makes you look like a freaking idiot! Mark is not a lucky guy...He has everything thing in His life for a reason. My slave and I have 2 girl scenes all the time on a pretty regular basis. Luck doesn't have much to do with it. It doesn't just come from meeting the right persons, it has more to do with BEING the right person. I would recommend getting your own life together before trying to manage others....Master Lion & slave erika Great! (5)
Apr 6, 2008 I normally don't vote or comment, and I usually live by a simple rule. "find'um dumb" "leave'um dumb" How ever every once in awhile someone comes along so stupid I cant help my self :) The person my comments were directed to has been deleted.(rightly so) great job to the editor. I meant no disrespect to any of the other posters. I just wanted to share that...Thanks again Master & slave erika Great! (5)
Jun 5, 2008 video quality is much worse than watching a Charlie Chaplin movie Poor (1)
Jul 14, 2008 I would like to see more make up, and most of all, more lipsticks on your models. It's drive me crazy: let's think about a very pretty model that while doing a blowjob ringgagged, stain the dick of her master with the lipstick! Absolutely very exciting! This story would be a good start, but the prostitute have little make-up, she would be so better in her part, with very strong make-up and very very eye-cacthing and striking lipsticks!! Hoping to see that in the future... Bye!! Good (4)
Sep 18, 2008 I want BOTH of these bitches in my bed. NOW!!! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2008 Love the one gal domming the other with a male benefactor! Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2008 Gianna looks so HOT in her black lingerie outfit. Sensational tits too. I agree she needs cherry red slut lipstick, and I love long red fingernails too. Great! (5)
Nov 25, 2008 finally! a hot azn chick! Great! (5)
Jun 16, 2009 fantastic shoot, the only thing that would have improved it would have been for you to leave the stockings on Great! (5)
Jul 1, 2010 loved the story Great! (5)
Sep 19, 2010 Man - what a hot opening scene! Great! (5)
Sep 19, 2010 Man - what a hot opening scene! Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2010 Your header says 690 pictures and 7 movie clips. How come I only found 279 pictures and 6 movie clips? From what I saw on the trailer this looks like a great shoot. Hope I'm not going to be disapointed because something is missing! Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2010 great idea. fine present... Great! (5)
Jul 31, 2011 love the scenario. one of my favs since I did it with my wife, sans bondage. more like this ! Great! (5)
Jan 28, 2013 approved Great! (5)