Kylie Worthy

Jun 8, 2007 - and

Kylie Worthy was excited about getting fucked hard and dominated in bondage by new comer Derrick Pierce. She likes it when he grabs her by the neck, slaps her face and takes control over her. He also fucks Kylie and hits just the right spot to make her cum and squirt all over herself. This is the most squirting we have ever seen that leaves her soaked while bound in a spreadeagle.

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Jun 8, 2007 She is beautiful but you didn't show her body to advantage. And I hate that *%#@## bridle gag. You hid her lovely face with gags nearly the whole shoot. Give those of us who don't like gags a break. Please! Below average (2)
Jun 8, 2007 She was a veritable fountain! It was interesting what she said about Derrick hitting the right spot. I wonder what that was. It seemed to happen just as he pulled out. I also wonder why some women squirt when they orgasm and others don't. Anyhow, except for that ugly gag, the last scene was great. Below average (2)
Jun 8, 2007 Where has this dom been? He's perfect. It was all about sex with him and his instruction was perfect. He spoke in a dominant way the whole time and mainly reprimanded when she didn't obey. He finally got a sub to beg and say thank you. I preferred how he started with calling her a good girl and would have rather exchanged some of the slut calling with that and I'm always looking for more normal sexual touching while tied up, but he gets a 10. I don't believe the squirting thing myself. It looks like the liquid comes out above the vaginal canal and if it is real, it's not erotic to me since it resembles peeing. Please make Derrick a mainstay. Please! Good (4)
Jun 8, 2007 Love the position - on back with legs up. Love the harness gag, too. Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2007 Big tits, big lips, and big nips. What more could you ask for? Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2007 I love when you strap the women down like this. It leaves their ass and pussy wide open to do whatever you want to them. Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2007 Two excellent new performers! Loved the emphasis on sex and voluntary submission, although resistance is fun too. Loved the emphasis on the Dom's pleasure. I don't normally give a 5 for a shoot with breast implants, but this one is exceptional, as were the implants. Get the name of that girl's surgeon! Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2007 Thank you, Thank you, The Hook has finally returned! And a female that can handle it. Good (4)
Jun 9, 2007 Wow, this site is now both erotic and educational. Bravo, bravo. Excellent scene, keep up the good work. By the way, PLEASE bring back Naomi for an additional round of fun and games! Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2007 She reminds me of Elaine Bracco. Love the feetup workout she gets. Hope you get her to come back because I'd like to see her enduring nipple torment and forced cumming with the power massager. Fair (3)
Jun 9, 2007 I said "if it is real, it's not erotic to me since it resembles peeing." This acknowledged I may have a lack of knowledge. However, you did confirm the liquid comes out of the urethra. Although clear, it still resembles peeing and if a male had liquid of that volume, flow, etc coming out, I would say the same thing. But males have a thickness and small burstings of fluid which does not remind ME of peeing. I almost put that in my first post but I assumed wrongly most people would view those ejaculations as looking VERY different. I did do minor research awhile back when I first saw this and didn't see the study you referenced and found references to it not being real. I thought I chose my words carefully. But even you confirm it wasn't an orgasm in the vaginal canal. Are spasms in the cervical area going on during this liquid release as with a basic orgasm? I've orgasmed since I can remember and never had any urge to expel liquid through my urethra (involuntarily). Again, I'm not saying all women are the same, but I am highly suspicious and as I said before I haven't seen literature discussing a different type of orgasm from the official institutes or what is going on when this type of clear liquid comes out of a different area. I stated an opinion and clearly spoke of it as an opinion. Here is a very short excerpt from literature I read. It's much longer and discusses theories as to why this is starting to show up: "3) What is it, then [squirting], and where does it come from? Any copious fluid expelled by a female during sex, spontaneous or not, comes from the bladder. This much HAS been proven. And if it comes from the bladder, it is urine, this is the bladder's only function. It should have less concentrated levels of urine components than say, your morning urine does, but that's all. 4) I agree it's often faked in the movies, but.. No buts! It is either urine or preloaded water. Period. There simply is no other structure or organ in the female's anatomy capable of producing this copious fluid. 6) But this was different than pee. It was clear and had no odor, etc. I'll bet you're not a morning person." Good (4)
Jun 9, 2007 I never heard this discussion before, but invisiblebike, is correct regarding female ejaculate. I have been with three woman who had this type of reaction to G-spot stimuli. It has no acrid urin smell, and in it has a sweet smell and I am told taste. The subs say. I thought this was a rather good scene and I will share it with my sub. thanks S&S Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2007 I'm confused by the site you gave for review. To me it says through the whole thing that the fluid comes from the bladder. This is just one sentence from the study but indicative. "It is important to note the consistency of results that showed a greatly reduced concentration of urea and creatinine in the expelled fluid. The clear inference is that the expelled fluid is an altered form of urine and that there is a process that goes on during sensual/sexual stimulation and excitement that changes the chemical composition of urine. There have been some indications, and this is certainly a basis for a follow up study, that the hormone aldosterone and/or elevated blood pressure during sensual/sexual activity might contribute to a lowering of urea and creatinine levels." This would seem to support that this is pee or an altered form of it? I had no intention of posting again to cause irritation but that was strange to read some of the site and come across these types of statement throughout. What it comes down to is that this is called squirting and I simply state that it may be a turn on for some and not for me. And I am with the percentage of people that do not believe it is orgasming. Back on track with the important part of bringing back Derrick. Sorry to add another post extending this longer. I'll try to stop now. Good (4)
Jun 10, 2007 Great tongue to go with those bigs tits, nips and lips. She has sex written all over her. Plus she can handle it all. Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2007 Agreee - great position, great exposure, great action. I think she likes it - I know I do! Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2007 hmm, for my part... I thought I may never be into a guy on here as much as I am into Mark Davis, but I thought Derrick was great. Major dose of eye candy, great verbal domination, and comfortable doing his own thing and being on top. I've never really understood squirting, but now I'm going to try to squirt whatever I may have, in whatever way, in his honor ; ) Welcome to S&S Derrick. There's a petite, tattoo loving submissive girl out there hoping you stay. Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2007 This was interesting. The new Master could take a few lessons from your other masters. 1: has he ever heard of Ass. He totally denied us viewers of ass. Yes the hook was a good touch, but she was so exposed in the last scene. Come on now, do her up the butt, will ya. 2: No kissing, I guess he doesn't feel that a kiss is called for in submissive women. I think a kiss is what brings the whole thing back to reality. Your new girl was excellent. Especially for those who like squirtes. She has excellent titties, and her submissive attitude was awesome. Please match her up with Mark Davis. I can't wait. Fair (3)
Jun 11, 2007 okay, this is a bit different. Yet there still is no plot, no reason why she's been taken and used like this and to top it off she seems to even like it! Where's the "submission" in that? The interesting thing to notice is how the female commentators seem to love the whole thing here, every show no matter what seems to be great. the guys are not so easiy pleased. So I suppose that the site was created for women more than men. I don't expect to be staying much longer. There have to be better sub/dom sites around. Poor (1)
Jun 11, 2007 If you find that your comment has been deleted Crom64, it is because you were rude and insulted our talent. It has nothing to do with you disliking this particular shoot. Please read the "Comments posting guidelines" link to avoid this in the future. Great! (5)
Jun 11, 2007 It is a true joy to see a woman absolutely succumb to the bondage fantasy. Kylie, your smile and genuine honesty is beautiful. Thanx. Good (4)
Jun 11, 2007 Great Pixs Good (4)
Jun 11, 2007 How about a large dildo up the ass instead of that silly small hook? Good (4)
Jun 12, 2007 I would have to agree. As much as I love the ass hook a large dildo would be awesome! Good (4)
Jun 12, 2007 I for one like gags so stop whining. This was a good shoot. Cindy Great! (5)
Jun 12, 2007 Kylie is a joy, right up to the point where she orgasms. Real or not, it visually didn't do it for me. There are a lot of folks who really get off on the "squirting." I love shoes with a 1940's vibe, women in glasses and women of color (many colors actually). S&S does a great job of accomodating my tastes. On that basis, I don't object to seeing women squirt from time to time. I do hope that it shows up as occasional dessert rather than the every day meat & potato main course. Oh yeah, Derrik's got a lot of potential. Fair (3)
Jun 12, 2007 I can't believe you guys cut My comment...sheesh..I don't get all this politically correct stuff in society, if there is one place that political correctness should not be able to abide it is here in the BDSM world...I pay you 25 bucks a month, I should be able to say what I want too....I'm thinking about taking it elsewhere though, soon as I find a better site I probably will, if you didn't have Mark Davis here,I'd be gone now... Poor (1)
Jun 12, 2007 She is great I love the talk with her before you began. I also love the gags keep them coming. Bare feet are great too. Great! (5)
Jun 12, 2007 I really loved the shoot... in spite of the fact that I really don't dig "squirting"; it must really mess up the bedding and mattress, and rubber sheets don't really appeal. However I though Kylie was wonderful. Beautiful face and body, great mouth (WOW), and can she ever take "cock" in it (whew). That first scene was sooo sensuous... I couldn't get by it without blowing my load. I loved the interaction between Kylie and Derrick; they obviously knew and liked one another... and man would I like to meet Kylie... her attitude ("Bring it on") and submissiveness were sooo fantastic. I did however, think she would have liked to be whipped and spanked more judging from her comments in the initial interview. Kylie brings new meaning to the word "submission". I sure would like to see more of her... and Derrick was also a refreshing change ("Do you like this...? ...I don't give a fuck"). I've never seen such "squirting" (whatever it is), but with Kylie, and her obvious enjoyment of it, I found myself looking forward to seeing it happen to her... and she seemed to respond to Derrick with fingers and penile penetration. WOW...! Beautiful woman...! Bound wrists and ankles with wrists tied to her body; strapped down onto the equipment with ass up, head down, knees spread gagged and ungagged and sucking cock; then strapped down on her back with legs up and spread, head harnessed and held in place at top and over her nose, mouth gagged, and wrists bound with raw chain... all three scenes were terrific. I really liked the shoot and wish it had been longer. One thing more would have made a more delicious ending... and that would be to have had Derrick ejaculate into her mouth or onto her face. Great work...! Loved the talent. Bring both of these people back... often...! Great! (5)
Jun 13, 2007 Definitely one of the best you've done. The squirting was incredibly sexy. But (there's always a "but") I would love to see the strapping just a little bit harder. Great! (5)
Jun 13, 2007 Crom64...i didnt find your post offensive. I thought it was very funny. Some are cumbots..i wish I was too. you said a few things about Derrick but then told him later Peace". I liked this shoot but thought Kellye could have taken more. Derrick was eye candy to view and he will get better with experience. i was glad that Kellye was not 19 but 27. I still would like for them to be older still. its funny how in the movies they pair old men with young girls. Why not the mature women with the young guys? Is it that hard to find the actress? Women are the majority on this site I think. probably, mature ones a majority too. Do you think its positive for us to see the middle aged guys with the nubile yunguns but not see our own counterparts with young ones too? Good (4)
Jun 14, 2007 Great to see helpless Babe with hands tied behind her back, big tits, and sucking on a big dick. The only thing missing was a cum shot on her tits or her face Great! (5)
Jun 16, 2007 Hey karen, I really agree with you, however older women with younger guys usually annotates that she knows what the heck is going on and that He doesn't have a clue,he's just happy that he is there and found something to Poke....Older Men have lived through all that before and a seasoned Person like Myself knows his way around a crop, a whip, a paddle, and His own Cock....I, We don't need to ask if you like it or ask how something is used or how to tie a certain knot. Let Me ask you, what about a young guy gets your juices flowing, is it the fact that he can get it up every twenty five minutes after he cums or what/?? I'm not grilling you, I just am curious, I think a Female Domme and a male sub might be interesting, cause it is something I have never seen before in a video scene, have never really been interested before, but I must admit that I am a curious sort...I don't know karen, it's a dilemma to say the least, and since marty hasn't taken the time to answer you...who knows...I'd imagine though that they'd not have a very hard time getting younger meat for your tastes though cause guys are a dime a dozen, but do you really wanna throw away quality for for quantity, I don't know about you babe, but I'm thinking it's not how many times I can fuck you, but how many times I can make your toes curl in one long lasting affair...thanks for speaking up for Me too...alright karen, and readers, I'm out...peace love and slippery sex for A/all. Poor (1)
Jun 18, 2007 Just a post script to this last note for karen, I know why it is this way and just remembered what it was I was trying to get at in the first place, the answer is plain and simple...MONEY I'll bet that 65-75 percent of the paying people here are Men...they wanna see older guy and younger girl clips, they get older guy and younger girl clips...plain and simple. So there ya go, you're just caught in the undertow of a Male dominate subscription base..later. C Poor (1)
Jun 21, 2007 I agree - strapping or chaining them down wide open with nowhere to go... awesome... Great! (5)
Jun 28, 2007 Yes GAG her. The bigger ballgag the better. Or a dental gag. So we can look in her open fuck hole. The only time a gag can come out is when a dick goes in. And high heels please. Allways, all the time. The higher, the better. The only time high heels can be taken off is when her footsies are in for some severe treatment. Very nice performance by the way...! Great! (5)
Jul 1, 2007 My gosh what a stir about a natural process! I love seeing new talented faces and lovely cocks. I'm female and the squiting seens are great. It feels great too. Good (4)
Jul 4, 2007 Great chemistry, wonderful shoot. Kylie squirting in such large quantities is a real turn on. Its obvious she really enjoys gushing, and I am sure many guys out there like to see her do her thing. Good looking gal and exotic talents make this a great clip. Call her back for many more encores. Kylie is a real treat and I look forward to seeing har in more of these gems !!! Derrick was good too, but I'm more into babes!!! Great! (5)
Jul 28, 2007 "you like that? mmmhmmm I dont give a fuck if you like it or not."...i watch a good bit and this is my first comment...i just have to agree with her "bring it on"....good gawd...i love the way their bodies respond to one another and this is why i cant scene with just anyone....its so much better when theres an obvious connection...a meeting of the minds as well as the bodies....bravo! Great! (5)
Aug 13, 2007 I like Kylie! The intro video was almost as hot as the scenes! Don't particularly care for the use of the word bitch, even in play such as this. Fair (3)
Sep 9, 2007 Well folks, this is the first time I've ever posted, but I felt inspired. I'm a squirter. It was an embarassing situation for years till I found out it was a natural response if I was inspired. I've done research also, and I can tell you it's not urine. Many men are turned off by it, fortunately, my boyfriend is turned on by it. He also knows if the sheets are wet, he did me well. Women have enough problems with sexual inhibitions, don't add to it. Grab some towells and get with it folks! I loved this video! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2007 Spoiled by the wax. Fair (3)
Oct 6, 2007 Kylie is amazing. I would like to see her gagged with a ring gag. Good (4)
Oct 11, 2007 It is AWESOME. Great! (5)
Oct 16, 2007 I promise you, folks, squirting is very, very real. If your partner has never ejaculated, she's never had a deep, g-spot orgasm. I started squirting during my first pregnancy and never stopped. Extra blood flow to the area, extra hormones, who knows? Kylie must have fantastic circulation. Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2007 I am extremely discerning when it comes to porn, but I have to say... this was surprisingly hot! Derrick is excellent at domination, and she is pretty good too. I like to watch it on mute so that the girl's fake sounds don't bother me. Both of the bondage devices - the table with straps, and the spread eagle legs up in the air were super hot. Very sexy. Good (4)
Dec 13, 2007 Jeez!!!! This girl can SQUIRT!!!!!!! How she didn't end up completely dehydrated is a mystery. An outstanding performance! Great! (5)
Dec 26, 2007 I fucking hate gags Good (4)
Dec 30, 2007 speaking as a r/l slave..i'd would LOVE to submit to Derrick!!!! More movies with Derrick would be great. Love Him!! Great! (5)
Dec 31, 2007 what a great connection they had!!! it doesn't get any hotter!! Great! (5)
Jan 6, 2008 kylie reminds me of a substitute school teacher, the kind that you couldn't keep your mind on your studies. Small wonder. From frame one with her tastefully patterned blouse, her green mini-skirt is already hiked up, not for the next P.T.A. meeting either. Had she been teaching at my school, I would have gladly chalked up detention time. Great! (5)
Jan 6, 2008 Derrick rocks! Big time! Great! (5)
Feb 11, 2008 Good lord. Derrick is soo hot, I just came all over my office chair. More of him please! Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2008 Wow! This is the first one of these that I've seen where the couple seems to REALLY have hit it off. The end interview is almost sweet. They're almost giddy. More of these two would be great. She's very pretty and he's like a much hotter Ben Affleck. Much hotter. Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2008 This has to be one of my faves! The end interview was so cute too - they really seemed like they enjoyed it. Derrick was great - he was nasty and that's great. Kylie was good because she really seemed to enjoy it. Her squirting was pretty wild. Great! (5)
Jun 4, 2008 Nice chick. Look somehow afraid. Should keep high heels all the way and swallow piss. Great! (5)
Jul 10, 2008 What a perfect shoot! Please bring these nipples, lips, tongue and chin to TTOO!!! Training the ultimate Bondage-M.I.L.F. into the perfect cock-hungry M.I.L.F.-slaveslut!!! That would be awesome!!! Please!!! Great! (5)
Jul 14, 2008 So, following "invisiblebike" and regarding Dr. Gary Schubach 50 to 90 ml are something with a low concentration of urine. And the rest of all the fluid is, what it simply is and ever was. ;-) P.S.: Its generally the same with men: If you pee (or not to pee) after being horny over a period of time, its also a veritable amount of "fuck-fluid" at the beginning. And the rest is...just pee. So what? It's neither toxic nor does it any other harm. Let the good fucks flow.. ;-) BTW: Liked that. Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2008 Derrick's rough demeanor and his smooth voice gets me off everytime. Their chemistry is fabulous. Great! (5)
Dec 25, 2008 The squirting scene is one of the best I have seen! What is so great is that when he pulls out you can see her really ejaculate! On too many "gush" and "squirt" sites, all you see is a bunch of liquid coming from somewhere. For all we know, it was a bunch of water poured in the woman's vagina before the shoot. But here, we see her really cum and can imagine the intensity of her orgasm! Way cool! Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2010 big tits, big nips, big lips. the guy said it. i can ask for no more! Great! (5)
Jan 3, 2011 I love Kylie Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2011 HOT!!! Derrick Pierce is my favorite! Great! (5)
Mar 16, 2011 Derrick is amazing! Perfect Dom! He is awesome. As for the scene itself, I agree, the ball gag and bridal were too much, I wanted to hear her beg for it more, and i agree that the scene needed more back story but overall I loved this shoot and I am in love with Derrick's work. He knows what he is doing.... More of Derrick please!!! Good (4)
Jan 30, 2013 approved Great! (5)