Interracial Domination

Dec 12, 2007 - and

Seven has a mean streak and MIP is the perfect place for her to act out her fantasy. Interracial domination is the subject of the day, and Seven suspends, beats, humiliates and fucks this poor slave boy within an inch of orgasm and makes him beg for release.

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Date Comments Name Vote
Dec 12, 2007 very big thx from russia Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2007 you guys really tied Jeff's hot ass up!!!!! Seven and Jeff are an incredibly sexy couple. great bondage. more like these sets please!! Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2007 dark meat, sweet !!! Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2007 booring, no real intensity. Jeff is too nice a guy while Seven does not project any real dominance. Poor (1)
Dec 12, 2007 I really appreciate James coming through for me, with a black sub paired with a blond mistress. However, the sad truth is Seven has no domination skills...this update was just plain boring. Try to pair Jeff up with skilled dommes like Harmony, Isis or Sandra Romain. Poor (1)
Dec 13, 2007 going to have to agree with undietaker and patricia - this update was boring and neither seven nor jeff seemed to really enjoy themselves. Poor (1)
Dec 13, 2007 Seven is hot, but doesn't cut it as a domme. Poor (1)
Dec 13, 2007 Jeff, you look GREAT! Great! (5)
Dec 13, 2007 Good ! but why is this slave fully naked ? why these horrible boots ??? bare feet please !!! Good (4)
Dec 14, 2007 Don't know how much pain Jeff can handle, but there was a certain lack of intensity. On the other hand, Seven touches Jeff with an experienced "domme's" sense of what's erotic and she knows how to use BDSM as forplay. POver all a "B" Good (4)
Dec 14, 2007 Forgot to add: who does the rigging? IN any event, the erotic exposure of the sub's body was good, especially in the second clip. Good (4)
Dec 15, 2007 This was goodish...but seven didn't do it for me. I would like to see black on black domination. Kitten was great in the past. interracial with her again i think would be phenomenal as well. Good (4)
Dec 16, 2007 Would love to see more black subs on the site also! Great! (5)
Dec 16, 2007 Yet another nothing special video, he can't show treshold for pain! She couldn't be a real life mistress if her life depended upon it! Fair (3)
Dec 16, 2007 boring Poor (1)
Dec 17, 2007 I understand what the black MIP members are mistress domination black sub would be hot. I just think blond white mistress dominating black sub would be hotter. Just not Seven....she has no dominatrix skills at all. Poor (1)
Dec 17, 2007 Great looking sub and good positions especially with the dildo gag. The dom could have lassoed that great cock and balls while riding to give the sub something to really buck into her about. Some hot wax and nip work in that position would have made it more interesting as well. Would love more hot black subs as well, but set in lighter space so as not to lose any of that beautiful man in the shadows. Good (4)
Dec 18, 2007 Both great looking people...Seven has a great body. Just no spark/edge to this one. :( Fair (3)
Dec 18, 2007 Models look good, black/white thing is good, but bdsm factor just sucked! This guy obviously did not know how lucky he was, on the other hand, maybe Seven's inability to verbalize and truly put the guy in his place turned him off .... this session was just lacking too much in too many areas. Sorry, but I can't suggest an invitation back for either of these models! Below average (2)
Jan 28, 2008 Great! Seven is amasing , she is so beautiful , femenin , seductiv and sexy. I love the vay she dominates the slave Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2008 i 100% agree with partricia!! Poor (1)
Mar 11, 2008 Beautiful mistress Great! (5)
Jun 7, 2008 good interacial Fair (3)
Feb 7, 2010 it dosnt go so fast like before Poor (1)
Apr 3, 2010 it was great she look great fk ing that black need my movie like this wun hott and shes fine wit that strap on Great! (5)