Katja Kassin

Feb 9, 2007 - and

Katja Kassin returns to SexandSubmission with Mark Davis as Dom. These two play well together and seem to really connect sexually. Katja has the look of submission in her eyes as she is helplessly bound with rope and leather. She proves to be physically fit as she's instructed to ride Mark in Cowgirl position while her arms and upper torso are tied. Strapped down to a custom built metal fixture, our new ass hook is put to good use and anal penetration follows shortly after. A couple of big orgasms and a facial cum shot close out this fine session.

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Feb 9, 2007 Good to see the continuing in finishing the sets in style with the facial :) -
Feb 9, 2007 very ambitioned work.Could be a little bit harder -
Feb 9, 2007 the gagging after the "mouthful" is fantastic! -
Feb 10, 2007 Getting a bit boring IMHO. I would prefer a LOT harder. * Ring (spider) Gag - DT pushed hard to root * Armbinders * Totally immovable, arms AND legs -
Feb 10, 2007 There are some still periods in clip s04. Intentionally or technical boo boo? Othrewise: very nice -
Feb 10, 2007 I want to see armbinders used... With these submissives forced to ride cock with their elbows fused together. Jaw numbing ball gags... It just appears the same format is getting used over & over again... A single sleeve would be nice to see. -
Feb 10, 2007 would be nice to see a good tight hog tie with suspension and oral and vaginal use ,maybe with elbows bound together on back. -
Feb 10, 2007 Why have "Comments posting guidelines" if you aren't going to enforce them? Ronmac needs to hear that it's Ok to say he'd like to see other doms, but repeated fat man comments are out of line. I like Mark's work -- if you don't, spend your money and time elsewhere. -
Feb 10, 2007 OK xxronmacxx, if you don't like the site why do you pay to keep a subscription? It's not like it recently changed, or even failed to present it's content before you joined. Maybe you're just a fucking whiner who thinks others want to hear your blubbering. Go away!!! -
Feb 10, 2007 I agree that the repeated fat man comments are out of line...As for the shoot, I loved it, the orgasm scenes were great. -
Feb 10, 2007 As you can see, comments posted by xxronmacxx have been deleted and he will soon be blocked from joining any kink.com websites. He has intensionally posted insulting remarks towards our talent many times after being warned. -
Feb 10, 2007 Yes, yes! Excellent! Bound blowjobs, tight restraints, and another facial cumshot while the beautiful model is chained up and helpless to do anything other than swallow! This is perfect. And choking Katja a bit while she sucks him is also great. Keep 'em coming! -
Feb 10, 2007 It's not unusual for an adult web site to feature performers or content that doesn't fit well with a viewer's interest. The good web sites (like all kink.com sites) allow ample opportunity to sample that content and see if it's a fit before subscribing. I suppose it's possible that someone could make a mistake. What's amazing is that someone would sign up for a multiple-month mistake, and then not only repeatedly admit it, but attempt to insult the talent on the site in order to cover up that mistake. BTW, I don't care about the shoes, one way or another. -
Feb 10, 2007 I loved the shot. I have constantly had video problems with the wide screen format with all the different format downloads Real, Windows etc. I download the WMV format and then play it on the Divx player with out any video problems. -
Feb 10, 2007 Better block him soon because he's still posting comments. I would respectfully ask that everyone not feed the troll, and I pray for his swift ouster from the site. And I utterly disagree with his assessment of Mark. My submissive and I agree that Mark is the best of the S&S doms and look forward to new videos featuring him. And please see what you can do about fixing the videos, because my sub and I share a great love for the anal plug, and it pains us not to be able to watch that part. Looking forward to many more Mark sessions. -
Feb 10, 2007 I love this girl's body shape and Mark is not fat! -
Feb 10, 2007 guys/gals - easy does it on Marc. he's by far the most sophisticated of the bunch & is definitely the women's top pick...intrigue, surprising yet consistant and dependable. regardless, if you're not happy, then maybe a less professional production/site would be better suited for you. personally, this is top notch & i haven't found anyhting that comes close to these shoots/productions. bravo everyone. -
Feb 10, 2007 bit... Ho-Hum -
Feb 11, 2007 I think this is the best production I've seen so far. I really liked the bit with the girl on top and the anal hook. The chemistry between these two is amazing. I used the streaming video and had no problems. -
Feb 11, 2007 Just about perfect. Pretty sub, completely shaved and barefoot throughout, not to mention great action. That's why I joined! My one criticism is minor: girl drooling = good; guy spitting = bad. -
Feb 11, 2007 great model and most of the pics are in focus thanks -
Feb 11, 2007 Hey guys, It would be nice to have these vids available in REAL 1080p glory!!! I'd gladly pay for the additional bandwidth to get this level of quality... -
Feb 11, 2007 That was great. Beautiful model. Focus is good. -
Feb 11, 2007 I really liked the shoot and the model. Katja is beautiful, and she obviouslly likes what is being done to her... and as with her other shoot with Chris (whom I don't like as a dom), she wears a "ring-gag" or "spider-gag" exquisitely. I like Mark, I like his "interaction" and his obvious "rapport" with most models, and prefer him to all the others. I would however like to see Ben English again (and more); he did such a fantastic job with Isis... and his set-up interview with her was a thing of art. I look forward however, to seeing a "finished" product without the freeze-frame glitches. I hope the fixes (the glitches were in more than one of the segments by the way) are ready for download soon. I like Mark... and Katja was exquisite. A 5 for both of them, and my rating is just a recognition of the technical issues, which were quite annoying. Marty, you need to be more on the ball wrt ronmax; obviously he's still posting his unreasonable insults...! -
Feb 11, 2007 Katja is one of the best looking modles in quite a while. in my opinion. I only got to S01 and i loved when you knocked the bolck out from under her and left her hanging. I did not continue as I did not enjoy the freeze frames and I hope you can fix the problem monday so I can download a good version. thank you. -
Feb 11, 2007 cute fingers -
Feb 11, 2007 Mark is not the most severe DOM but he seems like a really nice guy. I certainly would not call him fat - I think he is sexy and would love to have him play with me. He seems genuinely concerned about the girls and that they enjoy themselves as well. Technical difficulties made me miss “Captain Hook” in action so have to give it a 4. -
Feb 11, 2007 I watched this with my girlfriend. She found the scenes where Katja was bound face down being fucked in the mouth and the sordid looking hook in her bottom utterly degrading and humiliating for the girl. I completely agree; this is exactly how a compliant girl should be used. The effect on my girlfriend still seemed to leave her totally dripping wet and her reward for her criticism was to have me wedged deep in her throat whilst I watched the whole scene. Absolutely superbly effective and sensitively abusive use of Katja's mouth and ass! ronmac's comments show he has no understanding whatsoever of how well Mark looks after the girls and clearly ensures they have orgasms (plural) which take them to heaven and back - listen carefully, ronmac, to the girls' very, very, very positive comments after the scenes in which they've participated. They love him and what he does to them and he's a very knowing and creative Dom who gets the most out of all these beautiful girls. This is by a country mile, the best male dom, female sub site. Well done Mark! -
Feb 11, 2007 Mark is great! Being a good Dom is very dependent on experience and Mark now has more than anyone else who does this kind of work. -
Feb 12, 2007 Her total submission to an overflowing mouthful of cum is classic -
Feb 13, 2007 well it's tuesday afternoon my time, but i still have many hours wait before it's tuesday morning your time... alas i can't use the streaming version, so i guess i'll just have to keep waiting to see the missing bits... -
Feb 13, 2007 You have to download the Realplayer to watch the streaming video. -
Feb 13, 2007 Thanks a zillion for fixing this update ! -
Feb 13, 2007 Well, I promised that I would come back when Oral and Facial Cumshotz were made a part of Sex&Sub. So HERE I AM ! ! PLEEEEZ keep the oral/facial thing coming!! -
Feb 13, 2007 I just saw the pics. S7S is now the best bondage site on the web hands down. Bondage and ORAL / Facial finishes are the bomb !! Now how about an oral/facial gang bang?? OOORAAAHHH !! -
Feb 14, 2007 Love the site, as a straight female sub it ticks all my boxes, except one- theres plenty of male pov footage but not seen any from the subs point of view yet. It's the masters I'm watching not the girls, and it would please me enormously to occasionally get to look up at these guys as it were. From flipping through the other posts you seem to have attracted a sizeable female audience, would you treat us sometimes? If we promise to behave? ;) -
Feb 15, 2007 I love a hard orgasm. Kat was wonderful and Mark worked her wonderfully. I'm not into pain for it's own sake, but see it as an enhancer to sensuality. This was a great shoot, guys! -
Feb 15, 2007 I have to say, the sight of that hook going into the girl's back hole is quite stunning and then when it's pulled out, well that's just unbelievable followed by Mark's cock going in there. My girlfriend thinks the moment when Mark spreads Kat's back hole open with his thumbs indescribably degrading (i.e. it causes her vagina to dribble very heavily). Mark's anal violation of Kat's prone form is pure bliss and watching Kat have her mouth fucked in that totally exposed, powerless and vulnerable position has got to be one of the most absolutely deliriously spectacularly humiliating things one can do to an obedient girl. SO4 is the most utterly fabulous scene on the whole site. Brilliant, brilliant BRILLIANT!!! -
Feb 16, 2007 excellent -
Feb 16, 2007 oh...where do you get that spider ring gag? -
Feb 18, 2007 to xxronmacxx. I have just joined this site. I was fully aware of content before joining and I can,t recall anyone twisting my arm or makeing promises that were not kept. My advice to you is if you don,t like what you see, GO AND ANNOY A DIFFERENT SITE -
Feb 19, 2007 I Love You Mark ! Marry Me ! -
Feb 22, 2007 As a member of this site on and off for months now I can quite easily say that was the best humiliation of a woman..(and what a stunner Kat is as well)..I have seen on here, the cum shots of her on the bench were so brilliant..so vunerable and helpless she was, dribbling saliva from her open mouth, such a shame it was not real cum from Mark.....Absolutely Brilliant guys. -
Feb 22, 2007 i can\'t believe i only was able to watch this shoot now....(vacation in paradise was almost not worth having had to wait for this one until now).. absolutely brilliant shoot!!!....i could go on and on all day about everything i adored... Mark was incomparable as always.....for me, he is this site, the perfect dom......katija was wonderful and i hope you bring her back soon... as for the specifics of the shoot, i loved absolutely everything...the positions, the pain, the humiliation, the new hook, etc. etc. etc. and of course the wonderful (neverending) cum shot... thank you all for a truly outstanding shoot!!! -
Feb 26, 2007 That anal hook was great. Did you have that custom made? One of the best anal scenes. -
Feb 26, 2007 I really loved this video, and the pictures are great. -
Feb 26, 2007 I love how read her ass is in these pictures. -
Mar 12, 2007 katija i love your ass,you're so sexy...humm -
Mar 15, 2007 hot! and I actually really liked the kissing/ slapping scene with Katija on top...super sensual - Mark rocked as usual...yummy -
Apr 12, 2007 More tied whores who swallow please -
Apr 20, 2007 pics 111 and 126 are 2 of the hottest shots and they are out of focus!!! -
May 12, 2007 Good to see the sheen of sweat on a bound model. -
May 21, 2007 I like Katjas courage to work with those Hardcoresites. Greets from Germany, keep on, delicious work !!!!! -
Jun 2, 2007 Why not coming inside her? -
Jun 12, 2007 Katja Kassin is a porn-queen. Schon Katjas wegen muss man diese Seiten wählen. Möchte Katja einmal als crucified women sehen. -
Jun 12, 2007 Katja Kassin is a porn-queen. Schon Katjas wegen muss man diese Seiten wählen. Möchte Katja einmal als crucified women sehen. -
Jun 12, 2007 Katja Kassin is a porn-queen. Schon Katjas wegen muss man diese Seiten wählen. Möchte Katja einmal als crucified women sehen. -
Jun 12, 2007 Nachtrag: In Katjas Arschloch passt so einiges herein; nach einem Faustfick sah es ganz toll aus - riesig, unglaublich. -
Jun 12, 2007 Katja Kassin is a porn-queen. Schon Katjas wegen muss man diese Seiten wählen. Möchte Katja einmal als crucified women sehen. Aber zu diesen Aufnahmen: Zu schde, dass der Analfick zu kurz fotografiert wurde; ist doch der Höhepunkt. Ich wünschte mir Nahaufnahmen, wenn der Schwanz aus ihrem Loch gezogen wird und weiter, wenn der Mark in ihrem Loch abgesprizt hätte. -
Oct 18, 2007 Wow this vixen was erotic I can't belive some girls acctualy like this stuff. But some are just perfect for it, all my comments are for the girl. Her body her orgasem and her reactions, are very aluring to the male hormones for sex. W1k1d 9000 -
Jan 2, 2008 Could really have done without the gigantic string of spit hanging from her mouth. Good (4)
Jan 6, 2008 love her to be my patner Great! (5)
Feb 16, 2008 Toss up which is the best, Mark or James on O. My wife likes both, me I enjoyed hell out of Katja. What a beautiful tight little body that gal has. I also got a great kick out of the new bench. Shit! So many sites to look at and so few hours in the day. Keep up the good work, my new 22 inch monitor is getting a hell of a breaking in. Great! (5)
Apr 28, 2008 Katja Kassin is awesome! I love her thick and curvy body! Great! (5)
Sep 17, 2008 Perfect job! Katja is beautiful and the master is great too. I realy liked the strings attached to her nipples while he fucks her ass swinging her nice tits and pulling the strings making a good pain. It's a really exiting scene... Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2008 Awesome shot!!! Katja is the bomb!!! Great! (5)
Mar 6, 2009 Nice little girl Katja. Mark was very gentle with her! Good (4)
Mar 22, 2010 Nice touch with the ball gag on the end of Legs Wide. Great! (5)
May 26, 2010 Loved it... Some great positioning! Great! (5)
Sep 17, 2010 Why publish blury pictures? Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2010 she is a classic. small, but fantastic! Great! (5)
Feb 2, 2013 approved Great! (5)