Devil's Bargain

Aug 27, 2009 -

Claire is a world renowned BDSM player, a switch with a history of working with cyd that spans several years and multiple companies. From a scene where she asked cyd to punch her to orgasm with lead weighted gloves to another where he pierced her with over a hundred needles and attached them to tension rods, immobilizing her in a 360 degree sphere around her, it's clear she gets off on extreme restraint and severe bondage. She smiles when she hears what her shoot has in store. Claire projects strength and self-confident in her actions. She is disciplined in dealing with pain and discomfort. cyd likes nothing more than peeling back her protective layer bit by bit, to where the poker face melts off and the vulnerability runs wild.

A seductive latex striptease is follwed by an examination of some new piercings. Claire is made to lock herself in a collar and handcuffs. Her movements are confident and it is obvious that she wants to please. She is chained to the ceiling with her neck and wrists in a fiddle. She struggles in her heels to get away from the cane, her ankles held wide apart by a spreader bar. cyd offers to stop the pain if she can stay still for only ten strokes, but soon another bargain is made - relief in one spot in exchange for more pain in another. The removal of her shoes makes her predicament more difficult to endure, but Claire is stubborn. She claims it "doesn't suck enough yet." Music to cyd's ears, after working with an endless list of porn girls with no submissive or masochistic interest in BDSM at all.

Afterwards, her reward is the vibrator and her breathing becomes rasping gasps and screams as she comes. Claire's eyes show only her will to endure as she struggles to make it through her ordeal astride a wooden pony and she manages to come hard from an amazing chest slapping session. Another uncomfortable contortion, followed by a flogging, a butt plug and inflatable dildo complete this set. Although she screams and begs, Claire will never tell you to stop.

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Mar 4, 2007 the little girl has become a woman. nice work the pics are beautiful!!!!! Good (4)
Jun 9, 2007 booYAH!!! Great! (5)
Aug 20, 2007 Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!! Any man on this planet would give anything to 'take her'!!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2008 This is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. More of this. The anal play and last scene are phenomenal! Great! (5)
May 5, 2008 Both of the first two setups were evil, especially the 'Fiddle' in the first steup and how it was attached to the ceiling. Every motion looked to be ramping up the discomfort. Fantastic predicaments in both cases. The third setup with the ball in the gag making breathing just that much harder was great. As always, Claire is like a force of nature. Fantastic update. Great! (5)
May 6, 2008 What a great shoot. You know it is real with these players!Like a great Cab, this just gets better with time!! Great! (5)
Aug 25, 2008 OMG What site is it that shows cyd holding her with needles? I would love to see that Great! (5)
Oct 6, 2008 Claire, I love your work, and you too . Great! (5)
Dec 30, 2008 Wow!!! What a mouth, what a lipstick. She's made for bj, dildos, gags, all that could fill well and completely her wonderful mouth!!!! Simply great!!! Other model with this make-up, please... Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2009 clair my favorite model Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2009 Oh, i have wet dreams Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2010 where can i see the needle shoot? please Great! (5)
Aug 22, 2010 Claire is beautiful Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2010 claire is oldie in KINK, almost favorite she flexible and sexy with awesome body Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2010 nice piercings very sexy Great! (5)
Oct 2, 2010 So lovely to see Claire get her bare ass whupped. And having to count out 10 (not very hard) cane strokes. She deserves that, for blowing every chance she gets to cane the girls' bottoms. She always canes their arm pits, toes or shoulder, anything actually, except what should be caned. - But Claire is such a stunning beauty. Great! (5)
Oct 2, 2010 2007-2010: what with those frozen peas to kneel on? Who will give Caire a chance to try them? Only for 40 minutes? Great! (5)
Nov 8, 2010 Claire, gorgeous! She loves these sessions. Claire and latex!!! Great! (5)
Jan 17, 2011 Calire is always serious, and extreme. good work! Great! (5)
Jun 28, 2011 I'm s01836162, so obviously I've watched this before, but I didn't have it. Musta accidentally deleted it after watching. Can't wait to watch again! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 Just Great!! Claire is my kind of a model! Great! (5)
Oct 18, 2011 Why don't they ever follow up a flogging with an ice cube? Great! (5)
Dec 13, 2012 Good to see Claire gets hers for once. Great! (5)
Aug 26, 2013 Claire Adams is my favorite bdsm star period.I think she is the sexiest woman on the face of plant, no even comes close. I couldn't say anything bad about her even if I whated to. We are all dirt at her feet. Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2013 Delightful! So used to seeing Claire on the other end, it's good to be reminded what a well-rounded badass she is. Great! (5)
May 20, 2015 Awesome document of young Claire. She is definintely missed. Great! (5)