Amber Rayne

Jan 23, 2007 -

Hogtied members know what a category 5 suspension is. Amber Rayne is back and she just did a category 5 shoot. 4 out of 5 ties were worthy of the prestigious Category 5 label. Not only is Amber tough, sexy and beautiful but she also has some of the most intense orgasms we have ever seen. There are some brutal, punishing and unique ties in this update. Add on the massive orgasms and the sexy shaved pussy of Amber Rayne and we have a Hogtied classic.

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Jan 23, 2007 I like double penetration , I've already seen that girland loved her.An I ike to be the first poster.French fan . Good (4)
Jan 23, 2007 Without a doubt this suspension is awesome! Love the nipple clamps and weights! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 This girl can take it. Please come back for more entertainment. Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 God damn! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Finally - Great suspention - Thank You. I have only seen the pictures but I love what I see. Good looking woman also. Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 at long last a new world's champion on hogtied that can out perform ariel x and sarah b. AMBER RAYNE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MODEL HERE NOW!!! absolutely fan-friggin-tastic. a superb performance and may i suggest developing a category 6 suspension just for amber to make it fair. the only thing that can outdo this shoot would be to include some sensory deprivation for the model as in castration bands on the nipples, opaque contact lenses for the eyes and maybe an electrified and vibrating internal dildo with a chastity belt locked onto her body. a wonderful shoot over all and i am rambling so pardon me. Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 awww, this one's so-so. Yea right, So SO 'F'ING HOT!!! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Her nakedness is accentuated by leaving the bra on. Nice touch. Nice work! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 WOW! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Matt, that tie from neck through legs to wrists is one of the two or three most imaginative and rigorous I have ever seen! Your creation? Is it safe enough and tolerable enough to be repeated? (Perhaps I should ask that of Amber....) Congratulations to you both for your dramatic achievement. Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Saaaaamokin'!Beautifully creative and extremely demanding ties and Amber,you were MAGNIFICENT!Thank you for your marvelous facial expressions(and the crew for capturing them for us:)-you suffered exquisitely for us.(It's hard to believe just how wicked a small piece of rubber can be;)Great disrobing and EXXXCELLENT double penetration! Ah,yes,thank you for those magicwords:"rightthererightthererighTHERE.. yes..yes...yes;)Matt,you've got a special girl here and you two were simply amazing!Thank you all,and Amber,hope to see you again soon. Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Yikes. And I was glad to see the death of the wikkid rating... Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 What a fantastic shoot! What a cute girl! Almost perfect! Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2007 Holy Screamin Snatches! Am I going blind or did she just get Jacked all the way up by her Juice Box! Now That's a CAT 5 Crotchrope! Amber my dear you have just set a new standard for tight tippy toe'in crotchrope lovers like me, I love to watch a girl dance on her tippy toes from a good tight Crotchrope.... But here we have Lift Off! Now thats gonna be hard to top..... The Droc. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 nice Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 best ive ever seen Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Wow. Fucking awesome. All I can say. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Amber is great. I love her exposed sole in picture 170. Nice body. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Nice work Amber! Beautiful feet. I love your wrinkled soles. Please come back. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Your typical "Not for me" comment. No information as to why, no suggestion on what to change. Usually comments like this with no information tend to result from not seeing a particular "kink" or interest, and the writer is embarrassed to say what it is. Like, I hate her toenail polish so it sucks, or I like to see handcuffs so it sucks, etc. Listen if you are going to take the time to post make it worth my time, and tell me something I don't know so I can improve the site even if its just a little. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Damn, what a shoot, Amber was super and Matt you again took her to the edge time and time again. Amber was shaking/wiped out after the anal stretching and the BIG O, Matt forced her to have. That scene has it all, the marks on Ambers butt and legs and the way Matt had her tied showed every muscle in the legs and arms. Again, thanks Matt and a BIG thanks to Amber. To modus1, if this did not work for you, what will bro...... Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 she is so hot :-) Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 I've rarely seen anything as hot as the footage in file number 4. Totally awesome. Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 Tasty girl; very expressive ... and thanks for the spreads ! Great! (5)
Jan 24, 2007 if anyone wants to know what a sexually induced orgasmic delirium tremen is then you must watch this shoot because amber rayne nailed it perfectly, punn intended matt, with this shoot. one question for matt was while you were doing this shoot was there a mini earthquake when amber was quivering because i would not be surprised if the earth itself was cracked from amber's convulsions. OTHERWISE WE HAVE A NEW WINNER FOR THE BEST HOGTIED SHOOT EVER. would certainly like to see ariel x or sarah blake try to outdo this shoot. p.s, that is either a dare or a hint ;-) Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2007 Amber is simply the best. She is amazing. We need more of her. Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2007 without a doubt one of the toughest models out there,incredible work, definately not to be tried at home!! Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2007 NO one else agrees and if they do, they should know better then to ask for it to be gone altogether. Why, you ask? Because Hogtied is about a lot of things, if you were the only member I would get rid of it but your not. How would you like it if someone asked me never to show assholes because they think it is gross? And what if I did? The point is we do a lot of things here and to ask for something that other people like to disappear is selfish. So the cane stays. Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2007 Wonderfull shoot all in all. Matt, to be "specific", I really, really wanted to see some more video of Ambers "Crotchrope Lift Off". But sadly after 9:16 sec of build up there was only 4 sec of her in the air. It looked like in the pictures that you hoisted her like 3 times or so.... Sure would like to see ya run a lil more tape when ya make them dance for us, or fly for that matter. I know some people find that part boring or what not, but I really, reallllly love watching them lil darlin's Dance from a Tippytoe tight Crotchrope! I would love to see the shoot continue till they are begging to be let down... But I'll take what I can get... How bout 60-80 seconds of them dancing, pleading, or flying? Thanks, and keep up the great work! The Droc. Great! (5)
Jan 26, 2007 Best shoot ever Great! (5)
Jan 26, 2007 Hell yeah! Look at those arms. Nice and tight behind her it Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2007 YESSSS she's great have a look there : Good (4)
Jan 27, 2007 Unnecessary for you. The mistake most people make is this. They think for some reason that if they like or dislike a thing then the entire world must also. Some people can not fathom otherwise. But you did make a good point, it is not about communism, but this is not a democracy either, you don't vote. I listen to opinions, what makes me different then most sites is this; I will not play the "yes" game with you. If I do not like your idea or opinion I will tell you sorry but not going to happen. No need in stinging you out to wait to see or not see what you want. Just a simple NOPE not going to happen works here. Sorry about my grammar, I tie girls up; they do say that the weakest argument of all is picking on someone’s grammar. It is like debating and at the end saying and your shirt is ugly too. So this is the best part about it all. You don't have to watch if you hate the cane that much. There are hundreds of BDSM sites out there, I'm sure you can find one that does not use a cane. Hogtied will continue to use the cane, gags, vibrators, rope, nipple clamps, clothespins, floggers, dildos, blowjobs, blindfolds, hoods, spreader bars………. BTW if you hate the cane that much, do not watch next week as we feature the cane on a lifestyler, the most intense canning we have done here in years. Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2007 The scene that left amber trembling from the intensity of her orgasms while being DP'd is the best scene I have watched in any porn film - ever! Amber is beautiful, very sexy etc etc etc. Matt, I'd love your job - any chance of an early retirement? Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2007 Best model here, great bondage, but when you tie their elbows together can we get some detail close-ups please? Otherwise best update for ages. Great! (5)
Jan 28, 2007 Amber is too noisy. If you could get the microphone close to the point of penetration to get the pussy noise. That would be fantastic! Also, Amber is too skinny for my taste. But that is a minor point. Fair (3)
Jan 28, 2007 I finally had time to download this one and it was great. Great! (5)
Jan 29, 2007 Amber is a 5 but the suspention I tought I SAW IN THE PICTURES ONLY LASTED 10 OR 15 SECONDS AT THE END OF THE FIRST VIDEO. Horizontal suspention is good, Horizontal suspention with spread eagle is better. Vertical suspention is great, But Vertical suspention spread eagle is the best. By Vertical suspention I mean by the hands or feet. Great! (5)
Jan 30, 2007 Matt I loved this update. I will put a vote in for some more foot torture and especially tickling, as it seems to be a torture far worse then caning on some subs. But great stuff! Great! (5)
Jan 31, 2007 As I've said before, I'm a big fan of the ties that test a model's flexibility, and it's good to see someone's back given a good arch. Looking forward to the video when it's finished downloading. Nice one. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2007 Hey Matt... I'm not into EVERYTHING you do here on HT but I'm along for the ride 95% of the time. And that most assurredly includes the cane! Great job on this shoot. We DO vote, by the way. Remain a member or don't remain a member... sharpandfit has a vote. As do we all. You definately get my vote with shoots like this. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2007 With all due respect, can you not tell by looking at these photos that the "auto focus" on your camera is focusing on the wall behind you most of the time. Lots of these shots have the wall behind you perfectly in focus, while the foreground elemtents are all out of focus? Below average (2)
Feb 14, 2007 I want that too. Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2007 WOW! Great suspension. Lovely model. I do agree that the photos could be sharper. 5 anyhow Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2007 Wonderful position. She is so flexible and so willing! Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2007 Love the way she writhes aroung when you tease her Matt Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2007 She is just great. Good body. Good reaction. Very tough. When will she be back?? Great! (5)
Mar 13, 2007 Loved the double penetration, but disliked that particular gag in her mouth where it seemed to increase the possibility of choking, even though I know you were right there. Would've liked a ring gag to hear the screams and moans. I like aural sex, so orgasms to silence turn me on. Great! (5)
Aug 5, 2007 Skinny? She has those things a girl has, no more, no less. She's expressive and obviously enjoys what she does. Too bad 5 is the highest rating. I could go to 7. Great! (5)
Nov 9, 2007 I loved the double penetration! I love pussy close-ups and maybe some hole-spreading. I want to see the end result of those large dildos! Thanks for all your work... great results every time. Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2008 I liked the second video when she was hung by her pussy at the end. I like seeing the rope cut into her little girl pussy. . .wish that scene was longer. Great! (5)
May 30, 2008 Really hot rope scenes ... I love suspensions and pussy stimulation! Turns me on. I really like how my perverted fantasies come true with your material. Ron Great! (5)
Jun 14, 2008 This set is really a ropeposition-highlight!!! Matt, for me you are on the same level as PD in good old times. To create every week a good storyline is a damn diffcult thing. So this set was for me a hammer. Great! (5)
Jul 11, 2009 Dam I love this woman. Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2010 sensual and uninhibited. open leg final interview is always a good sign... Great! (5)
Aug 21, 2010 The double penetration was great as well as this many category 5 suspensions. Great! (5)
Dec 18, 2015 Both Amber and this update are beyond 'Great'! Thank you !! Great! (5)
May 5, 2016 Have a good time, wherever you are now. I'll miss your courageous attitude, and your kindness. -
May 18, 2016 followed her on twitter for a while, but stopped for no reason other than why not. I am a big NHL fan, keenly aware she loved her Sharks. Wanted to tweet her, she if she was enjoying their ride. Noticed she hadn't tweeted......only to find out she is gone. Perhaps God needed her help so they can FINALLY come in peace beautiful You were a gem!! -