My Submissive Wife

Dec 29, 2006 - , and

Katrina plays a very submissive wife who is married to a very dominate man. Mark Davis brings home his colleague who she has never meet and offers her to him. Katrina obediently pleasures both men out of her loyalty for her husband and fulfills her own desires.

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Dec 29, 2006 Nice Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2006 Thank you for the blindfolds the past couple updates. They are always welcome. It's great to see a submissive bj without the gagging and counting. Great update! Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2006 Ass hook and blow job - love that position Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2006 Will Mark bring me home with him. I'll even bring the dessert Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2006 I haven't watched this one yet, but I can already tell I'll like it. My only complaint about sexandsubmission is that it sometimes too closely resembles Hogtied (but with some fucking thrown in). Too many ties, restraints, suspensions, gags and implements. Don't get me wrong - I love Hogtied - but I wish that sexandsubmission was less dungeon clinical and pain oriented and more rough manhandling and passionate domination of the women. Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2006 Well I do like the ties, restraints, suspenions, gags and implements. But I will agree about seeing more of the rough manhandling. Something along the lines of what Hogtied did with Sarah Blake during a recent update. Good (4)
Dec 30, 2006 DP usually doesn't do anything for me, but this time it was pretty hot. Loved the ass hook scene. Mark was good as always. Good (4)
Dec 30, 2006 This is it! Great! (5)
Dec 31, 2006 I enjoyed the movie - but did Katrina? In the interview at the end her answer to every question Mark asked was "it was different". These interviews aren't just about asking the model if she's OK with stuff: we also like to know if she enjoyed herself - and what she liked (if anything!). How about next time, asking some questions like... "Was there anything we did today you especially enjoyed? Anything you really didn't like? Anything we didn't do that you'd like to try next time?". Apart from that, I'll give it 5. Great! (5)
Jan 1, 2007 I asked myself the same question as sinspiration. I rated it 5 anyway because I really liked the verbal control throughout the shoot and the scene with the hook. Happy New Year To All! Great! (5)
Jan 1, 2007 Always enjoyable, but I think you reached your peak with Tyla on 3/22/2006! Lots of flogging on her lovely tits, and upside-down suspension is my favorite thing. I have not seen a scene since that one I found as exciting. Also, virtually every model asks for more, rougher, etc. but the s/m level never seems to ramp up. Please be a little more like hogtied. Good (4)
Jan 1, 2007 Hershel is really sexy-- as always. He could have spoken up a bit more in this video..I like this role play of the wife being used..Mark and Hershel could have talked about it more during the sex. It was really hot though and I enjoy your site. You guys are sexy. This girl was kind of boring and unenthusiastic but at least she wasn't overly enthusiastic like some of the others. I liked her fresh look, healthy glow, good skin, nice ass. Good job. Good (4)
Jan 1, 2007 Thanks for adding the story line. Katrina's definitely a cutey, even if a bit passive (as opposed to submissive) at times. A good shoot to end/begin the year with. Happy New Year. Good (4)
Jan 1, 2007 I wish i could be this girl - to get both my holes filled like this is my dream - i came all over my hand watching this, thank you Great! (5)
Jan 4, 2007 I Really loving seeing mark back in action! that was a very enjoyable vid!! Great! (5)
Jan 5, 2007 Hershal I am so glad to see you and your wonderful cock again. Let us see more of your DEom side. AS always Mark you wrer great. Great! (5)
Jan 9, 2007 ninspired and uninteresting. Poor (1)
Jan 10, 2007 damn that's hot. she has a lovely ass i think. Great! (5)
Jan 11, 2007 More feeling! Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2007 Nice to see this helplessly restrained girl being used like this and to take hard cock in both her holes, simultaneously... then to be knelt, in a truly submissive pose whilst both men deposit their cock juice all over her breasts and nipples... more men should 'use' their wives in this manner... it would be of great assistance to male bonding Good (4)
Jan 13, 2007 Love the hot wife angle. Good (4)
Jan 13, 2007 it has always been a great fantasy to get my wife blindfolded and have her work on two cocks at once. Very nice. Thank you and keep them coming! Good (4)
Jan 19, 2007 liked the DP. Would be hot with Holly or Harmony! Good (4)
Feb 4, 2007 I enjoyed this also. I understand what you folks say about her seeming "passive" or uninterested" but i think Merlin hit the nail on the head. Roleplay with your hubby/dom/SO and a complete stranger and i'll bet what is going on in her head would be the most interesting part! Personally seeing this video made me finally realize what it is i don't like about many of the others. This one had that "amateur, home made, or girl next door" quality and not the fake hissing, rolling of the eyes, staring at the camera with that fake passion expression that you see on women so often. Great! (5)
May 12, 2007 Herschl Savage! My god! It has been years since he has been seen. Marilyn Chambers will be next. Hmm...That might not be abad idea Great! (5)
May 20, 2007 This is a fine piece of work that shows SUBMISSION, and that's what we want. Perhaps next time you could have the same cast with TWO Subs showing just who is the most Submissive? Good (4)
Jul 3, 2007 so sad...she clearly wasn't into it, and anyone who can't see that - and it's so obvious in the closing interview - is really blind. was she there for the pay off? so not hot. Poor (1)
Aug 9, 2007 I agree, though I truly adore bondage, there is a bit too much (especially rope) bondage and not enough manhandling, holding down, chocking, and rough play with hands, weight, fear and force in what I've seen so far. Would love to see the dominant male's ability to physically overpower these women in takedown scenes... Good (4)
Sep 27, 2007 Take it from a woman (who loves being sub) this girl was NOT into it. NO CHEMISTRY between any of them. Poor (1)
Nov 5, 2007 I thought this was really hot. She is so totally submissive that she has no feelings about what her husband tells her to do, she does whatever he said because he said it. And thats what makes it so hot, she has basically become an object. They talk about her like she's not there. Its too hot! Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2007 To lunaheretic.... the thing about taking down a woman with force.... there is more than one type of force. Yes, there is the physical, but in this woman's case it was the force that her dominant husband has over her slave heart. No physical force is needed, in fact, it wouldn't ring true if they had used it. Just my opinion. Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2007 It was good. i love the situation, and the bondage, the hook. The set wasn't very stylish, though, and she was a little stiff & kind of a butter face. I disagree, i wish that there was more of a connection between her and "her husband". D/s is best when it really shows how the woman feels, and the connection. The men were great. Fair (3)
Mar 25, 2008 hot, hot, HOT HOT HOT! Group stuff is great. Thanks for this excellent photo shoot! Great! (5)
Apr 18, 2008 This is a hot fantasy, especially with two men like Mark and Herschel, they did a very good job. I also felt that Katrina wasn't really into it, she just did what she had to do, but nothing more, or at least she couldn't come through to me. But I'm here more for the men, and I got two really sexy Doms, so I'm not complaining at all:-) I loved the blindfold and the choking with the necktie, too. Good (4)
Jun 3, 2008 Being new to this site, i was happy to find a two man team, particularly in one of my own favorite fantasies (actually, in my own fantasies, it's being offered to my husband's bunch of poker buddies, lol) But I'm sorry, Katrina just doesn't seem to really enjoy this as much as i would like. She's just a little... tepid for my tastes. I wanna see the girls get off on this as much as I do. I love the dirty talk, and always wish there was more of it, but kudos for the guys talking nasty! I have to agree with the others who wished for a bit more rough manhandling. Great! (5)
Jul 17, 2008 katrina played the submissive wife to the hilt. Obeying her husband, she favored both him and his guest even though she wasn't totally caught up in the idea. All in all, she was the perfect hostess,stripped and blindfolded. The DP was solid, especially with the ball gag and katrina's ass would make any guy struggle to control himself. Great! (5)
Oct 6, 2008 Dear Katrina Absolutel fucking brilliant...Please please please keep up the good work Great! (5)
Oct 29, 2010 Learn that the hook point actually goes somewhere inside the body. When you hang it perpendicular to the body the point goes against the colon wall and can damage her. I even saw a little blood coming from her anus! Save yourself some lawsuits and learn to use the hook safely! Poor (1)
Jan 11, 2011 Yes, a nose hook with the ass hook would have been great. Also, she should have swallowed the cum. Good (4)
Apr 9, 2012 The blocking was all wrong, I want to see the model not close ups of her face I want to see her take off her shirt and see her cunt at the SAME time not closeups of her face I want to see her whole body react to undressing, great sub model Great! (5)
Nov 18, 2012 The bleeding from the ass as Mark fucked her in DP really turned me off. There's a difference between damage and pain play! Below average (2)
Feb 2, 2013 approved Great! (5)