Jada Fire and Britney Manson

Dec 8, 2006 - and

Britney Manson becomes submissive to Jada Fire in this hot interracial update! Britney is first tied down to our new Y-Frame and must endure what Jada dishes out. Then Jada gets off by smothering and grinding on Britney's face and forcing her to eat ass. Finally, Jada strapon fucks her slave again while bound.

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Dec 8, 2006 I'm not going to get tired of Jada's lovely body anytime soon, but this one was a bit flat otherwise. Britney was a bit too inactive, and Jada wasn't really dominant enough (or hard enough) to get things moving. -
Dec 8, 2006 yeah, i'll watch it later... -
Dec 8, 2006 Well, really nothing special..standard 08/15 like we saw it many times before. I think Jada is a better sub then a dom. Its kind of boring and i hope to see Britney again with another dom. Maybe Britney and Jada together as subs? ;) -
Dec 8, 2006 not really one of your better endeavors -
Dec 8, 2006 Been there, done that. Jada Fire just doesn't cut it as a domme IMO. At least she used the cool silver strap-on. -
Dec 8, 2006 sub is hot -
Dec 9, 2006 Couldn't agree anymore. Jada as a sub, where she excels. -
Dec 9, 2006 Flawless CASTING of strikingly beautiful African-Amer sexually enjoying blue-eyed redhead!!!!! Why not have those boots off so sub can suck Jada’s big toe like a cock? No foot worship but mondo WORSHIPPING of J’s GREAT ROUND ASS!!! We see Brit’s pink tongue probing ass hole as whole face is engulfed by bum. Awesome FACE-SITTING as B’s face (w/ its pubic mustache) goes between those powerful thighs. She appears to becum intoxicated by Jada’s strong womanly flavors!!!!!! Nice KISSING scenes! I’m not into some of WA’s contraptions, but subs look fab in Y-frame. On bed w/ ass in air is perfect time for “bouncing bubble butt,” but Jada needs to get up on feet (hard to do w/ boots still on) and arch over her prey to do it. Instead had awkward positions w/ leg off to side, on one knee, etc. Still very hot thrusting + making Brit cum. Jada did excellent for 1st time doming. I’d like to see her learn more + share that body w/ lots of admiring girls. Thx -
Dec 9, 2006 ive been wanting to see a black domme and a white sub forever, more of this plz -
Dec 9, 2006 she is so sexy! great po-zish -
Dec 9, 2006 I agree with the rest Jada is better as a sub. Britney claimed in her interview segment that she did some domming in the past. How about a role reversal on another shoot with these two? -
Dec 9, 2006 love seeing black girls fucking white girls its the best ..how about 2 black girls on one white -
Dec 10, 2006 Every time a model comes along that I really like you go and let her be a Mistress! It happened with Sydnee now it's happening with Jada! Grrr... Please don't let this mean you're going to stop tying up Jada. -
Dec 11, 2006 Jada Fire is one sexy ass dom. I would love to see more of her doing it. I agree with agentofchaos I would love to see 2 or more black babes fucking and domming a white babe. -
Dec 12, 2006 nice!!! -
Dec 13, 2006 i felt that this was quite staged with no emotion from the models jada is very good looking britney not so nice maybe jada sub with leah sub being dominated by one of your better dom's still it is always nice to see two women kissing and eating pussy -
Dec 15, 2006 Whippedass was better when you roled out first-timers and had good doms like chanta put them through their paces. Surely its not that difficult to dig up some fresh cutie who shows a bit of emotion when she gets whipped and humiliated. The ony real dom/sub emotion in this video is where Britney informs Jada that it s her who will be eating ass next time (last segment). The rest is all very vanilla pornoish... Come on guys we are paying to see cuties squirm here not barbies doing porn scenes, we can get that anywhere. Didnt you see, the democrats are back in, you can crank things back up a notch or two you know. -
Dec 16, 2006 jada is great, great body and i love her in those boots, just imagine that black round ass on your face -
Dec 17, 2006 I have to say Jada is making me a fan more and more each time i see her i really starting to rank her in my top ten Dan -
Dec 17, 2006 its ok, nothing special. I think Jada is a better sub than dom...and she really needs a speach lesson! Every second word she said was "fuckin this fuckin that". I stoped counting after just 5 minutes. That is fuckin boring. -
Dec 21, 2006 simply outstanding!!!! best erotic dom i have seen in awhile -
Dec 22, 2006 The whip dosent leave the slightest,teeny,weeny litle pink coller on that beutifull white ass??? Mabe you ought to give it a firm massage to make it apeer as if... ;) -
Dec 25, 2006 I downloaded this session,despite the low votes it has recived from others.Mainly becurse i adore Jada,she is so beutifull! I must admid that Jada apeer insecure whit her dome role. At one time when the sub snapped out on her(which i adore)she didnt react? As a dome,she should have gone strait for punishment! In general she were to soft with the flogger.I would have prefered a "glowing red but" at any time.Compared to other Dome introductions lately,Jada is by far preferably.And i would like you to give her a second chance to prove herself as a dome.By the way,the big new "Y" is a great invention it makes the sub look very beutifull.All spreed out and horny. -
Jan 5, 2007 Please more Black women abusing sexy and petite White sluts. -
Jan 6, 2007 ABSOLUTELY A DOWNER ON THIS ONE MAN!!!! JADA CANNOT DOMME AT ALL. britney is absolutely gorgeous looking model but there was absolutely no interaction between these two that seemed remotely interesting. one of the worst shoots in quite some time. britnet though raises the overall score. -
Jan 8, 2007 Damn nice. I would have liked to hear Jada be more orally abusive. The ass licking and pussy licking was awesome. Jada is fucking hot as shit!! And Britanny is damn hot also. -
Jan 9, 2007 Don't know what people are complaining about... Keep up the good work. -
Jan 22, 2007 Dear responsibles for video productions, The latest releases have been deliberately neglectful towards foot fetish and shoe fetish. Admittedly, I have enjoyed the other scenes as well but as I am a foot fetishist, they have not been satisfactory. N.B.:Please add women wearing clear boots. I have never seen any videos by you showing women in clear boots. It would be a treat and I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your time. Best regards, Guimmer1974 - (A.K.A: Curioso21 - from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) -
Feb 14, 2007 Good work, would've been perfect if you pulled her hair and choked her at the same time. -
Feb 16, 2007 On the one hand it is good to get a bit of interracial action but on the other hand this combo was flawed. Jada cannot dom to save her life. Get her as a sub for Sandra Romain to play with and that will be rocking. Nevertheless Jada's bodacious figure and jacksy which appears to be a gift from the gods is still a massive turn on. -
Mar 17, 2007 I love jada she is smoking hot .... love her as a sub too ..awesome body. Love her in the boots.. would love to see more leather and latex... This site is really hot..but please let us see more of jada as a sub she is awesome ... would love to see her paired with sandra or tory lane ...keep up the great work. Love your site -
Mar 27, 2007 i love to see a white girl dominated by a black girl, but jada was not aggressive enough in this particular shoot and i didn't like the sub girl that much. i don't agree with other comments about jada though, i think she is damn sexy and i would love to see her as a dom again, she just has to get a bit nastier in that role. add some kind of background plot, some really intense facesitting, ass worship and toe sucking and perhaps some verbal abuse including ethnic slurs to increase the kink factor in upcoming interracial shoots. as already mentioned, it would be really great to see two or even more black girls dominating a white girl ! -
Apr 10, 2007 Jada wearing a strapon simply awesome -
Apr 20, 2007 i'd love to see jada sitting on my gal. my gal would too -
Oct 4, 2007 Jaded is fantastic! The scene on the bed with butt licking and 69 is as good as this kind of thing gets! -
Oct 11, 2007 Great Jada Fire is Beautiful. Please more from this -
Oct 11, 2007 Great Jada Fire is beautiful. Please more from this and Jada more dominate -
Oct 31, 2007 oMG! someone tell me what happened to all the anal! I have been repeat customer about 3 - 4 times b/c I knew I could rely on whippedass for hot anal. what happened to all the anal!? girls are beautiful though. more big butt girls please -
Nov 5, 2007 Jada Fire is Great!Love how she made the babe Worship her. -
Dec 2, 2007 Wow, that´s the way it´s got to be - a black domme punishes and humiliates white slut girls.Good job, Jada. Please make your whips dance on more white slut bodies. Any white girl should feel very honoured to serve a black lady and get whipped and punished by them. I would like to see Annette Schwartz be punished by Jada and Sydnee Capri. Blonde sluts adore black tits very much, so does Annette for sure, does she ? -
May 7, 2008 Black girls should have black dicks? Below average (2)
Sep 8, 2008 2 Black girls on a white girl would be great, hope it happens someday on this site Great! (5)
Dec 23, 2008 like those boots that Jada is wearing. I'd worship that lady in those hot hot hot boots. Great! (5)
Mar 19, 2009 hello.....you need special lighting for people of darker skin.....wtf? hello..ya need special lighting for people of dark skin..your budget can't be suffering that much!! Below average (2)
May 21, 2009 Awesome pair, awesome shoot. Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2010 File this under the category of wasted potential. I can look at Jada all day but while the dildo scene was hot, I must agree with the viewers who stated she's a notch below as a dominant, though Britney was no ball of fire as a submissive. Fair (3)
Oct 17, 2010 Nice black Woman!!! Great! (5)
Apr 15, 2011 While overall not the best shoot, this does feature a great pussy and ass licking scene. Jada, while not a perfect dom, still performs very well here. Britney is also very capable and competent. Good (4)
May 15, 2011 lovely oral work by Britney with Jada on top of her face! Great! (5)
Aug 5, 2011 Very boring Below average (2)