Mark Davis and Marie Luv

Aug 18, 2006 - and

Marie Luv is a dominant's dream come true. She tries so hard to please and fights through the pain. She cums when told. She's a good sport and oozes sexuality in every breath and movement. Mark Davis masterfully takes her on a journey of submission and sex.

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Date Comments Name Vote
Aug 28, 2006 Perfect use of a beautiful black girl!!!! Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2006 Beautiful girl. Not enough gags though. Fair (3)
Aug 18, 2006 cute girl, but no gags!! Also, really terrible positions.. suspension is my least favorite Poor (1)
Aug 18, 2006 Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2006 Excellent,but....more gags please Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2006 Marie is very sexy! The more ebony women added to the site the better. Also it would be hot to have more Latin women as well. Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2006 but the picture quality is bad! Good (4)
Aug 18, 2006 GREAT video all around! Great! (5)
Aug 18, 2006 She's not tied up for a couple scenes. Looks a bit silly, since she's holding herself in place... Otherwise this was great. She's beautiful. Good (4)
Aug 19, 2006 What a lovily girl Marie Luv is...awesome tits, ass and feet all great targets that Mark administered discipline, too!! Mark had this girl dancing around like a little girl being spanked for being naughty. Marie responses to the discipline was suberdly torrid!!! Wow, I hope she comes back soon. Maybe she can submit to all the other Dom's. The dungeon set was great a simple, but how did she come to be there. A simple role play of Mark telling her this was punishment for cheating on her husband would of worked nice..Oh, and thanks for the foot discipline... Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 I've download 25 pics so far...what fucking hot girl and Mark used her extremely well.. Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 How much picture quality do you need? It's a fucking dark dungeon...Iam still downloading more pics of this girl's performance than any other I have watched. Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 Still downloading as fast as I can....what a hot update and great picture quality.... Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 Yep, still downloading...just loved watching and hearing this girl react to Mark's discipline... Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 A total of 80 hot pics downloaded....awesome picture quality and what a girl...have her back again real soon...Please.... Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 Phoenix sounds like a broken record. Adios, amigo Great! (5)
Aug 19, 2006 Very nice!! Great to see Marie Luv on this site!! Good (4)
Aug 20, 2006 hats off to her deep throat ability Great! (5)
Aug 20, 2006 some guys wouldn't be happy if you hung them with a new rope...... I think it's hot Great! (5)
Aug 20, 2006 I really love this site, but this week's additions don't stand up to the usual quality of most of the offerings. The young lady is gorgeous and Mark is usually a master at his craft, but this scenario really lacks anything erotic in content. The earlier "bonus" this week was even weaker than this. Hopefully this is a lull in service and next week's offering will return to the steller product we have all become accustom to from Mark and the site. BTW, Mark, keep up the good work, we luv your efforts. Poor (1)
Aug 20, 2006 The candle scene was great fun. I appreciate the effort to include this type of D/S play in a scene. Great! (5)
Aug 20, 2006 A nice change of pace with a lovely athletic girl, but I must admit I prefer more full figured ladies. Also disappointed by the lack of bondage in a couple of positions. Otherwise nice work. Guess I've been spoiled by some of your amazing recent shoots. Good (4)
Aug 21, 2006 TRUE SUBMISSION!! Marie is great. She's beautiful. I love bondage. It can be a release from all responsibiltiy. The bondage scenes in this shot were cool - creative ties that were well photographed. The non-bondage scenes were at an entirely different level! Marie, un-restrained, pushed herself to the limit. On Mark's end, it was probably one of the best scenes he's done for S&S. I'm one of the folks who has frequently asked for more story lines. Even without story, this shoot works on every level. WOW! Great! (5)
Aug 23, 2006 Clean, smooth production. Time to make Mark a director and give him complete control of this site. Marie is one beautiful women and would love to see her perform again. After reviewing all the other sites, Sex and Submission and Wired Pussy are the only ones worth the cost of admission. Great! (5)
Aug 24, 2006 I am a member for years of your several sites and appreciate your success but are concerned by the "professionalism" of your models and of the scenery. Sometimes I feel like looking at the Playboy Centerfold: the girls are there to do their job. Where is the time where you did feature "real" woman, like the "woman next door" without all this theatrical apparel, which gives a faky taste to the whole thing. When it's fake, one looses the thrill and excitment. Please do something to it. Below average (2)
Aug 25, 2006 What happened to Jaimie Huxley?. I really hope she comes back soon. Any plans that you know of ? Fair (3)
Aug 26, 2006 More more of her please Great! (5)
Aug 26, 2006 More please Great! (5)
Sep 4, 2006 Love the skirt. I'd love to see more girls in sexy outfits, including rubber, at the start of each shoot. Marie looked good with that big ball gag in her mouth, and she certainly looks great sucking on a big cock. Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2006 Sex and Bondage is what I want to see! Fair (3)
Dec 13, 2006 Super Gruss From Berlin Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2007 I very much enjoyed the suspension scene. I loved her gag talk. Great! (5)
May 19, 2007 Spectacular girl and great work. I loved the candle scene (couldn't believe it when you actually waxed her tongue). It was a nice change to see a scenario which didn't have any ropes. Great! (5)
Jul 5, 2007 talking about women of color, when will we have Lucy Lee???? Fair (3)
Sep 12, 2007 Beautiful Girl Great! (5)
Jan 10, 2008 Thank goodness for asshole licking!! One thing has been on my mind, are facials not in the budget? Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2008 I just love Marie Luv.She has a body that just won't quit and neither does she.The ammount of abuse she takes is un-f***ing-believable Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2008 OH MY GOD!!!!! this is the first video I watched on S&S Marie Luv is hot as hell I love the lean tone body. I have just started gettng in to the whole bondage thing I don't know what is a good sub or a bad one but if I were to guess I think Marie is a good one. she is hot sexy and when she made a mistake she would say she was sorry. I can't wait to see more of her. Great! (5)
Aug 25, 2009 not as good as the first marie luv movie i saw on this sight, not enougth action on this one. Fair (3)
Feb 2, 2010 Great scene...bring her back!!! Great! (5)
Jul 25, 2010 Great Gilr Great acting!!! Great! (5)
Oct 27, 2010 I have no suggestion how to improve this shoot. I still prefer a script but Marie is gorgeous! Please get her back! How about two or three cavemen kidnapping a beautiful cave girl? Never seen that before! Great! (5)
Feb 18, 2011 Beautiful lady and wonderful reactions. Mark was superb, not that he usually isn't but especially so in this baby. Loved the candle scene. Thanks all. Great! (5)
Mar 20, 2011 Mark Davis and Marie Luv make a hilarious team. This was a really enjoyable as well as funny session. Marie has a nice clean lean body, ideal for love and sex. Great! (5)
Jul 20, 2011 What a beautiful girl! Great! (5)
May 19, 2012 How can you have this amazing woman tied up and not fuck her in the ass? The butt plug was okay but that ass is just irresistible. Fair (3)
May 31, 2012 SEXY BODY !!! Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2013 approved Great! (5)
May 5, 2013 Very nice Very sexy Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 talk about chemistry! These two were practically in love in this scene! I've never seen Mark Davis have more chemistry with a model... I had never heard of Marie luv before the scene but I'm now definitely a big fanher beautiful Athletic body great abs and ass! Great! (5)
Nov 27, 2013 I Marie Luv! Amazing screaming black beauty! Great! (5)