Riley Mason

Sep 14, 2006 -

Amazingly cute Riley came to us as a bondage beginner and it was fun to watch her "newbies" eyes as she experienced some of the wild things we put her through. The third scene is one of the most asthetically pleasing and hot scenes we have done here to date. Often girls come to us with a bit of a phobia of water and we can baby them through it and even help them overcome that phobia. Alas, scene 4 is very short because try as she might Riley just could not deal with her fear of dunking. The first three scenes were so hot we decided to put up the shoot anyway. Hope you enjoy!

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Sep 14, 2006 Oh! You guys have got to be kidding us! Why so few pictures of her in the tank? Fair (3)
Sep 14, 2006 Well Duh - read the summary of the shoot! The poor girl did what she could. This is a site that respects people's limits, after all... Good (4)
Sep 14, 2006 You're totally hot, Riley! Scenes like #4 is all I ever d/l on here and I'm proud of you for giving it your best shot. Us aquaphiles will be waiting for you whenever you're ready! Fair (3)
Sep 14, 2006 Riley struggling with the dick on a stick was the hottest thing ever. The helplessness when you have something stuck in your pussy and can't take it out turns me every time. More dick on a stick!! Great! (5)
Sep 14, 2006 This was a freebie masquerading as a full-fledged update. Poor (1)
Sep 15, 2006 Loved the whole set. Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2006 Agasinst policy...sorry Great! (5)
Sep 17, 2006 The chair bondage / tit torture is very interesting :) Great! (5)
Sep 17, 2006 Sorry,no good! Riley's fine but she should have known beforehand that there was gonna be some full submersion.The whole shoot was a waste.You guys promised us some long term submersions. Poor (1)
Sep 17, 2006 Seems as though the majority rules as far as the positive comments on this shoot.Unfortunately,I was extremely dissapointed on my favorite segment,the TANK.I'm hoping your not gonna return to"garden hoses and sprinklers". Poor (1)
Sep 18, 2006 Sheesh...such a negative nellie Hogman! Great! (5)
Sep 18, 2006 Ya, she shoulda known. Her agent lied to her and said she would only be sprayed down and stuff like that. I admire her for trying even though she knew it was a problm for her.. I think the other scenes were very hot and worth posting. So do many other people. Great! (5)
Sep 18, 2006 SORRY!Tell Riley it's nothing personal,she's fine.She just reminds of an amah diver I used to date a while back.She and her sister would occasionally get involved in some U/W catfighting in the ole swimming hole.Memories!They did it just to"bust my balls".Riley should have put a little more trust in you.Do you think she'll make a comeback? Poor (1)
Sep 19, 2006 2 out of 5? Are you kidding? For her, the word cute should be spelt with a kapital K. Personally I love the lingering aftermath, being left alone, deprived of vision, with only a phallus left for company. Now thats more like it. More shoots like this please. I am pretty sure the models have more fun too. Great! (5)
Oct 1, 2006 Wow, STUNNING set of pics Great! (5)
Oct 2, 2006 Love the girl. Love the straightjacket. And what a great looking heavy duty gag. I haven't seen the video clips yet, but judging by the way her jaws are forced apart in the photos my hopes are high that her mouth is stuffed with a fat rubber cock, or at least with a large ball. Good (4)
Oct 5, 2006 Ha ha! I hate to encourage you Hogster but you DO crack me up! Thanks for that. I'm going to email Riley just for fun...ya never know right? Thanks to the rest of you for your comments. I DO look at em. And they DO make a difference. Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2006 Hey Lou, (ok to call you Lou?) It's good to be back. Had to go away but when I saw the Ms. Carter up I am. Then I saw Ms. Mason! Damn Lou, where do you get them? What a pretty woman (if I may coin a phrase.) Been a fan of yours for some time. Is "bound and determend" still around? Anyway guys, Lou is one of the best "riggers" around, and I think he did a great job with Ms. Mason. What beautiful lady!! I guess I said that before. Please remember guys and gals, Agents lie all the time. Some poor model goes to an asignment(sp) and finds out really what they want to do, and it's not up her "alley", and the model is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Agent does not give one "hoot in hell" about his girls, just the money. Thanks Lou for getting what you could, She did give it try, be thankful you got that folks, and no I don't work for "Kink Productions" (wish I did thought). Lou, did you refer her to your other sites i.e. "hogtied, ect. where they don't use water? Ms. Mason your hotter than a two dollar pistol, hope to see you on some of "kinks" other sites. Keep up the nice work Lou! Have a nice day, hear! Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2006 Yes, very ok to call me Lew. Glad to have you back Z. Thanks for the kind words! Great! (5)
Dec 27, 2006 Scene 4 is worth the peice of admission alone!! Great set-up/concept/execution/emoting. Riley has a beautiful face for this kind of predicament! Chestnut eyes, full pouty lips, nice legs with heels ON...perfect! I had to laugh at the fumbling for the breasts shot; reminded me of my youth and thinking, "If it's this hard to cop a feel how am I ever going to get her to let me tie her up?" Great! (5)
May 29, 2007 I want more I want more Great! (5)
Jun 4, 2007 I loved the straitjacket / neck collar scene. Like wxw said " 'As cute as they get' ... man you aren't kidding" I fully agree. And like alt said, that chair is a great piece of furniture. I agree with DM... "I want more :)" Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2007 Lovely young woman! Great! (5)
Mar 24, 2008 you are way cute,need to be fully roped way tight,elbows together,full body harness in rope & legs at 4 points,,yummy....from Rich Great! (5)
Mar 18, 2009 the chair scene feels somehow cut short and the Tank wasn�´t neccessary to be put in at all, (if models are not comfortable with a scene why not leave it and try something else). BUT the ChainsNJacket scene makes up for a lot!! REAL ART that is Good (4)