Breaking in Bobbi Starr

Sep 9, 2012 -

Bobbi Starr showed few signs of nervousness when she arrived for her first adult entertainment shoot. With the appearance and personality of the all-American girl next door, Bobbi's curiosity landed her on the set of Waterbondage and in the hands of sadist Lew Rubens. Bound, gagged, dunked and penetrated for four hours, innocent Bobbi explores her comfort level as the veteran crew roll camera on a virgin model.

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May 15, 2006 Wow, I'm first ;-)Bobbi is just great! And Lew, well, it should be mandatory for all candidate dommes to have some lessons from him. The contstant concern for the model's physical and emotional well being is just great. So is his philosophy and the way he "reads" the model's signs of (dis)comfort during the shoot and acts accordingly. He and I (I am a bondage photographer), I feel we are real "soulmates". Bobbi...I really bow myself for you performances, honesty and genuine curiousity. -
May 16, 2006 and by the way, something completely different but.... I'm still hoping for those "bloopers", "behind the scenes" and other "outtakes". That would be fun I guess -
Dec 21, 2006 Hui, a very beautiful new talent. -
Dec 24, 2006 excellent! Lew is amazing!! -
Feb 20, 2008 good Great! (5)
Oct 18, 2008 I loved it. I wish Lew would do this to me! MMMMM Bobbie is so sweet. She looks completely innocent. Great! (5)
Nov 17, 2008 Advertisement for Waterbondage and Lew and to download any shoot with Bobbi. Good (4)
May 4, 2009 Bobby took to it big time....Hoorayyyyy Great! (5)
May 4, 2009 Bobby took to it big time....Hoorayyyyy Great! (5)
Jan 16, 2010 Super Girl, very,very good! Good (4)
May 29, 2011 great Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2012 She become a great performer. she's one of the best now. Great! (5)
Sep 20, 2012 Wow! Bobbi Starr was awesome even on her first porn shoot! I just discovered the amazingness that is Bobbi Starr, and I love her in all the roles I've seen her in --FemDom, sub to both women and men, and even in a vanilla, plot-driven porn movie! She's amazing! Great! (5)