Sandra Romain and Annie Cruz

Apr 21, 2006 - and

Annie Cruz plays a prostitute who gets picked up by a crooked cop, Sandra Romain. She's taken to a dirty basement where she is interrogated and sexually used. Annie has quite a pain tolerance and gets put through her paces by Sandra. Watching her bound upside down and made to cum is truly a spectacular site!

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Apr 21, 2006 A gerat shot Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2006 Fantastic, wonderfull !!! The two womens are ... perfect ... They seems live really this adventure. Congratulations too to the cameramen and the technical support. Perfect job for everyone. Thanks to "Whipped Ass". Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2006 We haven't been on the site long, but found Sandra's shoots to be our favorite right off the bat!!!! She is absolutely GORGOUS, knows how to bring out the best in the subs and her positions and use of ropes & "the hook" blow us away!!! I'd love to volunteer to hand you your toys! = ) Oh, and kuddos to the camera man/woman?? LOL You guys never get credit and the shots were GREAT!!! Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2006 Sandra continues to delight with her excellent work. Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2006 Love the ass hook. Wish that gizmo appeared in every shoot. Loved how Sandra used her teeth on the rope to pull the hook into Annie's ass. Hot. Also loved Sandra tightening the ropes which connected Annie's head to her ass hook. As they say, "priceless." The only thing that would have made this one better is a good ass-fucking, and of course Annie would need to clean the strap-on with her mouth afterward... preferably without a cut in the shot between the A 2 M. Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2006 Outstandingly good, took too long to remove the clothes but once they were off and the suspended action got going, wow! More Annie, she's always top quality Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2006 Both Sandra and Annie are superb, I like the overtone of this shoot great scene idea. Very hot chemistry. We may need to see a sub uprising against Sandra by some of the other powerful doms. She's just that beautiful, she makes the shoots. Great! (5)
Apr 24, 2006 Nearly faultless Great! (5)
Apr 26, 2006 Sandra, you are the best, hands down! I'm just glad I wasn't Annie! Good (4)
Apr 26, 2006 two beautiful women . Thank you to both of you for exposing your splendin tis and cunts for our delight . It was a great joy and privilege . Thank you xxx Great! (5)
May 11, 2006 That has got to be the plumpest, meaty-ist pussy I have ever seen. Good God, I hope the colligen don't depart this beauty for the remainder of her modeling career. That was Sweet! You guys should have taken advantage of all that sensative playground and brought out the clips. Loved the ankles set though, well done! Great! (5)
Jul 28, 2006 Oh my God, to see Annie get fucked like the bitch she is when she is a DOM is such a turn on, you cant help but cum when you see how hard she cums from Sandra's brutal fucking! One of the best on this site. God if Sandra and Annie could team up and fuck Isis, then I would never need to see another scene Great! (5)
Sep 3, 2006 Can`t wait Sandra, to see you as a policewoman again! Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2009 Annie as a prostitute...Sandra as a cop,,,AWESOME! I really like the role-play themed scenes alot. Also, I think this site would be perfect if you guys would incorporeate more facesitting and smothering into the shoots. Good (4)
Feb 10, 2010 I love both of these fine ass women!!! Could you get Sandra to be in a gangbang shot?That would really get my going! Great! (5)
Jul 19, 2010 Why isn't Annie squirting as almost always? Besides that another great shoot. Great! (5)
Oct 2, 2010 i love it Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2011 The world at the reverse! A police woman with lipstick and a prostitute without it! Fair (3)
Jun 19, 2011 wonderfully hot. to fall into the hands of Sandra Romain... Great! (5)