We don't call the cops, We call Ts Jessica Fox to punish thieves!

Feb 14, 2014 - and

The Armory's sexy security bad ass, Jessica Fox catches Katrina in the act of stealing from Peter's bedroom. Katrina willl now be punished not to the full extend of the law but the full extend of kink.

will be punished will be punished accordingly - first she will be tied up, slapped and humiliated, then she will be left tied spread-eagle on Peter's four poster bed waiting all night for someone at any time to come in a fuck her.

It's a long night in bondage, and when the morning sun comes, it is Jessica who gets to have Katrina's tight pussy all to herself. She fucks her, using her pussy like a fleshlight, fucking and fucking until she explodes cum all up her body.

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Feb 18, 2014 this may not discourage attempted theft from the Armory... -
Mar 21, 2014 nice Jessica can hit some pussy good -
Apr 30, 2014 Very very hot, just loved it ! -