The Anal Exchange with Casey Calvert and Ariel X

Nov 12, 2013 - and

Two gorgeous girls who love intense anal play go deep inside each others asses in this very sexy update with Casey Calvert and Ariel X! Featuring wrist deep anal fisting, speculum, strap-on fucking, enemas, spanking, ass licking and large butt plugs!

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Nov 12, 2013 i am not a fan of switching at all, one dom, one sub. that being said this does look.......good......butt not great and better then fair = good i guess :-) Good (4)
Nov 12, 2013 Ummm, two hot, filthy sluts doing totally nasty thing to each other, scorching hot. Loved the enema scenes. Nice assholes and squirting. Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2013 Good shoot, love enema & gaping, but pics wont upload Good (4)
Nov 12, 2013 Great Video. In past there were videos also with three and onetime also with four Girls. My wish for next week would be a lesbian threesome with fisting. (or foursome :-)) Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2013 Doctorrosen, you gotta be nuts! Who cares about who the sub or dom is. Have ya happened to notice there's two absolutely gorgeous women opening up their heinies for us? I'll take your happy face and multiply it by 10! That's what this shoot should be rated. Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2013 Thank you Ariel for making my day.... Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2013 Ariel - you are the hottest woman on the planet. I am a huge CC fan too. You two didn't even need to get undressed I am happy - one of the best in a long time. Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 Casey squirting from anal fisting was amazing. Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 Ariel as always fantastic and with another fantastic young lady Casey to play with this was always going to be a special shoot. To me this is what makes EB special sensual but intense ass play by beautiful women THANK YOU BOTH jh/uk Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 Glad to see these girls together. Top level performance for both. Casey is very well filmed, Ariel a little less but still very good overall. At the end the enema's scene is a bit botched. It's a pity because Casey and Ariel seem able to do very well in this exercise. Despite the end, for me, one among the very good movies of the year. Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 To all the the ladies. Wow! I loved the energy and sense of enjoyment. The switching was a welcomed dynamic. From the toys to the feet. All I could think was WTF!, OMG! and WOW! Totally impressed. Well done ladies and Thank You. Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 Magic! Everything I could ask for. Great! (5)
Nov 13, 2013 Excellent! Very erotic shoot. I always love Ariel. Casey Calvert is an absolute sexpot, with her doe eyes, plump ass and perfect pouting pussy. Great! (5)
Nov 14, 2013 Request: CC+ Holly Hanna. Good (4)
Nov 14, 2013 Both models went straight for the hole and seemed to enjoy the shoot, yummy. Also, Casey Calvert seems to really bring it whether she is working here or on other projects. Thumbs up EB!!! Great! (5)
Nov 14, 2013 excellent shoot, girls ultra hot and dirty. I love it Great! (5)
Nov 15, 2013 Very nice update. Great! (5)
Nov 17, 2013 awesome!fantastic! two hot filthy sluts awesome Great! (5)
Nov 18, 2013 I enjoyed it! Good to see both girls take a fist. The anal spreader was excellent - we need to see deep inside the girls' asshole more often! Really big enemas would be good too. Thanks! Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2013 Wow--amazing Great! (5)
Dec 3, 2013 EB has become the best Anal sex site. Good (4)
Dec 6, 2013 Ariel is so smokin hot. Casey is always incredible. Both had awesome fisting scenes. The spray and the juice and the jelly in Casey's fisting scene make my rod tickle. THANK YOU Casey and Ariel. Oh yes, the side by side expulsion scene after the enema was wonderful too. Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2013 so sexy girls I like their ass so much Great! (5)
Dec 16, 2013 Two very talented anal performers and I always find the friendly interaction more sexy Great! (5)
Dec 17, 2013 This was spectacular. The chemistry between the women was great. Excellent anal play. Wish a guy were depositing in one of these women. loved the enema. Excellent. Great! (5)
Dec 23, 2013 Casey has turned into one of my absolute favorites at Kink & everywhere else I can find her. She seems genuinely chill, is ridiculously sexy, & excels in all of her work. Bravo Ms. Calvert - Ariel X also never disappoints, her early days on FM are still some of my favorites ever! Great! (5)
Dec 23, 2013 bring casey and ariel back thicker and longer strap on these girls are really troopers i want to see more girth in them both and balls deep dildos Great! (5)
Jan 22, 2014 Casey is so fucking attractive. Love seeing her squirt. Doctorrosen you are nuts, this was so hot it almost melted my phone -
Feb 15, 2014 Fantastic--Beautifiul Models!!! Great! (5)
Feb 19, 2014 fantastic only improvement is a bigger dildo that would be so hot in the strapon scene,bring both these girls back Great! (5)
Feb 19, 2014 The best for 2013. One of my favorites. Excellent chemistry between models. Actually looked like mutually enjoyed sex rather than a scripted performance. Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2014 Best scene ever only improvement its a thicker and bigger strap on than the one used girls have lovely asses and feet Great! (5)
Aug 21, 2014 Casey is king! Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2014 I haven't even seen this movie yet and I'm already planning to put it in my top movie folder. 2 of my favorite girls together at last! Thank you EB! Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2014 Extra thanks for the enemas, really appreciated Great! (5)
Oct 28, 2015 Ariel the most beautiful queen. Please dominate a male sub solo on divine!!! or on kink test shoots with a mix wrestle match Great! (5)