Mark Davis and Rita Faltoyano

Jan 27, 2006 - and

The beautiful and exotic Rita Faltoyano makes her debut in BDSM. She is disciplined and punished by Mark Davis and rewarded with hard fucking while helplessly bound.

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Jan 27, 2006 It'ok. Nothing is realy new. But it is a nice job. -
Jan 27, 2006 I have to agree with hhanf - without Marks great personality and good onscreen presence, this would be quite lame. I would still love to see Mark and a machine both working at the same time on one of your beautiful models. -
Jan 27, 2006 Haven't Mark recognized, that she was begging for an ass fuck? ;-) I missed that in this shot. -
Jan 27, 2006 Rita is very sexy and exciting. A true super star known around the world. Thank you cybernet for bringing her here for her first S&M shoot. She was great her first time. I hope she come back here and the other sites as well. -
Jan 27, 2006 This chick has outstanding legs. I would have love to have seen more bare feet. although I know lots of us like high heels. But with those legs, bare feet would have been nice. one suggestion, spend some money and get rid of the moles. Not only are they not attractive but they are dangerous. -
Jan 27, 2006 Ignore the rating; I haven't watched it. I just felt compelled to write something after reading the northcut comment. I would prefer not to read insensitive and offensive remarks about a model's physical "imperfections". Everyone has some. -
Jan 27, 2006 Great blowtie! -
Jan 27, 2006 I love this newbie's body, accent, and even her moles. And I like the way her stubborn playfulness made Mark work harder. He needs the challenge. But she obviously needs a lot more training. Bring her back. -
Jan 27, 2006 I think you need to de-interlace your video before compressing it... there are horizontal line where there is swift movement. -
Jan 27, 2006 Read Galaxybeing's comment. Those lines bug the crap out of me. -
Jan 27, 2006 I think Mark Davis is a great Dom, and I really enjoyed Rita's genuineness and the playfulness of her initial experience. -
Jan 27, 2006 very tame -
Jan 27, 2006 This is a really good shoot. Mark is an artist in the realm, and Rita did a really good job as a sub. The scenes were well organized, and the debriefing at the end puts the whole experience into a good perspective. A healthy look at BSDM between mutually consenting adults that is both entertaining and artistic. Both artists deserve high praise. -
Jan 27, 2006 Rita is very hot.I like her. Please bring her back. Tie her Titts and fuck in the ass. Or make a Pony girl training. Thank you -
Jan 28, 2006 WOOW !!! great shoot ! Rita is so lovely and hot !!!! Pleas you can come back as you want Rita. i would like see you more here or in any C. E website !!! Congratulation !!! -
Jan 28, 2006 no - not the right thing - the shoot wit faith and chris was much better. Do more humilation to the slave girls - let them crawl on the leash, lick foot and ass (do anal play to the slave) and finally swallow all the cum of the master. And please - keep them shaved clean! -
Jan 28, 2006 Great post! Would like to have seen some anal. If the moles bug anyone too much, they are easily dealt with by using the Healing Brush tool in PS. Doesn't hurt Rita at all-mentally or physically. -
Jan 28, 2006 Three things I love - good forced deepthroat, good bondage, and feet! To top that, Rita is one of the hottest "actressess" in porn so this was my favorite shoot of any of your websites. I'd love to see more like this and definitely more with Rita. I'd personally pay about $1,000 to watch her do this stuff again! Thanks. -
Jan 28, 2006 I think this was a nice movie. Ritas has a fantastic body and her natural titts looks great espesially with arms tied high. Liked the way they bounced when flogged or during fucking. Rita did good as a first timer but I think she should concentrate more on Mark and try to ignore the camara. -
Jan 28, 2006 This scene has it all. Beautiful girl in bondage getting screwed. -
Jan 28, 2006 My previous comment about the moles was intended more as advice than anything else. Through personal experience of loved ones I can't express enough how quickly that type of mole can turn into a very dangerous form of cancer, especially on the breast. I meant no offense to the model. -
Jan 28, 2006 More barefeet!!! The shoes should come off sooner!!!! -
Jan 28, 2006 Great ass and great pics ! the best its the last : 3A3D9735_RT8.jpg !!! -
Jan 29, 2006 What a great lookin honey! I'm in love! -
Jan 29, 2006 Very nice, well done. -
Jan 29, 2006 I love the abuse this girl gets. Love how red her ass is in these photos! -
Jan 29, 2006 Very nice shoot Rita ! Thank you !!!! -
Jan 30, 2006 Where is anal? -
Jan 30, 2006 I am glad to see not only a cute girl but a bigger than average (medium0 sized brests. I would have liked to see more suspention (not touching the floor) but all in all it was a great shoot. -
Jan 31, 2006 Great job Mark! But the next time you have a girl with such nice breasts, please put her on her back and give her a rough tit fucking! -
Jan 31, 2006 great shoot, liked the ladder! Agree with some comments on anal. Then it would have been complete. I had a lot of fun with Rita's "attitude" LOL. I whish some more girls would (dare to?) resist their tormentors LOL. Otherwise Mark's job is far too easy :-) -
Jan 31, 2006 To galaxybeing2, try downloading the clips and playing them from your hard drive. It should be a much smoother playback then streaming the movie. -
Jan 31, 2006 Great model and Mark as usual comes through with a great show. I really really want to know what flogger is used here. Also, work on your camera angles. If the model is taking pussy/tit punishment, lets see the action, not a face shot. -
Jan 31, 2006 Agree with more bare feet- cumming on sexy feet like hers is very sexy. Especialy when they are pointed very pretty and she is watching. -
Feb 1, 2006 love the deep throat -
Feb 1, 2006 guys, making personal requests like u need more of this or dont do this is pointless, everyone has different tastes and the site cant possibly make an update that everyone likes, just remember that a specific thing you like 2 other people might not like at all -
Feb 1, 2006 More stockings and heels!!! -
Feb 1, 2006 Can we get Sarah Blake or Audrey Leigh for a shoot? Also, my favorite pose is the legs tied over the head with the bare soles showing as she is pounded!! Who's with me? -
Feb 2, 2006 I just switched over from Hogtied and the first shoot I see is Rita. Damn!!! She's the first model to compell me to write anything. Don't get me wrong there are lots of great models but that sexy accent, big baby doll eyes and that stubborn streak really did it for me I can hardly wait to see her back. I'd really like to see her in a suspended sitting position from the anal shoot next time. Thanks again Rita -
Feb 2, 2006 Mark is awesome and this model was smoking hot. I loved watching Mark take control of her. Even when she was laughing I kept thinking: "Why in the hell is she messing with Mark? Doesnt she know what's coming?" -
Feb 2, 2006 I've lusted after Rita Faltoyano for ages - what a fucking hottie! Loved her attitude here. Going from not taking it seriously to seriously scared was awesome. Would have loved some anal content in this. -
Feb 4, 2006 Rita is nice and veteran. Mark is the best partner. Please, more imagination. More sweat. More passion. And more anal... -
Feb 4, 2006 a fine slave with fine curves -
Feb 4, 2006 a good scene -
Feb 4, 2006 short -
Feb 4, 2006 she loves the torture very much. fine. -
Feb 4, 2006 is she greatful? -
Feb 4, 2006 schöner arsch- der auch gefickt werden will -
Feb 4, 2006 sehr schönes paar. war sie dankbar? -
Feb 11, 2006 Nice work! -
Feb 13, 2006 I really enjoyed! Rita's accent is so hot!! -
Feb 16, 2006 Una lastima el poco juego que otorga la sumisa en la escena.Creo que necesitaba mayor castigo y disciplina.No es de recibo tanta risa continuada por parte de rita.Mas severidad y sumision absoluta. -
Feb 19, 2006 mark, you have the most envied job IN THE WORLD!!!! -
Feb 22, 2006 I just hope they clean that hook! -
Feb 26, 2006 Mr Davis delivered as usually. I especiially loved the use of the lader. Any use of common or uncommon furniture is a plus and Mr. Davis knows how to make the most of what is around him. Thanks Again for the great perfomance. -
Mar 5, 2006 This session, so far, is my favorite. I prefer Mr. Davis's work to above all the others. I especially enjoyed this sub. I appreciate the intro's and extro's. The turn on for me is that it seems to be a turn on for the sub. I'm not into the more brutal asspects, but the binding and spaking and even some nipple torture are good. I'm not posting to ask for changes. I know others enjoy the more brutal aspects. I just wanted to express my enjoyment of this particular offering. -
Mar 8, 2006 Rita, is one georgous young lady. Sure Blonds are my favorit. But this one?? Packed together in all the right places. Love the opening, captured in a barn. Her outfit? Those natural breast of hers? Her ass? Those legs, in those heels? Nice... Love when she gets a tast of the whip, the expressions on her face, the sexual fustration, the excitement, the surrender when she catches it from behind, HARD AND FAST. Very entertaining to watch, kind of like being there myself "as a third person" to watch her sexual torment, pleasure, climax.. YES, RITA,,, PLEASE CUM BACK........ -
Mar 10, 2006 Who was the dom? Rita had Mark under strick control. If she's laughing then she's not under control - tighten it up. Rita is beautiful and a great set was wasted. -
Mar 10, 2006 Excellent! -
Mar 18, 2006 Brutal is Good!! -
Mar 25, 2006 Congrats S&S team. Personally I think beautiful Rita and her attitude was great, and Mark handled her well. Would love to see Rita in a double teaming scenario with Mark starting on his own first 10 mins, then a buddy joining in, and maybe Rita standing with her arms up, legs spread and a standing DP with Rita the meat in the sandwich of course. -
Mar 30, 2006 great body on rita. bring her back. like the way she went from laughing to crying. JC -
Apr 2, 2006 I would love to see Mark come in Rita's throat while deep inside! It's a great turn on to see cum squirting out of her nostrils! -
Apr 3, 2006 Seriously good looking model and some great positions but it drags on and on with Mark being all nice to her and then just a few seconds of him sticking it in her. This is bondage and submission, not let's watch Mark gentle love. -
Apr 3, 2006 I like it- not too much equipment (the segment I saw)- she looks natural, not like she has had a 'boob job' and Mark is wonderful- a really talented guy- I like the gentle bondage approach- nice to see some 'feelings' for Rita- in fact, Mark has found his nich in life I think....well done- the flicks with the heavy-duty equipment and spandex really don't do it for me- this does.... -
Apr 17, 2006 I would like to see Mark come in her throat while all the way deep inside her throat and hold for good 10 seconds! It is really exting to see come explode around the base of the dick and better yet, squirt out of her nostrills while choking forcefully. -
May 2, 2006 Mark met his match on this one. He never lost his cool. He is a true professional. i would have been nice to see her lose it and have an orgasm. Koolphire -
May 28, 2006 Mark makes every movie have chemistry it seems to me. I have to sal that the throat fucking gets a bit boring to me but my man likes them. I like the movie to have more ass beaddening spanking and flogging and NEED that intense ass fuck to make it a winner for me. -
Jun 17, 2006 Rita is great and took a lot. Bring her back please. -
Jun 19, 2006 Thank you for leaving the shorts on for a bit. And thank you for leaving the panties on, perfect for her body. I've seen too many scenes where they are removed too quickly, I love the anticipation. Loved the flogging, nice extended one and that luscious ass, wow! This is a newbie? Could have fooled me. I guess the laughter gavie that away a bit. Could just be nervousness. Rita, you are muy caliente. I'm out of breadth! And Mark, you are one of the best.Poor fellow, probably gets a lot of offers. See? being bald is not so bad. -
Jul 4, 2006 What an incredible, hot body!!! -
Jul 4, 2006 Awesome!!! -
Jul 7, 2006 Rita was super...and Mark dealt with the laughing just the way any good dom the redness on her ass and tits and her body reactions there is little doubt in my mind that Rita was being burned up....This is how a sub should be used...lots of flogging, slapping and using the crop tied in various interesting positions...Of course it's never enough....I want to see the feet slapped and tickled...there should of been a price to pay for releasing her toes....Get this girl back for more... -
Jul 8, 2006 She is great! Can you get her back soon? -
Jul 11, 2006 Nice lookling model and position. -
Aug 16, 2006 uuhhh... -
Oct 7, 2006 God !!! what's wrong with you men ? All you need is a beautiful girl to look at? i did not enjoy watching a girl who is just going through the motions for the money and not really into it. What an ice princess and a cold fish. Mark tried his damndest in every position posible to get her to cum. she didnt and still its ok? cause she has a hot body ? If shes not enjoying it , how can you ? I gave it a 2 instead of a one because Mark is such a pro. But the girl....yawn -
Dec 23, 2006 Very athletic girl with beutiful breasts. -
Jan 6, 2007 She needs to come back.I loved when she laughed when you were smacking her tits. She does need much more disipline. You might have to mark her good to give her what she needs.I very much enjoyed this scene. She was not a cold fish. She was exploring her body. You are the best Dom for this. You read a women well. -
Jan 25, 2007 Nice position. -
Feb 9, 2007 Rita was great, bringer her back. -
Feb 22, 2007 New female to this site here, and I love it. This model is by far the most beautiful I have seen on here, in my opinion, and I liked her attitude, but I agree that her lack of enthusiasm was a real turn-off. I had fun watching and admiring her beauty, but I didn\'t become the least bit aroused. Perhaps that\'s the difference between men and women who watch porn. ;) -
Feb 4, 2006 schöner arsch- der auch gefickt werden will -
Feb 4, 2006 sehr schönes paar. war sie dankbar? -
Sep 9, 2007 Nice nipple clamping. -
Dec 20, 2009 good Great! (5)
Jun 18, 2010 Maybe BDSM isn't really her thing but what a gorgeous body. I love those big natural tits. Good (4)
Aug 8, 2010 great shoes :) Great! (5)
Sep 14, 2010 it is a nice job Great! (5)
Dec 24, 2010 the old scenarios i got - i thought this site was about men and women and sex. you have other sites for toys, so why do you have to have them here too. or - can you set up a new site that does what this one used to do - have bound / sub women, and men who like sex. such a beautiful girl. Poor (1)
Jan 2, 2011 i have always loved rita. the defiance was amazing the control beautiful all in all *****! Great! (5)
Jun 5, 2011 RITA is so beautiful and hot. I love her perfect body. With MARK to discover BDSM, the result is a great shoot. Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2012 Excellent! She did laugh quite a lot, not even giggling, added originality though. I would love to see Her again on Sexandsubmission. Beautiful face and body. Great! (5)
Feb 23, 2013 approved Great! (5)