Sgt. Major and Maya Matthews

Jan 13, 2006 - and

Evie is a 21 year old lifestyle submissive who gets turned on by having her master take complete control over her body. Sgt. Major is an experienced BDSM top who fulfills her submissive fantasies. Featuring corporal punishment, role play, suspension bondage with full sex and much more!

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Aug 28, 2006 I found it moderately distracting and somewhat offensive that that dude's beret is sporting a US army flash. I think it's in poor taste. Below average (2)
Jan 13, 2006 Great model, great show. Thanks both of you. Now, if only this site would combine man and machine at once to pleasure/devastate?? a beautiful lady, I would probably take out a life subscription. Good (4)
Jan 13, 2006 With out even watching the movie I knoiw its gonna be hot, the model, Evie. What a fox!!! Imagine her on her knees, forcing your cock down her thoat. You know shes gonna do it some good service...!!! Well done !!! Good (4)
Jan 13, 2006 Model was fine, but the overall shoot was not even average. Fair (3)
Jan 13, 2006 Evie is cool, a beautiful, dark-haired woman with a natural body. Love her piercing. Panties in the mouth, a nice touch. Got a taste of the ropes being tied. Thank-you! Maybe some more in the future? Nice use of nipple clamps and the gag was well applied. Always like to see the riding crop come out. Wish I could rate wicked instead of just nice work. However, Sgt. Major isn't the best dom that S&S has featured. The covered face, the pro-wrestler gruff voice and the way he handled Evie somehow destracted and detracted. Not much, but a bit. I'm afraid that watching Evie with Sgt. Major is a bit like listening to a very fine cello being played by a compenent, but not overly gifted musician. All in all though, this shoot seemed to pull together most of the features that I've asked for or complimented in the past. I guess that Friday the 13th can be lucky. Either you're listening to the subscribers, or this was a happy accident. Either way, thanks. Good (4)
Jan 14, 2006 I agree with Iqualnox2 & Northcut. Another INCREDIBLE model whose shoot points were totally negated by her partner's handling was Penny Flame. Hopefully, you will never use "Tony T." or "Sgt. Major" again. LOVED the stockings on the stunning Evie. -
Jan 14, 2006 Right you are. Penny Flame is one stunning lady. Her shoot however was only so-so, thanks to Tony T. same goes for Evie. Why not do a single encore with them and Mark Davis ? Fair (3)
Jan 14, 2006 I think a shrug describes this best. Good idea, jaw-dropping model, but nothing amazing Fair (3)
Jan 15, 2006 model is great, setup is ok. just the dude that fucks up. he hardly has a hard one.... and keeps the stupid clothes in the way... no good camera angle on the penetration either. and the anal scene.. what anal scene?? you could barely see anything happening there.... and he didn't even manage to insert the butt plug all the way. what a waste of the model's time. could have been a lot better. Below average (2)
Jan 15, 2006 if you can't come up with a decent anal scene, then don't even bother trying. at least try to get it on camera properly. and that plug is not that big... Below average (2)
Jan 15, 2006 I've known evie in the real world and can attest to the fact that she is indeed a lifestyle BDSM player. I wonder if that is why Sgt. Major was chosen as her partner? Perhaps it was thought that his bondage and corporal punishment skills would be a better match for evie. This shoot was not bad for a first attempt, but I hope you have evie come back, because I know you can get more out of her. I need to view the stills and examine that tattoo on her lower back, its new since I last saw her face down and naked. - Evie, you looked stunning, especially at the beginning, very glamorous! Good (4)
Jan 15, 2006 i agree, boring, need more collars and gags! no more sgt major either...models are almost always great! Below average (2)
Jan 16, 2006 filming very poor it was a little boring, come on Marty we have not had any comment off you for a long time are you still there. Fair (3)
Jan 16, 2006 Well, I'm very surprised with most of the feedback from this shoot. I thought the Sarge and Evie worked well together and gave us an exciting shoot with real elements of BDSM. Great! (5)
Jan 17, 2006 Webmaster, No sense in recrossing what's now old ground. I'm glad that Evie enjoyed the session and hope that she'll come back. As I noted in my earlier post, there were many elements of the shoot that I really liked, but on the whole, this one didn't work that well for a lot of us. If you keep trying new twists and new performers, some are going to miss with some of us out here. If you don't keep trying new folks and new stuff, you'll get stuck in a rut and become boring. So far you've had more than enough hits to make the misses forgivable. I clicked Sgt. Major's name and looked at a lot of the posts he's received. A lot of people do like him. Evie liked working with him. In other settings, a lot of people think that his style works reall well. I enjoyed Evie so much, I'd love to see her come back again in any kind of scene and with any dom. I'll still rate it nice work. Evie and the elements I noted earlier carried the shoot for me. Good (4)
Jan 28, 2006 Sgt Major is comical to watch. It completely changes the tone of the movie to something i think it should not be. This ruined it for me. I couldnt watch it all, which is a pity as the lady is very good. Below average (2)
Feb 4, 2006 gutes szenario Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 das piercing der sklavin ist schön. Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 gute vorbehandlung Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 das muß doch ideal für sie sein. oder? Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 schön ihre piercings in der votze Good (4)
Mar 6, 2006 This is how the US Army should interrogate prisoners! Good (4)
Mar 8, 2006 Yep, Evie is a pristine little female, I'll give her that. Nice setting, The "masked man" adds some danger to it all. Love the beads bouncing around on the floor when her dress is ripped down to her waist. Her breast? Small, but delightfully perky. It's all good.. But this is what makes it sepecial.. The way Evie address the camera. Those eyes of hers.. Sexy, flarring and just full of alarm.. You can see her act of concern, her punishment, the surrender, all in her eyes.. Keep it up and please bring her back... Great! (5)
Apr 29, 2006 Nice clamps & model Good (4)
Jul 3, 2006 Evie is a stunningly beautiful woman. The role play was a good idea but not fully use. If she is a $5,000 a night whore intecepted by a MP then she should of been tormented with constant reference to her being a whore by the Sgt and being forced to admit she was a whore....She definately took it up the ass like a pro....Role plays are great if every one stays in character.... Fair (3)
Feb 4, 2006 das piercing der sklavin ist schön. Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 das muß doch ideal für sie sein. oder? Good (4)
Feb 4, 2006 schön ihre piercings in der votze Good (4)
Feb 9, 2008 tattoos suck. no pussy was ever enhanced with a tattoo. Below average (2)
Feb 20, 2011 TYJ143 F13 Bldg G Fair (3)
Feb 23, 2013 approved Great! (5)