Tits of Fury: Shaken by EMS Pads

Dec 23, 2013 - and

Ash Hollywood gets tied up with her knees open wide, exposing her pink pussy and small pink nipples. She is comfortably immobilized until the EMS pads begin to shock and shake every inch of her sexy athletic body. Watch her tits shake, & Ash drool & scream through her ball gag as Gia controls her body with the electricity. Gia dials it up with a flogger & two zappers, shocking that cunt before using the hitacki to make the slut cum - sweet relief - until the waves of current rock her body again.

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Dec 24, 2013 Simply great!!! Great! (5)
Dec 26, 2013 slim blonde. busty brunette. fine combination! Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2013 Ash Hollywood is amazing! She is one of my favorite models. Gia DiMarco is an awesome domme! Great! (5)
Dec 30, 2013 Woww !! there should be a rating better than great. This was an awesome shoot and showed all that is best about Electrosluts with Ash at the mercy of the current as all her body shook; I want more ! Gia was truly great too as she got the best from the master control panel. Let's have more like this please. Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2014 Loved this part of the shoot, watching Ash moving when the electricity pulsated making her dance on the stool. Good idea using a metal stool, gave the impression that it was making the electricity more powerful. Gia with just those shoes on looked sophisticated and sexy. Liked Ash's hair it gave her the girl next door look. Thank you both for a great total shoot. -
Feb 25, 2014 Only watched half so far, but this is a great scene! I love watching Ash's beautiful small breasts bounce in time with the EMS pulses. And she has such a lovely pussy! Would love to be eating that while Gia does works her magic. -