Isis Love and Lola

Aug 17, 2005 - and

Lola sits bound and hooded in a dark room, her perky tits and pussy exposed. She is so vulnerable and gorgeous, who could resist putting their hands all over her tight body? Who could resist the desire to fuck her hard, test her limits, and make her scream? Certainly not Isis, who enters with a slew of electrical toys and does all kinds of naughty things her body. Oh Lola, you look so sweet and innocent, but you sure are dirty!

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Aug 17, 2005 Lola is a Foxy Lady. Beautiful body and shows a nice range of expressions. Isis keeps getting better & better as a Top. Nice Work all around. -
Aug 17, 2005 Well done - this shoot made me do the same. -
Aug 17, 2005 awesome job!! wouidn't change a thing.. -
Aug 17, 2005 Great job! Both of you rock! -
Aug 18, 2005 It was OK - They are all just OK these days. When are we going to get a change of scene? Medical scenarios used to be good - have you sold all your equipment? -
Aug 18, 2005 no we haven't sold our equipment. More medical scenes are coming. xo Donna -
Aug 21, 2005 Sexy -
Aug 21, 2005 You are smoken good looken.I would love to be the putting it to you. Your good looks love your body and like the way you have your hair. Nothing more sexy than seeing a good looken women tied up and no place to go.Wish I could play with you and make a video. -
Aug 22, 2005 Awsome love to get a hold of this women and hear her moan myself- excellent footage keep up the work. -
Aug 25, 2005 Lola is the greatest sub.She gives just the right amount of pained sounds and emotions! -
Aug 27, 2005 The steel hook is one of my favorite toys. Great to see it put to good use! -
Sep 25, 2005 Great session -Lola is fantastic in this, as is Donna. Would be a 5 but only a 4 in protest against having the phrase "wikkid!" against the high score! -
Oct 1, 2005 dammed good - what a girl -
Oct 1, 2005 well well well -
Oct 1, 2005 so hot -
Oct 1, 2005 einfach nur geil -
Oct 6, 2005 great -
Nov 1, 2005 The blue arcs against young flesh are delightful. As dry cold conditions approach, I think of the possibilities of static electricity. Have you considered doing a 'wireless' segment? It might be hard to film but I see the captor dims the lights, standss on carpet and wears static-generating stockings. Barebreasted, she slowly approaches her captive, moving her nipples close to the captive's nipples or, alternatively, in proximity to the captive's aroused clitoral ridge - close enough to generate sudden breathtaking static electric arcs between the their protruding erogenous points. -
Nov 1, 2005 Ignore the vote on my other entry. This sequence rates a score of excellent. All that's missing is my favorite: the electric strap-on! -
Nov 1, 2005 A girl with a strapon is so brazen, so cheeky. Add electricity to the device and there's nirvana. My only suggestion: I prefer to see the girls facing each other - to see the captive's abdomen squirm and twitch as the captor eases in and out. I like to see their sexual energy - to see them watch each other move. -
Feb 1, 2006 In the clip nr 8 Lola confess that she wants to be fucked by the electricity ! At first I could see she was so honest that she only tells the truth Lovely ! -
Aug 29, 2006 Lola, you are amazing! Very sexy face & body...and I love how you wiggle your bare feet. -
Mar 31, 2007 Lola these shots of your body are amazing!I certainly wish you would come back and do more shoots!! -
May 10, 2007 Dear Lola of course , you're an adult industry professional model and a very good one of course your body is gorgeous ( the word's far too weak... just have a look at 7C3E2420_RT8.jpg Love these pics as you lay on your back, your whole body offered to Isis, your head tilted back in complete submission) You 'd deserve an entire set with your clothes on, and an artful lighting your face... the unending variety of your expressions...your face is like an irish landscape when the wind is blowing...the light is always changing... your grey blue eyes, your lips , your perfect teeth, your nose covered with freckles, with your perfecly shaped nostrils (look at 7C3E2337_RT8.jpg). Your delightfully curled hair... Beyond description... -
Nov 4, 2007 This is why I joined Wired Pussy. -