Foot Worshiping In The Champagne Room

Apr 12, 2013 - and

Ryan Driller and Sarah Vandella have awesome chemistry in this foot filled fantasy of a stripper using her sky high arches and scrunched up soles to get a client into the champagne room! Anything goes in the champagne room and Ryan wants nothing more than feet all over him! He sips champagne from her toes, worships her clear stripper stilettos, kisses, licks, sniffs and rubs her gorgeous curvy feet until she insists he fucks her and her feet! Sweaty foot sex leads to a hardcore foot job where he blows his load all over all 10 of her hot toes then she stuffs her cummed filled feet right back into her shoes where all of the sticky white cum and her feet smoosh into the clear stiletto heel!

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Apr 13, 2013 I cannot help it, such one on one b/g action is by far my favorite and this particular one is most definetely my current personal #1 set on footworship. Thanks a lot indeed for this one, MM and crew! (Just have the girl lick the cum off her toes if she is flexible enough...I`d highly appreciate it) Great! (5)
Apr 13, 2013 Love this girl, her feet are really pretty - they look soft and sexy and vocally she is not bad at all....good show MM, by the way are members going to have a chance of participating in any of these shows(just for foot worship/fj at least? No chance for me (I live in Europe) but for members who live in the States may be a once in a while members' show will work ;) Great! (5)
Apr 13, 2013 You really seem to get a truly enthusiastic performance from your performers time and time again. I know the chemistry thing can be hit or miss but so far you seem to be batting 1000. Whatever method you are using to get the right performers together, keep it up. Another great scene MM. Great! (5)
Apr 13, 2013 I really didn't like this one, but it takes all types. MM, id love to see you and elle Alexandria go at it... you top my list of all time favorites with her a close second, the two together would be... riveting. Great! (5)
Apr 14, 2013 best yet for me- has all the elements, sexy feet in sexy shoes - more of these please Great! (5)
Apr 15, 2013 yet another superb scene for me, sarah vandella is superb love all the dirty talk and she is great at it. great outfit she wears in this scene too. love the boy/girl scenes but please mm can we see a scene with 2 guys and 1 girl so we can see her do a footjob whilst doing other things, it would take a talented girl for that tho :-)keep up the great work Great! (5)
Apr 16, 2013 This woman needs to be gang banged, tied up and fucked hard because that guy could not handle her one bit. She is sexy as hell and has the 2 most perfect feet. lets see her get really fucked while showing off those special feet Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2013 WE WANT MORE GIA DI MARCO Great! (5)
May 2, 2013 I would love to see a movie of a rehabilated foot pervert who is cured of his foot-fetish. his hot hillbilly barefoot roomate girlfriends dont like it and want the attention they used to get from him. they tie him down on the bed face up naked and smother his face with their pretty bare dirty deet as he screams and pleads to them to stop in a desperate manner trying not to love the feet all over his face and body! once he gets a taste of one of his roomates feet he becomes drunk with passion and begins to breakdown as they blow him at the same time feet smother his face. he licks and sucks and makes out with their feet passionately. they untie him and he goes to town on all of their feet! they are happy they broke him in and fuck him good! great to have the foot pervert back!! :) Great! (5)
Jun 15, 2013 I'm genuinely interested to sponsor scenes featuring American Porn Goddess Vandella and it would be my utmost privilege to provide one of the in so many different ways an extremely talented American high society both porn and mainstream "A" class world wide worshiped celebrities. I am from muslim background but I'm completely submitting myself to relligeouslly and exclusively worship solely Goddess Vandella's gorgeous and always highly well maintained feet. Great! (5)
Jun 15, 2013 I tried to say able to provide financial support of her shoes collections. Thank you guys. I am looking forward to hear from you. Your loyal servant Zack 666 Great! (5)
Jul 2, 2013 good scene...but I had to rewind a few times to 28:00 mins or so...when she said "a fucking party"...I almost fell out of my chair laughing, I honestly though she said "I fucking farted" glad to say I had caught me off guard because I know a few of the dancers at a local stripclub and they have mentioned doing just that while dancing for guys they didn't like Great! (5)
Jul 11, 2013 please can we have more like this ! :) Great! (5)
Jul 24, 2013 The model is very hot.Good scene.Gorgeous feet! Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2013 average Below average (2)