Nicole Scott

Jun 8, 2005 -

Nicole Scott is beautiful, smart, and snappy. And she's a natural redhead! She came to FuckingMachines for her first ride, and she was not disappointed. On our dungeon bed, she takes on the Predator and the new machine "Fuck Rogers", in multiple positions. She likes to be tied, so she braided a suspension ring into her hair for one of the positions! Enjoy,

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Jun 20, 2005 now with two men working on her at once and longer dildos... well it would not get much better than that! Good (4)
Jun 8, 2005 !st. How nice! Love this site and the models. Keep up the great work. Love the variety. Good (4)
Jun 8, 2005 Great! She's so cute. Could eat her up. =) Good (4)
Jun 8, 2005 The resolution seems very grainy. Poor quality, what gives? Good (4)
Jun 9, 2005 nery good sweety you are an angel... Good (4)
Jun 9, 2005 Oh my god! She is beautiful!! Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2005 Please consider doing an anal scene and/or scenes for the other related sites. Great! (5)
Jun 9, 2005 really nice shoot. liked the bondage bed, the prettyshoes, the long hair and the machine. Good (4)
Jun 9, 2005 Hey This is soooooo HOT.Such a lovely model, really classy. More closeups is good and I do love to see the bigest dongs going into the oretty pussies and bums. Maybe another shoot she will be willing to have the big ones used. Thanks for the bondage bed and the pretty shoes, love the long hair. Really good stuff. Good (4)
Jun 9, 2005 This is the best in a long time. I don't care for the standing shots, but maybe they really turn guys on. looks too uncomfortable too me, but I am only a woman, what do I know? Well I know what makes me wet, swollen and hot and calling my man to come home ASAP. On some of your bettershoots I start with out him, but am still hot when he gets here. Bring this lovely fresh "real" young lady back, please. Get her into some more hot scenes, and use the big dongs. Nice touch, the hair thing, a great idea that. Good (4)
Jun 9, 2005 Nice hot readhead! I liked it better when her hair was down. She looked kinda like the painting of Venus in a clam shell. So I think the best vids were from 12 on. Great! (5)
Jun 10, 2005 WOW she's HOT! Nice tits, ass, pussy, and screaming orgasms. Awesome! Great! (5)
Jun 11, 2005 hmmm a dont think she is that nice, ok a guess.. needs a tan.. lol Fair (3)
Jun 12, 2005 I think Nicole just might be the best looking woman you've had on here. but thats just my opinion. Great! (5)
Jun 12, 2005 Awfully low quality pics for the size. Perhaps if they weren't taken in a fucking dungeon and /or you turn some fucking lights on! Fair (3)
Jun 13, 2005 lose the hideous shoes. Fair (3)
Jun 13, 2005 The webmaster should do well to listen to dixiedolly and take into consideration some of her suggestions. As a man, I'll do whatever it takes to turn my woman on, and, of course, what turns a woman on invariably turns a man on. That's why it's imperative we pay heed to what women want. Thanks dixiedolly. Great! (5)
Jun 13, 2005 This girl is like whipped cream and strawberries, yum! Great! (5)
Jun 14, 2005 nicole. this positions are absolutly amazing! i love it Great! (5)
Jun 15, 2005 i'm much hotter than all of these girls Fair (3)
Jun 23, 2005 Back again for another treat. This is such a lovely model. get her back and give usmore! Good (4)
Jun 23, 2005 back again. This is one of my favorite shoots. Asurprise to me, as I usually like the dark haired ladies with a lot of boobs and longer hair. Because I identify with them, and can get more into the action. I love the big dongs, and you get such good angles that there is adequate views of the pretty pussy.Again the shoes , the bondage bed and good angle shots. I love it. Do you think this beauty could handle DP? Be sure to have thi beauty back. She is fantastic. more pretty shoes, maybe some stockings and a suspender belt. Good (4)
Jun 23, 2005 These shots are really lovely. The ones without the machines could be hung in a gallery as art. Very good photos! Does the machinest do the stills? Good (4)
Jun 23, 2005 BRAVO...More More. Good (4)
Jun 23, 2005 You are one of the most beautiful women I have seen in a really long time. You are absolutly gorgeous. You are photogenic and beautiful enough for Hollywood if you want to choose that direction. Please come back for more F.M. shoots. Does begging help? Great! (5)
Jun 23, 2005 Jesus Christ!! Watching this woman cum drives me crazy. Three "O's" in the last hour and she still has me stiff as a brick. I don't care what machine you have her ride, just get her back. Thanks fellas...and thank you sweet Nicole. Great! (5)
Jul 7, 2005 Back again! I still love this shoot. Please bring this one back again. dress her in some lovely black lace and pretty stockings and shoes and let her get more undressed as the shoot gets hotter. Pretty lingerie please, no the naughty whore kind, she is classy and lovely, hot but kind of ladylike. you know? Her pictures are beautiful. If you all haven't done so, go look at them . Good (4)
Jul 10, 2005 verry good Great! (5)
Sep 2, 2005 If the model is a natural redhead then please don't shave or trim her pubes! Leave them natural length; shave the pussy lips if you like. A nice unshaven ginger bush is such a rarety in these days of brazilian waxes. It's a real turn on. Does anyone agree with me??? Good (4)
Oct 20, 2005 she is a natural beauty ! Great! (5)
Oct 28, 2005 Perhaps someone should wake her up during the sessions. None of the cocks are big enough for her. Give her the big black one next time. Fair (3)
Nov 15, 2005 omg, nicole, you have an awesome pussy & love the way you spread your legs so wide that god & everyone can see you... very nice Good (4)
Mar 30, 2006 she is beautiful!!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 29, 2006 This wonderful mane...Pleasr more of girls like her Great! (5)
Dec 4, 2007 I WISH! Give the vid 10 that is. Great! (5)
May 14, 2008 Wonderful! She's sooo cute! Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2015 Great! She's so cute!I put 4/5 because there was no deep penetration! Good (4)