Sarah Blake

Jul 12, 2005 -

Sarah Blake is the perfect subject for Hogtied. Beautiful beyond belief with a sexy hot little body, she's flexible and able to deal with whatever we toss at her. Once again we find Sarah bound and helpless. She's helpless to stop the butt hook from penetrating her. Helpless to stop the foot caning. Helpless to stop the tickling. Helpless to prevent the flogging and nipple torture. However, most importantly she's HELPLESS to stop the orgasm we ripped from her little shave naked body! The last scene is the most intense orgasm scene we ever filmed. Sarah was almost mindless, as she could not escape the vibrator from taking orgasm after orgasm from her bound body. She even forgot how to swallow and she wasn't even gagged. This must be seen to be believed.

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Jul 12, 2005 Really good! -
Jul 12, 2005 First notes mine. Now, time to view the thing. I'm sure it's going to be good. -
Jul 12, 2005 What good does it do for the model to be beautiful as Sarah Blake is when you can't see her face in hardly any of the shots. I wish you would get rid of that harness ball. You use it too much. -
Jul 12, 2005 It really make me wish to be one of your models. -
Jul 12, 2005 Gagged in almost every single shot. How about giving those of us who want to see the woman's expressions some equal time? -
Jul 12, 2005 Hate to keep harping but isn't this much more eciting when you can see her face? -
Jul 12, 2005 Segments 16 and 17 saved the shoot. It's the first time I remember seeing real sweat on a woman on this site. I'll complain once agin though about how many of the scenes had her gagged the whole time. -
Jul 12, 2005 Let me say that gags will always be used here at Hogtied. It is part of the bondage experience that will not be ignored. I will always do at least one scene with out, however gags are here to stay. -
Jul 12, 2005 Yes, that was definitely worth the time. Very, very, very good. It reminded me of the scene where Peter flogged Rose until she begged him to stop. Matt, I'm jealous for the first time in a long time. Sara Blake is painfully hot--certainly one of the best of the best of the ones who is finding more at Cybernet than just a paycheck, painfully pretty, so orgasmic and so provided with everything you needed to come up with something wonderful. To her, good luck. To you, congratulations. -
Jul 12, 2005 Awesome!!! -
Jul 12, 2005 Sarah is great, gag or ungagged. I see she worked with Justine Joli on the Waterbondage site, does she have any more friends from Suze Randall? Tell her to bring them along. -
Jul 12, 2005 very nice shot!!! but for removing the clothpin from her tongue in clip #12 she should have been punished and if you shoot her next time, can you make her walk on a rope, like you did with Faith? -
Jul 12, 2005 hey nice work matt how ever elvis lives forever -
Jul 12, 2005 I agree entirely with Nort12. Let's see her face - and without the gag. -
Jul 12, 2005 AWESOME -
Jul 12, 2005 I disagree completely with the other comments. To me it's not real bondage unless she's gagged. These gagged shots are great. -
Jul 12, 2005 Sarah has bee COME one of your great models. She truly deserves to come and come here more ofter. Webmaster could I suggest that if a customer has a favorite model, they should have a choice on your websites to do a search for models by name, and pull all their great escapedes like Sarah. Also what happened to Chanta-Rose? -
Jul 12, 2005 Very nice Matt & Sarah. However, I do notice that they are all getting to be very much "same old, same old", with very little in the way of significant variety. I realise that after this long in the job it must be very hard to come up with new original material, and I give you credit for trying very hard to please. However, If I may make a few suggestions, they are: 1. Look back at some of the earlier work - the artistic and technical quality may not have been as good, but there was certainly a lot more "novelty", particularly in the use of strict (not painful) bondage coupled with machine sex. 2. Please leave out humiliation and excessive pain or discomfort - they are not a turn-on. 3. I guess this suggestion shows my personal preference, but some scenarios which encompass the best of Hogtied and Fucking Machines and Wired, all rolled into one would be good for variety... Thanks -
Jul 12, 2005 You are not going to see many machines here at Hogtied. That is why we have a site for them. You will not see Hogtied doing much electricity or water for that matter, as we have sites for both of those. Hogtied is tight bondage site. Humiliation, pain, and discomfort, are all of what makes up Hogtied. Hogtied is Hogtied, it will not become a half ass mixed of all our sites combined. Yes, I will use the occasional Machine, yes the occasional electric toy and water every now and then but that will always be the exception. This might not be what appeals to you, however it is what it is. If it’s boring for you move on, I can not please everybody; however, I try to please most. -
Jul 12, 2005 she is an angle,lovely feet/toes,awesome set. -
Jul 12, 2005 Well, for my two cents, I'd say that I appreciate the variety we've been seeing lately. I was a bit skeptical about the ideas in the first two scenes but they really worked well IMHO. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how gorgeous Sarah looked. Good job. -
Jul 12, 2005 The entire shoot is most exellent!! love those nice foot/ass pics.LOVELY GIRL!! -
Jul 12, 2005 WHAT? -
Jul 12, 2005 Very nice. sarah is real quite. webmaster- keep blindfolds on the menu too. they add a lot in my mind. -
Jul 12, 2005 YES YES YES YES YES OH YES.........................SHE MUST BE EUPHORIC --THIS IS HOT HOT HOT -
Jul 12, 2005 ALLS GREAT -
Jul 12, 2005 Yowzers! -
Jul 13, 2005 This shot was just great! I don't agree with htforth: humiliation, pain and discomfort is what makes Hogtied so uniyue! - I think it would be nice, I you would let the girl clean her dildo herself with her mouth after the dildo play... -
Jul 13, 2005 Keep the ballgags I love them. -
Jul 13, 2005 Thought the whole series of sets were excellent Well done Sarah,Rigger and cameramen loved the drool and spittle as it runs down her belly into her cunt -
Jul 13, 2005 Awesome. Sarah is just beautiful and really into the action. PLEASE bring her back - as many times as you can get her. -
Jul 13, 2005 {If I may make a suggestion,}DONT CHANGE A THING.Fine job you are doing matt.Sarah is hot,Thanks,both of you. -
Jul 13, 2005 This one is great! Congratulation to you Matt, great style and skills. Sarah is absolutely PERFECT! Bring her back anytime you can... if you decide to start a site about only Sarah in bondage, I'll subscribe a lifetime membership on the first day :) I agree with Matt about water and electricity thing above. Not so sure about the machines 'cause FM is not a bondage site. Maybe a little (and I mean a little) more here could work. Anyway, is up to Matt and the girls to decide. I surely won't complain about anything after viewing an update like this one! Thanks -
Jul 13, 2005 Wow! What a shoot, and what a model! Bravo!! -
Jul 13, 2005 Wonderful - I'd been thinking of writing in with suggestion of tied and forced masturbation as a scene, and a bit introduced with Sarah - almost like you read my mind. Keep it up! Sarah - you're wonderful as well! -
Jul 13, 2005 Sarah u look good in anything and it seemes that u like your job -
Jul 13, 2005 I'M suprised the floor isn't weter -
Jul 14, 2005 words will not do this shoot justice. just keep bringing back sarah superstar as often as she can take it. i just know there's even more to wring out of her. one question - what was the safeword/sign on this one? i sure couldn't pick it out? -
Jul 14, 2005 In the position of OBOE0479, it should be amazing to work her pussy with a pussypump and take close up of her arousal pussy... -
Jul 14, 2005 Sarah is a phenomenum. What a beutifully honest creature. Magnificent. -
Jul 14, 2005 The verbal bondage as opposed to that elbow tie is proof that even within the hogtied paradigm there can be variety. The shoot was nearly flawless. The only thing that could have made it better for me is to have had her in a collar. -
Jul 15, 2005 Let me start by honouring Sarah: girl you are great!! Thank you for a wonderful moment! I do partly agree with Htforth, but being creative in this business is not always easy. There are however things I would like to see and I never have seen (yet?), one of them fistfucking for exemple (yes Matt, I will not stop repeating it! LOL). I do however not agree on what htforth says on humiliation: the girls here are dominated, caused pain, pushed to their limits (but never beyond) but into my opinion they are NEVER humiliated in the real sence of the word. That would make from Hogtied a rape scene and there are no people that hate more rape then people into bdsm! (subs AND dommes!) As long as I see a big smile on the interviews afterwards, and as long as the girls get (and give) a big hug from (to) their "tormentors", I know that their was no humiliation, rather real love and respect, and that the pain was actually enjoyed. And please...try fisting now for once *blink with my eye* LOL -
Jul 15, 2005 Fisting is on the list of things our credit card company’s will not lets us do. If we do this we will lose our merchant account and we lose the ability to take any type of credit card for payment. The merchant accounts we have are trusted and honest, we cannot afford to lose them. Insex lost theirs, then got a oversees one that after 3 months dropped them with out warning and basically stole their money. If you want to know why the credit card companies are censoring us you only need to look at the pressure the government puts on them to do so. Back door censorship is alive and well in this country. -
Jul 15, 2005 FIVE! Your sessions are getting better all the time. Sarah is adorable. Love the interviews before and after. I love seeing a girl have a good time. -
Jul 16, 2005 Thanks for the explication Matt. I didn't know that and (together with you I guess) I can only pronounce a deep *suck*. So one can use enormous "cold" dildos but not a sensual fisting that ads a human touch (not only literally) ? How was that hymn again "the land of the free" ?? ... -
Jul 16, 2005 Also Thanks from me on this insight into how big government and BDSM collide. Now you're talking my language. We've got to stop choosing between the Greater Communists and the Lesser Communists (D's & R's). Sorry, Sarah, I'll get to singing your praises after the videos download. And upping the rating. -
Jul 16, 2005 fantastic Sarah your sweat excites.. your performance I admires to are adorable -
Jul 16, 2005 I enjoyed the chair position, but the rest of the shoot didn't really do a whole lot for me. Sarah is an incredibly cute girl, but the first 3 movies put me off a lot. Since when has a model had permission to use Matt's wand? ;) Good stuff, though. Keep it coming. :) -
Jul 16, 2005 Oh. My. God. Movies 13-17 make this a 5 out of 5 for me. Forget what I said on the previous page, this shoot is awesome. Thanks, Matt. And Sarah, I suppose... I'll have to try out the chair position on my girlfriend. -
Jul 17, 2005 "ass-head" bondage is always great but this is not the best position to appreciate the slim body of this model -
Jul 17, 2005 great great great:bondage, girl's look,quality of pics are all perfect! -
Jul 17, 2005 First time here and it was awesome !!!! Sarah you are my ultimate dream girlfiend!! Please tell me you don't have a boyfriend yet :( ? I enjoyed watching your shoot. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you in the future. -
Jul 17, 2005 matt, thanks for the explanation on backdoor censoring, and the response on gags. I understand that a lot of people like gags, and apparently you do too. All I am asking is that at least some of the climactic scenes be done so that the expression on thewoman's face can be seen. I think there are a lot of us out here who feel that way. -
Jul 17, 2005 the only thing that could have made it better for me was to have been there - Sarah is HOTT - thanks Matt - good work! -
Jul 18, 2005 Nipple clamps,weights, butt hook, ball gag and a red ass. I appreciate the position and love the shot. of course Sarah could make any position look great. -
Jul 18, 2005 PERFECT -
Jul 18, 2005 Quit! This is to great. The bondage is wonderful. Love the clamps and weights! Can I marry Sarah? -
Jul 18, 2005 This is not fair. We need more of Sarah! This has been your best. -
Jul 18, 2005 scenes 5 and 6 where really hot, im new to this whole life style but i find myself enjoying everything that you guys do, keep up the good work. -
Jul 19, 2005 The last 20secs of 2848_sarah blake_07. The best this site has done! Pat yourself on the back boys. -
Jul 19, 2005 I also entirely agree with NORT12: if you keep a good wiev of her face, so you se she is not a woman, but such a elfish creature -
Jul 19, 2005 Dude you have an awesome job. This girl was so hot. -
Jul 20, 2005 perfect. simplicity and an expressive model are the ingredients for the best sets -
Jul 21, 2005 awesome shoot. i love the model. she really seems totally engaged in the scene. stick with the gags. i like them, and i know it intensifies the experience for some of the ladies -
Jul 22, 2005 Sarah Blake was AWESOME!!!! Matt I loved the way you made her torture herself in the begining. I love spinners especially ticklish ones. Matt, I'm not sure if you have heard or seen, but after orgasms women become more sensitive and ticklish. The hand down your pants was great, I'm jealous. I can't wait to see what you do to SARAH next time!!!!Sarah is the "HOTTEST SUB!!!!!" in my opinion. That last scene, I don't think you could possibly top that!! If you did, IT COULD ONLY BE WITH SARAH!!!! -
Jul 24, 2005 Sarah you are perfect. thank you. Besitos -
Jul 25, 2005 Why do the file names of these pictures match the name of images posted almost a year ago in another set? It sucks when you try to keep them all in the same folder. Now I have to download all these, put them somewhere else, rename them all, then store them. YUK! -
Aug 22, 2005 Oh yes. Sarah has the most wonderful acquiesence - the way she pulled and hurt her nipples at the start was superb. I'm just reading the 'Add Comment' box above this. Whether we rate a shoot as 1* or 5* that's OUR choice - not the fault of the model !! Could I suggest that the wording is simplified to : "Please post your comment with respect because the model will probably read it." I keep seeing LOL. What is LOL ??? Lots of love ??? And IMHO ??? And others I can't remember. Also, Hires and Lores. Can anyone help ? -
Aug 23, 2005 Does Sarah Blake have a fan mail address? More of her in even higher resolution would be good. -
Aug 23, 2005 absolutely fantastic!! sarah is absolutely hot hot hot!! would definitely love to see more and more of this perfectly lovely model. keep it up sarah and hogtied!! -
Aug 28, 2005 just great, loves the play whith a gagged but otherwise free girl. And boy, i belive we got a lot of expressions from her (Nort12) More like this -
Aug 28, 2005 more use of those wonderfull ballgags, please -
Aug 28, 2005 One of the best ever. Stick whith the gags nort12 - why dont you just enjoy one of the many sets whithout much gag usage. Loves her willingnes to gag herself. And loves that she keeps her collar on in the last scene. more of that. Hasler -
Aug 28, 2005 sorry, shoud have been 7 - extremely extra great -
Sep 3, 2005 miss blake knows her purpose here, to be "used, abused, and hogtied." Love her cute yellow skirt and black panties. -
Sep 3, 2005 miss blake really works up a sweat and her screams are pretty intense. -
Sep 3, 2005 That's cute when Matt pulls her by the hair with her yellow skirt raised. Nice black panties and sweet ass. -
Sep 3, 2005 Ball gag is so fitting as she strips off for us. -
Sep 3, 2005 mmmmm, pretty feet, luscious ass, works for me. -
Sep 3, 2005 Love that drool coming out of her ball gag. -
Sep 3, 2005 Wow! This girl rocks right down to her lovely, dirty feet. -
Sep 3, 2005 Tickling, tittie gropes, and that choke collar with matching ball gag, ah little things mean a lot. -
Sep 3, 2005 I to agree, lets see her face -
Sep 3, 2005 Lets see a lot more of Sara -
Sep 10, 2005 I dig photo 0183,could the model tell me if she enjoyed the taste of her own pussy after playing with herself? -
Sep 10, 2005 nice cunt shot (picture 0228) but dissappointing finish after promising start, she was not sufficiently humiliated -
Sep 10, 2005 WOW, what a set, Sarah is looking at her cunt as if it's the first time she's seen it. Awesome! -
Sep 10, 2005 what a concept, this woman is nothing more than a piece of meat hung for anyone's use, unable to resist or deny...great -
Sep 14, 2005 I think knott777 means "she is an ANGEL", but I agree with his sentiments -Sarah is absolutely GORGEOUS -
Sep 14, 2005 Absolutely stunning -fantastic set -
Sep 21, 2005 Oh my, I just love you, Sarah Blake. I've been watching you on the other Cybernet sites where I've posted how I love everything you're in. So sweet and so beautiful, you take everything that's given: you're incredible Sarah. I don't normally comment on Hogtied [it's so crowded] but after I watched this, I just had to comment on the great job you all did. Again, Sarah, you're unbelievable, and so, so you. -
Sep 24, 2005 Rejoined just to see another one with sarah. I was not disappointed. watching her butt cheeks wiggle from the flogging was a nice touch, especially when it leads to orgasm. please more of that with the girls.Hopefully next time there is also more of her legs behind the head fuck me position (her favorite). I remember when she came really hard the first shoot in that pos. -
Sep 26, 2005 Love the masturbation theme. Watching Sarah apply the clothespins herself, pinching her own nipples and fingering herself is really hot! -
Sep 26, 2005 Excellent set, although these positions would be perfect for some clamps spreading Sarah's beautiful pussy lips apart, or some weights pulling her nipples up. -
Oct 8, 2005 On tiptoe yes, that's better. But dont make her laugh! -
Oct 8, 2005 Oh. There comes that sad gag again. -
Oct 8, 2005 When that cunt attention starts, the show is over for me. -
Oct 8, 2005 0600 is a wonderful picture. Small tits no silicon can be sooo sexy. And I love the naked simplicity of the pic. -
Oct 8, 2005 Why must that hand always come in the way? Nice pose but. -
Oct 8, 2005 How many in here actually enjoy the feet beating? -
Oct 8, 2005 A nice idea to have her put on the pegs herself. -
Oct 8, 2005 Okay, it's official, I'm in love.......ummmmmm or is that lust with Sarah. She is so hot it's hard to say how much. The final scene was so sexy. Sarah looked like she would have collapsed right there. -
Oct 12, 2005 Sarah is such a cutie and you can almost feel her orgasms in this film :) thanks for such a delicious scene and wonderful and sexy model -
Oct 22, 2005 Love to see that cold steel hook being inserted into her arse... be great to have my cock in there alongside it and to feel that steel inside her -
Oct 22, 2005 0328 would have been a great position to have given her smoothly shaven cunt a good whipping, before fucking her with your broom stick. -
Oct 22, 2005 And what a GREAT piece of meat her shaven cunt is -
Oct 22, 2005 I reckon 0479 is the perfect position to give her nipples a good few strokes with a leather tipped riding crop, then a dozen more directly to her shaven cunt, before giving her a really good fuking -
Oct 23, 2005 Wow,,,I just signed up, and this chick is really hot -
Oct 26, 2005 Damn near perfect. -
Oct 26, 2005 Wonderful! Its so nice not to see any awful tats on such a nice body. -
Oct 26, 2005 Its going great for me! -
Oct 26, 2005 Fantastic, trim young body, bound and exposed. Watching a girl like this getting all hot and horny because she's tied up and exposed to the cameras is excellent! -
Oct 28, 2005 Sarah is Wonderful, now I know what I want for X-mas. -
Nov 17, 2005 Tickling is not a very good idea - all that giggling. If you need to let the model choose between whipping and something else, try tight nipple clamps that sting as much as the whipping, or simply pinch her nipples. Or whatever, but not that silly tickling. -
Nov 17, 2005 good stuff excellent model -
Dec 17, 2005 great especially the dribbling -
Dec 23, 2005 Sarah is beautiful and sexy you did a great job Matt on the bondage, my favorite was when her hands were suspended and she was spread eagle riding the magic wand, that was incredible. Great nipple torture. Definitely one of my favorite scenes. I would have loved to see you leave her on the wand for a couple more orgasms even though she was say she couldn't take anymore I have a feeling her body could have pumped out a couple more before collapsing. Wish I could rate this also higher than five. Keep pushing them past their orgasm limit. Great stuff. -
Dec 27, 2005 Sarah expresses the feminine spirit in its power to surrender to total orgasmic sensations. We all loved her desire to please and her responsiveness to each and every nuance of strain, pain, pleasure, and release. Matt outstanding work as usual with reading her energy and taking her to places she wants to experience again and again. The Triad says, "Way to cum Sarah." 10 thumbs up. -
Jan 12, 2006 Love the asshook, suspension and pole-mounted dildo! This is why Hogtied rules the net! Give us more of the above! -
Jan 12, 2006 Take a number handcuffs! A cutie like Sarah is sure to get plenty of offers. Thanks for putting up with that tuff suspended hogtie Sarah! Your awesome. I never get tired of seeing a great looking chick tied up like this. Thanks to you too Matt. Great job all around. -
Jan 31, 2006 she needs a master, woh takes her these ugly panties away. horrible -
Jan 31, 2006 very fine. the nioce asshole, the good behaviour -
Jan 31, 2006 one of the really best! -
Jan 31, 2006 really good. this fine model, so willing -
Jan 31, 2006 she is marvellous, great. and looks good. nothing is lacking -
Feb 23, 2006 In -0237,0239. Round round bottom like fresh fruit. Cute cute asshole. Very good!! -
Feb 23, 2006 0235, 0236. Put Sarah in this position from morning until evening and never release her on the chair unless she break all her resistant spirit. -
Mar 18, 2006 A five...just cos it's Sarah. -
Mar 24, 2006 nice but i HATE impacts.. but ok.. it's so in the www... of every site.. bondage with impacts? very much sites.. bondage without impacts or pain.. thus bondage only for forced cumming (ok a little pain through the vibrator when to much cumming or to long.. this is.. hm.. this is ok ;) ) unfortunately gives it not a site only for bondage with forced cumming WITHOUT pain or impacts.. harm.. -
Apr 14, 2006 Gorgeous ass -
May 2, 2006 I agree with Nort12 about the ballgag. I would rather see her face. And frants, I REALLY like the foot caning, for us foot fetish types this is heaven! -
May 9, 2006 Sarah has an innocence that is quite touching. Her mouth was made for a ball gag. -
Sep 3, 2006 I love this model, just the fact that she is in the scene makes it a 5 -
Jan 30, 2007 Love the bastinado also. -
Jan 30, 2007 Wonderful work and modeling Sarah! -
Jan 30, 2007 Gorgeous positions and girl. -
Jul 15, 2005 Fisting is on the list of things our credit card company’s will not lets us do. If we do this we will lose our merchant account and we lose the ability to take any type of credit card for payment. The merchant accounts we have are trusted and honest, we cannot afford to lose them. Insex lost theirs, then got a oversees one that after 3 months dropped them with out warning and basically stole their money. If you want to know why the credit card companies are censoring us you only need to look at the pressure the government puts on them to do so. Back door censorship is alive and well in this country. -
Jun 13, 2007 I've recently started diving into the older files here at hogtied and I've got to say this is one of my favorite shoots of anything I've seen here. I love hogtied so far because I've always thought tight bondage and forced orgasms should go together. And this is the site that has made that happen. This shoot and clip 14-17 in particular have got to be by far the best scene's I've seen this site yet. I love seeing women forced onto their toes the way she was and the continuos orgasms forced out of her made this scene truly one of the best. There have been several models that have been tied to a chair on top of a vibrator and forced to cum over and over. I'd love to see more scene's like that in those types of situations! And Sarah, oh my God Sarah! Get this model back if at all possible! There aren't enough redheads in bondage and this one is truly one of the most beautiful one's you had on the site. Far and away my favorite update as of 2 years since it's been released. -
May 4, 2008 I like the ball gag and drool,nice views of the foot torment and allways love the hook! Great! (5)
Jul 19, 2008 This has to be the best shoot ever! I just discovered it three days ago, and I keep coming back to watch it. Sarah is screaming HOT, with such a tight little body, and beautiful face! I love her feet. Seeing her suspended in that position was perfect. The begging and humiliation, DAMN... I hope that we see a lot more of Sarah at hogtied. Congrats to everybody involved in this shoot!!! Great! (5)
Jul 4, 2010 This was the shoot that sparked my interest in BDSM, Hogtied & Kink. Sarah Blake is just simply the best, ever. Great! (5)
Sep 21, 2010 Whish I had a woman like her. I would die happy with her. WOW!!!!!! Want to clone meny like her. :) Great! (5)
Jan 11, 2011 Great show can we see more of where thair tied and forsed to cum. Great! (5)
Apr 2, 2011 Still one of my favourite shoots. Great! (5)
Jan 28, 2012 I wish there was a rating above great! Great! (5)