Isabella Soprano

Feb 9, 2005 -

Isabella is a true beauty! She was very nervous about doing wired, so I gave her control in the beginning, letting her turn the electricity up herself. Then we went for a walk, and Isabella couldn't stop herself from cumming right there on the street!

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Feb 9, 2005 super fine Great! (5)
Feb 9, 2005 Isabella is beauty personified. We need you back time & time again. please dont stay away too long. My only dissapointment i hope you can correct next time - can you try like the other models to act as needing punishment for something (schoolgirl, maid, etc) and be forced to take amongst other things the violet wand inside the pussy, hopefully having donna masturbate you to orgasm. Please please try my darling. I can but hope you will. Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2005 Damn, I'm one of those people that rarely puts comments, but this shit is H O T ! I didn't think I'd like the street scene but it completely turned me on. Isabella is so lovely Mmmmmm. And worked so well by Donna, definatly a 5! Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2005 Isabella is HOT!!! Bummed I missed her at the ranch. I agree with the last post the street scene was a major turn on. Then the sybian was almost too much to take. She definately needs to come back soon! Great! (5)
Feb 10, 2005 Absolutely superb! Fantastic shoot, nice work by Princess D. Get Isabella back again soon. Great! (5)
Feb 15, 2005 Isabella is hot! Hope she'll be back Great! (5)
Feb 21, 2005 Incredibly beautiful... WOW! Great! (5)
Mar 1, 2005 Isabella is not only beautiful but has the most beautiful sounding screams I have ever heard. You can tell she really loves it. That being said, I got the feeling you didn't take her anywhere near her over-stimulation potential. Shoot this girl again. And this time put the biggest attachment on the sybian you can find, crank the sybian and the electricy up all the way, and leave her like that for an hour. She'll thank you in the end and so will we. Great! (5)
Mar 7, 2005 One word: HAWT! Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2005 Very hot! Always love watching a woman on the sybian. Just wish she still had her boots on! Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2005 Just gorgeous and a lovely smile. Hope to see more of her here. Very enjoyable viewing to say the least. Great! (5)
Mar 18, 2005 THis is a fantastic sequence of pics -Isabella is simply gorgeous! Great! (5)
May 25, 2005 i Love this things with very an nice Girl keep on going Great! (5)
Aug 17, 2005 I love the clamp hand and legs shackled like that - makes it easier to fingure and fuck a bitch! Wow id love to be shackled to he and have he suck my cock and me lick her pussy! The we would have to be whipped! Great! (5)
Oct 16, 2005 Donna and Isabella, beautiful women and great shoot. Wow!! I've got a small critique, though. Why is it when the woman is orgasming, did the camera almost always go right to her face. To be honest, I love watching a woman's body quake and keeping the camera only on her face drives me nuts. Would it be possible to mix it up? Thank you. Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2005 Wow! Isabella is breathtakingly beautiful. Great! (5)
Aug 30, 2006 Isabella is exquisitely beautiful with gorgeous face, flowing hair, enormous breasts, tight buttocks and amazing bare feet! Great! (5)
Jan 9, 2008 she is without a doubt my favorite, how many times did the poor girl come on the sybian? perfect nipples perfect feet, lots of good orgasms, always want to see tickling incorporated Great! (5)
Sep 14, 2008 This is the same Isabella from HBO's 'Cathouse' series!! She is soooo hot!. I want to go see her in Nevada just because of this update. Great shoot Great! (5)
Dec 22, 2009 hot like a supernova !!! Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2010 Favorite shoot of all time! Great! (5)
Jan 3, 2011 Beautiful Shoot! Love the Walking Scene! Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2011 This is not only one of the most interesting scenes I have ever seen, walking outdoors with a remote bullet, but you got Isabella Soprano to do it. She's great! Great! (5)
Nov 18, 2011 Isabella isn't even my type, but that street scene is HOT. Great! (5)
May 18, 2014 i still love this shoot in 2014 :) -
Jun 24, 2015 I just discovered this awesome clip, another beautiful example of erotic #cardiganization! the big-buttoned angora cardie is AWESOME! -