AMAZING ANAL: Warning Extreme Ass Fetish!

Oct 30, 2012 - , and

Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke show us some of the most exciting and extreme anal fetish with Francesca Le pushing them to their limits. In this role play update, our two curious maids are caught on camera and punished with spankings, humiliating food insertions, fisting, double ass fisting and huge anal toys. There is gaping, rosebuds, enemas, ass licking, butt plugs and some of the larges toys we have ever used! They are filled up with water and then strap-on fucked before expelling out beautiful clear streams from a rosebud.

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Oct 30, 2012 my Good (4)
Oct 30, 2012 wow Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 I love the site but really, how stretched out does a girls ass have to be? Big enough to hide an aircraft carrier? And the strapons are just not realistic. Otherwise, The girls are beautiful and I love the site. Fair (3)
Oct 30, 2012 Fantastic, two of my favorite girls! Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 The question of whether EB is the premiere all-girl, anal sex, site is now settled beyond doubt. This ain't(sic) your grandfathers "girlie magazine in the backroom" porn. It is some of the most cutting edge, extreme, stuff out there. EB is one of the only venues that has the ability to challenge anal freaks of nature Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke. Excellent Work!! Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 i agree with aircraft carriers lol also realistic strapons are key for me butt i know others like to fit their entire skull up a girls bottoms....big bottoms.....if you like mudd flaps my girls gottem....big bottoms drive me out of my mind...why cant i leave them........behind? Good (4)
Oct 30, 2012 Wow!Congratulations! Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 I love Tuesdays. I saw a few minutes of Roxy and I think you have it all together including the lighting. Can't get any better until 3D comes along. Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 Hot ass action . Love the spreading and gaping. Anal fisting is a very extreme practice that I'm beginning to accept but I will never get excited by double anal fisting. For mine its too extreme to be sexy. Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 BTW Love the anal flowers Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 Love it! Great! (5)
Oct 30, 2012 EB… What can I say… Since you have left behind the aged and flaccid stunt cocks, and returned to nothing butt gorgeous ladies turning their bodies into playgrounds, this channel of Kink has become everything that it once was! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 Another threesome with Francesca Lee ??? pooff !!! And BTW ass stretching is not sexy nor erotic, and in this particular case is even hard to watch. And strap on is ridiculous, I like strap on action but not with this unrealistic piece of plastic. Please, Kink people try a little harder next week, I know you can. Poor (1)
Oct 31, 2012 More Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 Enorme ! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 The QUEEN is back !!!! Oh sorry, and yes i love AMY BROOKE. AMY is awesome and so HOT, HOT. The very good surprise are the performances of ROXY RAYE. She is beautiful, nasty. She is a small devil in the body of a GODDESS. FABULOUS. Thank you so much LADIES for this Master Piece. Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 OMG!! Thanks girls! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 Just great! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 WOW!Now THIS is hwy I rejoined E.B. !!!!!Thanks Amy,roxy and Francesca that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 awesome - but i also have my reservations about stretching SOOO wide. one day, someone is gonna bust their ass, and that will nto be funny or sexy. more than a wrist is a waste? Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 Prime Cut! This is the best EB ever!!! And Roxy Raye is unreal!!! :-O My God girls...I adore all of you!!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 HOMERUN! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 I've been sitting here staring for over an hour with my mouth hanging open... Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2012 Wow, that was awesome. More like this please! Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2012 OMG... This has to be the most amazing update EVER...!!! Fantastic performance by Roxy Raye - who could tell that by looking at her in the street, she looks so pure!! Thank you EB for being the best site ever... Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2012 I love Roxy Rae Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2012 Thanks guys! This was such an amazing shoot to be apart of. I'm always challenged at these kink shoots and I freakin' love every minute of it. Much Love to all! XO.. Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2012 love this shit. Would love to see ass fisting in every scene!!I dont want fake oos and ahhs with small toys.Prefer to see the girls challenged.GREAT WORK!! Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2012 I'm in love with Roxy Raye!!!!... Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2012 Honestly, haven't watched the scene....but I don't have to. I will join the multiple outcries against these stupid over-sized strapons! It is impossible to pound a girl with these monsters without hurting her (for real) and hard, butt-slamming thrusting is what a strapon is all about. Below average (2)
Nov 3, 2012 This shoot has everything I Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2012 love Roxy Raye and how they were both totally up for anything, including the crazy stuff Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2012 Superb update! Playful ,sexy and sensuous. Girls were really enjoying themselves. And ,no, anal stretching with big dildos or hands,is not synonym for "hurting" or "pain",(see Roxy's comment above), when respecting the limits of the partner. Anal sex is about pleasure,not inflicting pain. Go girls and enjoy yourselves,you are sexy as hell! Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2012 Hey, All your everythingbutt movies should contain the following topics to be absolutely overwhelming good !!! I'm willing to pay $30 only for 1 movie containig all this topics: a.) ass licking in 69 position b.) ass eating with cream and other foods c.) speculum for a grand view inside d.) extreme ass hole spreading e.) ass enemas f.) prolapsing g.) squirting h.) optional: lactating breasts i.) optional: ass enema or ass smoothie drinking IMPORTANT: I don't like spanking, punishment, nipple clamping, humiliating and BDSM. This topics are inappropriate for a ASS FETISH SITE!!! Thanks, Philipp Great! (5)
Nov 5, 2012 Thanks EB. Could care less about strap ons. Keep the gapes, prolapses, hard fisting, speculums, squirting and enemas coming. would love more closeups, especially during the enema scenes. Finally some fucking and prolapse mid enema! Love you Roxy.. ytb. Great! (5)
Nov 6, 2012 love it fantastic amazing. Great! (5)
Nov 8, 2012 Very good scene. Would have loft to see some more licking each others girls anal prolapse but guess you can't have it all ;-) Nontheless, great scene. Worth watching Great! (5)
Nov 9, 2012 well well well - EB is a calling! Roxy, Amy and Francesca Le - Vidi, vici, veni - yeppers - I was blown away! Brothers and sisters my spirit is a-movin'! Great! (5)
Nov 15, 2012 I LIKED THE FIRST PART Great! (5)
Nov 22, 2012 Oh my god! Great! (5)
Dec 3, 2012 It's truly amazing that the girls are that comitted and what they can take up their asses and I liked the prolapse play too...but, first, I would rather watch the girls take smaller sizes (I am satisfied with one hand in the ass, but it really necessary?) so they don't overstretch or hurt themselves, and, secondly, the oversized strapons make no sense because you can't fuck with them in the right way. Good (4)
Dec 4, 2012 Superb! Thank you ladies :) Great! (5)
Dec 24, 2012 Wow!Congratulations! [2] Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2012 I love this girl Roxy Raye, she's beautiful and nasty. I love the rosebud sucking especial when she's a beautiful girl is sucking on that rosebud! Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2013 My first video. Incredibly hot, and it does it all! Those three are the greatest.Not only erotic, and ccute, but amazingly articulate.I can"t wait to see more by them. Great! (5)
Feb 6, 2013 Awesome stretching. Great stuff. Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2013 AMY and ROXY are FANTASTIC and maxi anal, and hers gapping, fisting doble hands and provocative rosebuds... Excellent shoot Great! (5)
Mar 27, 2013 i shall never see vegetables in quite the same way again, as long as i live... SEXY ladies! Great! (5)
Apr 14, 2013 YES! Such a special treat whenever a rosebud is presented! What can I say? I still believe in romance. Great! (5)
May 12, 2013 Cool Great! (5)
Jun 4, 2013 I thought Amy Brooke was beautiful, then I saw Roxy Raye she is absolutely gorgeous. If you saw these two girls out and about you would never in a million years guess what they can do. When Roxy sat on that squash and it went in with no problem I couldn't believe my eyes, I had to wind the video back and watch again, amazing, and that was only the start. The size of the objects these girls could take is incredible.When she took a fist in the pussy and the other in her ass I thought that was fantastic and as she said at the end she really enjoyed that both orifices pleasured. Years ago I saw a video where a girl received a double fisting in her pussy, something I've not seen since. So imagine my surprise when Roxy took a double fisting of her butt.. I think it will be a long time before anyone betters that. I understand people's reaction to the massive dildos and strapons, but its a bit of fun, call it editorial licence. Francesca Le was partly overshadowed by the actions of Roxy and Amy but she still gave her usual professional performance. Just one thing the constant sucking through your teeth gets a bit annoying,could you please try and do it quieter. Thank you. To all concerned especially the unseen film and back up team well done you deserve a pat on the back. P.S. Please get Roxy and Amy back maybe with Bobbi Starr on Electrosluts. Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2013 Just great Great! (5)
Sep 20, 2013 la mejor de todas estas me casaria con esta mujer eres mi preferida Roxy sigue haciendo mas videos eres la mejor de lejos Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2014 Beautiful! Francesca Le you've done it again! -
Mar 25, 2014 The very first video I ever saw with Roxy Raye was at another extreme anal site in a video with her and Bobbi Starr, made a year or two ago. I think it was called "An Apple a Day," and Bobbi played the teacher while Roxy was the student. She fairly easily took an entire, large, red delicious apple up her butt to the point that it completely disappeared. I'd never seen anything like that before. I was just blown away. Since then, I've come to realize she's considered like "the queen of extreme anal stretching and taking large objects." It just amazes me she hasn't ruined herself, physically, doing all that stuff, but it sure is interesting to watch, even when it's not a turn-on. Good (4)
May 6, 2014 Roxy's butt looked so natural with two fists in it I am waiting for someone to try three fists, bet her butt is big enough to handle three fists at one time if she puts her mind (or should I say butt) to it. Roxy your a doll. Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2014 the world best bitches; i love them -
Sep 1, 2014 Amy and Roxy together, it's a winner for me Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2014 excellent! delightfully nasty!! Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2015 Roxy Raye is by far the best performer on this site. She is absolutely gorgeous as well. Her anal performance was unmatched and I LOVE her butt rose. She kept it prolapsed while Amy Brooke fingered it which was beyond hot. I also loved watching the others actually suck on her anal prolapse. I enjoyed the anal juices that came out of her ass as well. I would love to drink that! Roxy Raye, you are so very beautiful! Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2016 Oh, my little maids! Did she get you from the girls private school?....I thought so. Turn around, let me see your bottoms- good lord of the under world. I hope youtwo have been keeping your giant butts secret. And look at your gap! Do you know what that means ? It means you have big fat cunts. You! look at your friends pussy, does that scare you? Do you see that butternut squash over there? Bring it here. Your friend is going to ram it up your ass-right now and your lady of the house is going watch- she caught you two on camera.... -
Jun 3, 2016 Perfect!!! Great! (5)