Veteran Beretta James wrestles newbie Sheena Ryder.

Nov 30, 2012 - and

Beretta the Pistol takes on Sheena Rough Ryder in Sheena's very first match. Beretta looks sweet but we all know she is a feisty little bitch. Sheena has a cocky attitude coming in but will her bravado be enough to win? It totally sucks to lose and the someone finds out about that in round 4.

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Nov 30, 2012 First to Princess Donna for this fantastic Season 10!!! And also for your on the spot Ref. Thanks for the safety , looking out for the girls, and calling time outs when they are defiantly needed, a few scary moments with arms elbows etc. But thankfully all went well. Now to the match, read on the Kink Fourum, about Sheena Ryder, sad accident, on her bike, what a shame, because the girl has potential, now she's had a accident. Love you girl, and this member, will continue to pray and, hope for better and hopfully recovery!!! And you were the stronger one, a great back forth, windshield wiper match. With control going from you back to Beretta. You were right about getting winded, U/S is not what you may think, it can get fast and sexually style with great confusion to the new girls, especially the back and forth , with holding control, back to style and then back to control, kinda dizzying like a windshield wiper . At times you had Beretta down, But have to give it to The pistol, for calmly waiting and being fast, rubbery , flexible to get on Sheena back and going for control and style, that made up for a close, and I mean very close match. Also Beretta keeping doing that and gionf for the back, also you have great and I mean, a damm great leg claw scissors hold, I almost thought you, were going to squeeze , Sheena out of breath, great round four and great Post Interview and glad to know Sheena you've had military skills. So , probably won't see you wrestle again because of the accident, but I think next weeks Tag Match with you and Wenona, against Lyla and Andre, might be the last match, so hopfully you and Wenona pulled out a victory , so we will see the next three weeks, and since that was filmed, earlier this month. Looking forward to the round four Christmas Day!!! Thanks girls, you were all 3great, and thanks Princess Donna Delore again. Also I know now the match, that was Unknown back in October that Sheena did!!! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Nov 30, 2012 Amazing Match. Sheena is an young Woman with a lot Potential. It was nice to see when Beretta in the fourth round go rough and fucks first sheena then her beautifull Ass into the mat. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Nov 30, 2012 I'm biased Beretta is my favourite US Wrestler and every match she is in is awesome win or lose. Beretta has really honed her skills over the three seasons she has competed. But she was given a run for her money in this match. Sheena is another impressive rookie and as Beretta said in her post-match interview that Sheena will be a force and a rematch might have a different outcome, I would love to see that rematch! RD4 was just fantastic, Beretta is so hot as a dom she really takes it to Sheena. Both wrestlers should be congratulated on a great match-up. Rubber mentions Sheena had an accident I too would wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back on US fit and well very soon. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 1, 2012 Great match both wrestlers gave 100% out there on the mat and new girl SHEENA did not make it easy for BERETTA who is a very good mid range wrestler.Have no details of SHEENAS accident but hope her injuries are not to serious and she is recovering o.k.Loads of potential from both ladies and again a very well reffed match from PRINCESS DONNA many thanks to all three who made this happen P.S. i am sure all the members would love to see a rematch if SHENA can return jh/uk. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 1, 2012 one of the better matches this season. Sheena has a natural talent for this. she's been talking about coming to US and wrestle for a long time, so sad that just when she comes, she got this terrible accident. go to her twitter, it's not a tiny injury, the pictures of the injury are very hard to watch. she's probably retiring from porn all together, cause even when her leg will heal, the scars will be very big. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 1, 2012 Follow up members, to what happen to Sheena Ryder. If you go to the, Kink Forums and go down to the Sheena Ryder update, some members describe what happen, i think it says she was, in a bikeing incident. They don't say if she was a, passenger or the main person riding the bike, and it says she, was probably on a vacation, sorts?? Some of the pics, look kinda bad. It shows she's in a hospital bed, some members tweeted or she took and shown. Rehabilitation therapy , so I don't know if she return with her knee leg?? It's sad in life we see someone with, good potential , then something out of the blue comes, an Bad injury and throws the body into trauma and hurt, but unfortunately things can happen. To all of us . That goes to show us that the girls we see here , some we see as tough can be injured like the rest of us, so again hopfully she gets better. I don't think she will be doing this again. Also, some members were complaining that we haven't seen Ariel X back, and that's what I said in a , earlier post about rushing things, because we don't know the , status of the girls , life issues , health or outside of the wrestling mat?? People shouldn't rush the girls to come back wrestling. Because as we can see other scenarios can pop up, just like we've seen with Sheena R, a great , potential but with the scenario now she will never come back, sad. Also I wanted to correct myself earlier when I said, that we may see her again with ,the Tag Team we are going to see this Tuesday, December the 4th,2012 I ment, to say Sahara Rain and Wenona and Lyla and Andre Shatiki. I mistakenly said Sheena R so she won't be in this Tag, my mistake.. Still love this match with Sheena and Beretta!!!! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 1, 2012 As some one who has had my share of bike accidents I know how vulnerable you are when involved in a accident. But I also have experience of just how far medical techniques and care have advanced`I hope SHEENA is recieving the best and wish her a full recovery jh/uk Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 2, 2012 fantastic match enjoyed it thanks to all involved...please answer this question though will there ever be a 1 on 1 match with beretta and tia ling? Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 11, 2012 What a Great Match!!! Ultimate surrender! (5)