Talon and Jasmine Byrne

May 9, 2012 - and

Jasmine is an incredibly sexy girl who seemed sweet and innocent until she confessed that anal sex is her favorite. Jasmine and her boyfriend Talon also explore their more kinky side with a collar, leash and a little spanking to highten the experience.

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Feb 4, 2005 Great cock sucking skills and its good to see a chick whose preferred fuck hole is her ass. After all who needs cunt when there are two other even better holes to screw. -
Feb 4, 2005 Pity he didn't come into her open mouth -
Feb 4, 2005 that's very selfish, dicklong. you have to think about where most chicks get most of their pleasure, rather than just thinking about your own thing. -
Feb 4, 2005 I hate the rubbers. I know it's politically correct and all that shit, and I know about what's happened disease-wise out in the porn zone recently, but it's a real turn-off. -
Feb 4, 2005 HELL YEAH! -
Feb 4, 2005 But in any case, he has a nice fat cock - very nicely shaved. -
Feb 4, 2005 Ditto. The condoms have to go! -
Feb 5, 2005 It would be real interesting to have Jasmine and Chelsea from a couple of weeks ago plus half a dozen guys with huge cocks, then have a contest to see who can take the longest dicks completely down their throats and all the way up their ass holes. -
Feb 7, 2005 Perfect! The sight of this gorgeous horny chick being fucked hard while wearing a collar turns me on big time. I'd like to see more like this. -
Feb 21, 2005 I don't care if Jasmine and Talon are a couple or not that scene was hot. Jasmine is one nasty little Sub, I just love to see her on Whipped Ass next!!! She's hot. -
Mar 29, 2005 FUCK the little slut HARD up that LUSCIOUS ARSEHOLE! She loves it! -
Mar 29, 2005 I CANNOT BELIEVE THE WANKERS that write their shit in this site! Take the penis-pullers above, for example. I prefer no condoms, but that counts for very little. And surely the 'models' have a right to choice. The condom doesn't prevent the lovely maiden being fucked in the arse (like our lovely Jasmine), or being covered with hot, white jizm at the end. -
Mar 29, 2005 Good to see some positive remarks, dicklong. GREAT SET - fuck, fuck, fuck the lovely little sult up her arsehole - she loves every bit of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
Mar 29, 2005 Whilst I agree with Lance33 to ome extent, it has to bee accepted that any porno clips of any sort will be some kind of performance. In real sex, a lot of guys cum within 20 - 30 seconds after getting it it - where would you go then? Coming all over the girl may not be the more usual mode, but it demonstrates most clearly the sexual effect of the woman's beauty on the man's cock. It is also a harking back to the evolutionary stage where the male frog would spawn his semen all over the female's eggs. For me, the real 'blow job' - where the man squirts in the woman's mouth (these cum shots where the man does the masterbation is bullshit, by the way), is the most erotic thing - the most beautiful part of the woman (her face & mouth) meet the crassest, grossest part of the male (his erect cock cumming!) This shoot? I think it's great!!!!!! Great arse-fucking as well -
Mar 29, 2005 But this time, I have something to say!!!!!!! -
Nov 11, 2005 Jasmine is gorgeous! she's a 10+ she rides the dick really good! i would cum after probably 3 mins of fucking her 1 min if she rode my dick? i wanna see her make love to her real life boyfriend and see how romantic she is? or not maybe she just loves to suck and fuck. none the less shes so so cute so fine !! -
Dec 29, 2012 Jasmine is one of the best assfucks in the industry! Great! (5)