Anal Sluts: 18 years old bombshell anal fisting and dominated!

Aug 7, 2012 - , and

Jessie Rogers gets dominated and her ass gets thoroughly fucked with toys, strap-on and fist by Ariel X. Then James Deen gives her more domination and rough anal sex! Includes gaping, ass licking, fisting, spanking, dildo gag and more!

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Aug 7, 2012 What amazing chemistry between two gorgeous and - in this Olympics week - well toned girls. Supreme! Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2012 i just might have to watch this tonight :-) Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2012 Very nice dildo action but you can skip the tranny scene. Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2012 Beautiful!Simply beautiful.EB,you gathered all the elements to produce another stellar update!The girls are stunning beauties,each with her unique personal style that completes one another and add to the dynamics.Jessie Rogers has an ass to die for,and Ariel X is certainly a perfect match for her,with her perfect figure.Hot,intense anal play throughtout.Great anal action with James Deen at the end.Tks EB,great work! Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2012 What a beautiful girl is Jessie Rogers!! I've seen a lot of her lately as she has gone from mild to extreme.The greatest compliment I can pay her is to say she's a teaser and a pleaser. Wow!! And what about Ariel? With that athletic body she should be in London this week. This was more a loving scene between two contrasting beautiful women with loving focus on the derriere.No real rough stuff no abusive language and boy wasn't it sexy. Men definitely have their part to play in the ass fucking department but James was never going to upstage these girls. Great! (5)
Aug 7, 2012 beautiful just wished you used the thicker longer strapon on this girl she can take big dildos Great! (5)
Aug 8, 2012 Wow! what a glorious time we live in where beautiful women are so open and graphic with their bodies in front of the camera. And nowhere is that more evident than this shoot. Kink, you really have outdone yourself this time! You asked for 25.91 kinks to buy this shoot and I would've gladly given you three times that! If anyone gives this shoot less than a "Great" rating, I'll be shocked! This must establish you as the #1 BDSM Website on the planet! Great! (5)
Aug 8, 2012 Great & Sexy. Nuff said Great! (5)
Aug 8, 2012 Unbelievably hot shoot! You just made my day... Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2012 ARIEL et JESSIE are awesome. they push the limits of fetish far away. Rough and intense action. Two wonderful anal sluts to die for. Great scenes with ARIEL and JESSIE, and great scenes with JAMES. Thank you so much . Very HIGH QUALITY SEX. Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2012 Damn. This girl is ultra hot, and what an anal slut! Fantastic job. Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2012 One add'l comment: the gratuitous ATM is an absolute WINNER for me! Jessie can't get enough of the taste of her own ass and that is an insane turn-on. Every EB shoot ought to feature lots of ATM! Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2012 i love jessie R. Great! (5)
Aug 9, 2012 love jessie R! Great! (5)
Aug 10, 2012 One of the best productions you have ever produced!!! Great! (5)
Aug 13, 2012 Does Ariel ever do boy-girl,anybody? I love the lesbian stuff but seeing her getiin' it from a big dick would be excellent. Sure does it for me! Great! (5)
Aug 14, 2012 Jessie is a perfect example of the fact that many of the new performers have already trained and pushed their assholes to limits that were considered extreme a few years ago. They are testing our creativity and make no qualms about the fact that they want to be tested and challenged. Excellent work by both performers and EB!! Great! (5)
Aug 17, 2012 this is the most carnal shoot you have ever done. the chemistry between jessie and ariel showed a tenderness and a love for what they were doing to and for one another. the nakedness of the two girls added to the carnality of the whole scene. this was a rape with tenderness, and i doubt you will ever top this shoot. Great! (5)
Aug 25, 2012 I hate breast implants, but in Jesse Rogers' case, it's not too hard to overlook. Her face and ass are amazing. I really like the way this scene was shot, w/ extra ass-emphasizing angles. Great! (5)
Aug 26, 2012 outstanding! this was incredable. Great! (5)
Aug 30, 2012 Jessie's ass is amazing. I am really enjoying Ariel X as a domme. I love the sensual kissing between Ariel & Jessie. The shoot was very erotic. Great! (5)
Sep 2, 2012 Sweet! Two of the best looking girls in porn. They're both so different and uniquely beautiful, and they possess the best pair of asses EB has ever put together. I love their toned-bodies, they don't look like those trashy girls you see in many porn movies. The sex was amazing. They made every scene sizzle with their sexual chemistry. Kissing and messing around before the hardcore stuff is so sensual and erotic, this is my kind of shoot. Great! (5)
Sep 6, 2012 Sure Great! (5)
Sep 21, 2012 These two women are incredibly sexy. Ariel's body is really hot. Jessie is more innocent and curvy with a great ass. Well done EB! Great! (5)
Sep 27, 2012 How gorgeous is Jessie R? Wow. I have seen her on PD as well. She is downright fantastic especially since she does the more extreme kind of stuff. I have never been a fan of "nice" pornstars who only do vanilla kinds of things. Jessie: I hope you read this thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do and please come back and do more scenes for KINK Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2012 Hi, what can I add after these superlatives! Great! (5)
Dec 26, 2012 why bring james cheesy little dick in here when there are much bigger and better strapons ,i dont want to see small dicks let keep it at thick lesbian strapons Great! (5)
Jan 13, 2013 jessie does amazing things with her butt Great! (5)
Jan 30, 2013 Best EB posting. The models on here are as sexy as it gets. The sex scenes are firey hot! Great! (5)
Feb 3, 2013 Wow, Jessie Rogers with the perfect Butt on EB. I can`t believe my Eyes. Amazing scenes and Pics. I saw her on other Sites and was absolut stunned by her Ass. I have never seen such delicious Cheeks. She has the most perfect Ass i`ve ever seen. A total 10 from me. Jessie, too sad that your Boobs are no more real. Your naturally kind was very nice. The Girl with the perfect Ass needs no Surgery. Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2013 Please bring Jessie back for an anal speculum examination!! :) That would be sooooo incredibly HOT!! Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2013 it is incredibly hot having Ariel so close to a cock - even if it is not going in her... Great! (5)
Apr 1, 2013 approved, jessie is a goddess Great! (5)
Apr 3, 2013 where is the shit at Great! (5)
Jul 15, 2013 How do u get the enema to run clean. When I give a girl an enema a lot of shit comes out. Even after two or three enemas the water is still brown. Do the performers do enemas before the performance if so how many how deep how much water. How long do they hold it in Background on the prep of models before Anything But would be most interesting and a turn on Great! (5)
Aug 22, 2013 Dynamite ass ! Great! (5)
Aug 27, 2013 Nice young fresh busty girl fisted!!! Great! (5)
Dec 23, 2013 Jessie Rogers is so beautiful. Love Jessie Rogers! Great! (5)
May 31, 2014 jessie is genial...what a amazing s fantastic....jessie thanks a lot Great! (5)
Sep 2, 2014 Great shoot, Jessie is amazing Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2014 holy shit, what a wonderful horny ass-jessie was great--i must fuck my ass for hours..and i have many orgasms Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2014 its unbelieveble...its fucking fantastic ...jessie..your are so great..its an honor to see you Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2015 so nasty and horny,best ever Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2015 This is fantastic porno! The babes are so hot nasty - they do it ALL. Incredible! -
May 18, 2015 This was another truly AMAZING scene. For starters, the two women are absolutely gorgeous. What makes this scene stand out is that at one point when Jessie Rogers was getting fisted by Ariel X and Ariel had her fist in to the knuckles, Jessie starts to say "mercy", but she stops at "mer". She continues to allow Ariel to slide her fist all the way into her ass, wrist deep. The intense expression on Jessie's face was beyond what words could describe. It was an incredible and beautiful moment. I prefer scenes with just the ladies in them, but an occasional scene with a guy involved is ok. Jessie Rogers, again, made that part awesome when she swallowed. Everyone in this scene did an outstanding job. I know this scene was posted in 2012, but I am somewhat new to EB so my post is a bit late. Everything Butt is by far the BEST porn site I have EVER seen. Ariel X is fantastic and I am glad she is a regular on EB. I would love to see Jessie Rogers perform more scenes for EB in the future. Excellent Excellent scene!!! Great job by all!!! Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2015 what an amazing film..jessie is unbelievebale hot..i wanna have everytime orgasms and hot fxcking without rules Great! (5)