Mallory Knots

Jul 20, 2004 -

Mallory Knots is the complete and total package. Again, we created some of the best imagery we have to date. We used the cane, flogger, and heavy nipple weights. We bent her, suspended her and arched her. We made her cum and cum some more; in the end she begs for the vibrator to stop as she is impaled and cannot get off of it.

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Jul 20, 2004 Wow, first glance looks hot sofar -
Jul 20, 2004 Amazing girl.Very sexy with great tits.Great shoot. -
Jul 20, 2004 Of course, the model "formerly known as" Sierra has always been hot. -
Jul 20, 2004 OOOOOO MY GOD, This woman is GREAT. The scenes are GREAT. I'm almost speechless!!!! WOW!!!! -
Jul 20, 2004 Why the nane change? -
Jul 20, 2004 Hey, great shot, great model...luv the socks, lol. Some creative bondage shots, indeed. In future, can there be more dialogue between slave and pleading, begging, etc. Gags are good, but dialogue would really make the scene. Also the final scene we got alittle of the pleading. Another idea, do a scene where slave is brought to the edge, and begging to cum...but not given that until final scene....just some ideas -
Jul 20, 2004 Great shoot, this model is fantastic :) -
Jul 20, 2004 Wow- I've just had about all my chimes rung, and I think we may be breaking in some new ones! As either Ms. S or Ms. M the lady is a champ...excuse me I think I hear a song cue..... -
Jul 20, 2004 This is very nice, I like it...... -
Jul 21, 2004 You may call this model by any name, but she has the coolest, most elastic tits I have ever seen. I like it when you tie up her tits tightly. Too bad you did not hang her (as you have done many times) by her beautiful tits, but still a great job. I enjoy her body. I wish she had protruding inner pussy lips, but her huge tits more than make up for her small labia minora. Great job! -
Jul 21, 2004 Mallory Knots (Sierra) is definately sweet. I think her pussy is sweet too! Also, she always looks and sounds good in a gag. Not a bad shoot at all. -
Jul 21, 2004 I like clip 14 and 17. Thank you Mallory for being so luscious! -
Jul 21, 2004 Awesome very cute model. -
Jul 21, 2004 We have never done a breast suspension with Mallory. So when you say we have many times you are very mistaken. -
Jul 21, 2004 this model is realy good.Very nice body, her pussy is the best, and what you've don with her is great -
Jul 21, 2004 its been a while sense you had a set this good -
Jul 21, 2004 this set just keeps getting better -
Jul 21, 2004 Stay with closeup till tittie clamps and weights fall off. Next time more boobie abuse. They're gorgeous. -
Jul 21, 2004 now you finely got it . excelant job. show me more like this shoot -
Jul 21, 2004 now you finely got it. we need more shoots like this ono -
Jul 21, 2004 this model has such a great body that it doesn't matter what you do to her she would look good -
Jul 21, 2004 Sierra is and was a fantastic model..great shots with her everytime - especially the breast bondage with heavy wights. More with Mallory :-) -
Jul 21, 2004 This was great, just the way I like it. Mallory takes a lot, it has to hurt. I don't know how she does it. -
Jul 21, 2004 Thank you. I loved your pictures very much. You have a beautiful body. I would love to see some of your poses with you body covered with oil. That would be rather special!! Swilliam. -
Jul 21, 2004 Excellent series; those magnificant breasts take the rope so nicely. -
Jul 21, 2004 Great shoot -
Jul 21, 2004 Awesome, rigger model scenes!!!! Kudos to all -
Jul 21, 2004 Judging by Mallory's reactions, you are WAY too nice. Not a scream or a loud "Yip" in 35 minutes. Perhaps you should have whipped her anus. -
Jul 21, 2004 The only ting your missing is legcuffs and a inflatable buttplug. Or toecuffs and a speclulm in her anus, but keep the barefeet at the cam.... -
Jul 21, 2004 If I was a chick, I would want to be Sierra, uh Mallory. Tits are perfect for torture. -
Jul 21, 2004 She looks lovely with her titties tightly tied with rough rope and the gag makes her drool on them,sweet! -
Jul 21, 2004 very good series indeed -
Jul 21, 2004 nice shots of her manhandled titties -
Jul 22, 2004 mall is damn hot! -
Jul 22, 2004 she is the best!!!!! -
Jul 22, 2004 Fan-fucking-tastic! A beautiful woman, with beautiful big tits, a beautiful shaved pussy, a dungeon setting, what more could you ask for? -
Jul 22, 2004 I love seeing bald pussy split with rope... -
Jul 22, 2004 Delicious close-up! Nice weights hanging from her beautiful nips. -
Jul 22, 2004 Love the tit grabbing! After all, that is what I am thinking when I see these pictures...along with other thoughts... -
Jul 22, 2004 Ah-h-h, I was waiting for those beautiful thighs to part! -
Jul 22, 2004 Beautiful, just fucking beautiful! I love her suspension with the rough rope around her wrists. Tied tits and gagged. Just fucking beautiful! -
Jul 22, 2004 She is absolutely gorgeous! -
Jul 22, 2004 God, she's got the perfect ass too! -
Jul 22, 2004 That vibrator is too fucking big! It hides too much of her gorgeous pussy! -
Jul 22, 2004 I agree. This doll in oil would be hot, hot, hot! -
Jul 22, 2004 nice tight crotchrope.her sweet titties streched by the weights look ripe for slapping -
Jul 22, 2004 slap those titties -
Jul 23, 2004 Mallory came in to our shoot with a sore jaw from a different producer who stuff huge balls in her mouth for to long. So her jaw hurt and I used the small ones out of respect. What I like about the small ones is that you can tighten them up so much, that they get forced to the back off the mouth. This makes them imposable to spit out. -
Jul 23, 2004 I love how she pulls on her breast with leg movement for a tit and leg man wow what a set what a model -
Jul 23, 2004 The best I have seen yet. I like the breast ties and the way Matt put her thru the scene. Mallory you go girl! look foreward to see you again -
Jul 23, 2004 The breast suspension and huge gags are used at another site where no respect is shown to the models. Even with Mallory's high pain tolerance, the shoots there are sadistic, not erotic. There is even one shoot where a model is dropped into a tank filled with leeches. Cypernet produces erotic videos that test the models limits, while showing concern for the safety of each shoot. Specifically regarding Mallory -- she is very good but I do wish she would interact more with the dom. She did this well in the update with the contractors last year. I think it would help give the viewers a better understanding ofher character. -
Jul 23, 2004 nice work on her tits,love the rough rope -
Jul 23, 2004 the hog tie shows her sexy feet and legs well,nice tight tie on her titties shes a hot model -
Jul 23, 2004 1471 is a greAt shot with her tied titty smashed and the look on her face is piceless1 -
Jul 24, 2004 I love effect of her bound tits. Exquisite -
Jul 24, 2004 I love the squashed, bound tits. -
Jul 25, 2004 the close up of her abused titties is among the best ever! -
Jul 26, 2004 first time i have ever maid a comment on this site. Superb showing. I just tried other sites after being with hogtied for over a year and I must admit one thing. They suck!!!! -
Jul 26, 2004 Delicious. The first few clips especially. -
Jul 26, 2004 This girl is absolutely fantastic! -
Jul 27, 2004 Excellent! -
Jul 27, 2004 Super extra grate! More of these! -
Jul 30, 2004 Not bad at ALL. Mallory's reactions are incredible; extremely arousing to watch. I intensely disliked Matt's 'costume,' it looked dull, boring and lazily put together, unlike the skirt, boots -- and socks -- Mallory wore. With the kind of attention to detail put into this shoot, his costume could have been much better. -
Jul 31, 2004 nice -
Aug 1, 2004 good use of costume to set up the fantasy....and it was removed in a timly fasion....very well done.... -
Aug 2, 2004 She is back in the archives covered with oil and pulled around a plastic sheet by her breasts. Great scene! -
Aug 2, 2004 And the mask hides her expressive face in orgasm. -
Aug 5, 2004 Huge compliments to both Mallory and Matt.....great footage. -
Aug 8, 2004 I love those tied up titties!!! MORE please. MORE of this girl TOO. I LOVE HER! -
Aug 10, 2004 This is a fantastic set. The setting evokes those old fashioned paintings of martyrs being tormented by brutal torturers. To see Mallory's poor breasts bound and then stretched with weights, her soft flesh bruised and marked with ropes was incredible! Her suffering is truly an art form! from Miso -
Aug 10, 2004 A magnificent set! This is what I consider to be the ultimate in fantasy situations. Congradulations both to Mallory for enduring such torment while looking so statuesque and the inventive rope-master who put her through such trials! -
Aug 10, 2004 Thank you again for an amazing set! -
Aug 11, 2004 It's great to see Mallory's breasts stretched, pulled, and tormented in this way -
Aug 12, 2004 Mallory is the best I have seen, please may we have more, I am sure the best is yet to come. This girl has far more to offer! -
Aug 12, 2004 She is absolutely great , thank you -
Aug 14, 2004 Mallory is great loved to see nice big tits tied tight. please show more like that. -
Aug 14, 2004 More work on the tits. And why not a real cock instead of the dildo/vibrator stuff. -
Aug 19, 2004 Congratulations to Matt, he knows how to prolongue the passion. I love these cultish scenes. Just a note: the hat you're wearing, a biretta, actually has the three "fins" facing front, right, and back, and is taken on and off using the right "fin." The left side is the one without the "fin," if worn correctly. -
Aug 19, 2004 I've loved Sierra/Mallory since her very first porno. Glad she's getting better every day. -
Aug 22, 2004 Another WOW -
Aug 25, 2004 Ahhhhh!!! I'll never get enough of seeing beautiful girls with beautiful tightly tied tits and she is one of the best. -
Aug 26, 2004 I could imagine a whole set featuring those terrific titties tied, tortured, dangling and all. -
Aug 28, 2004 Mallory you are the best, and I really love you. You, and our "webmaster" deserve the greatest respect and admiration for doing this work. Most of you women are, in my opinion, doing a service of spiritual value to the men and women that crave this kind of experience. They are also vindicating all those poor women who are so afraid to explore the joys of surrendering. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Anybody interested in playing this quality BDSM in the Santa Cruz - San Jose (CA) area please email me at -
Aug 28, 2004 Mallory and Matt,you are the best. High heels would be nice for such a setting.Otherwise this is excellent, it is real art, of spiritual value in my humble opinion. Anybody interested in playing this quality S&M in the Santa Cruz - San Jose (CA) area please email me at -
Aug 31, 2004 test -
Sep 15, 2004 Mallory has to be the BEST girl on this entire site! -
Sep 4, 2004 mallory is a bondage goddess -
Sep 21, 2004 She is the very best girl. -
Sep 23, 2004 This woma,n has a great pussy and ass.......anal probing would be nice too..... and spanking bottom of the feet...... -
Sep 24, 2004 WOW! Mallory is GREAT! More Sets with this Goddess and I will never cancel..... -
Oct 3, 2004 What great titties, pussy ass and feet. Would be interesting with a butt plug. Yummy -
Nov 18, 2004 NICE. VERY NICE. PAU -
Dec 20, 2004 nice -
Jan 5, 2005 In my country there was some years ago a very popular song called "I want a blue balloon". Here, that's what you get. Want it or not. -
Jan 20, 2005 mallory should be called mamory. love those tits. -
Jan 27, 2005 MALLORY is hot and sexy, what a great body, nice rack, the hole package and then some. she is very tuff. hope to see more of here . some anal penatration wood be great . -
Jan 28, 2005 jkjell2, they can't use a real cock for the same reason everyone else in America's commerical bondage scene can't: It's illegal. It sucks for us bondage lovers, but one can see the ethical logic behind it. Course, for a site like hogtied where the models all get an exit interview with a big grin on their faces I guess nobodys gonna worry about explotation. Actually, thats one of the things I love about hogtied; I never have any doubt as to how consentual the bondage is, which for me personally makes it much hotter. -
Jan 29, 2005 mallory is smoking HOT sexy baba she has a killer body and is awsome,ilove large breasts,what a hottie ,i get off just watching her in action. she takes what is dished out to her. asome bondage job on her tits,great job matt keep up the great work. hope to see alot more of her in the furture. i loved you and the workers draging mallory around by her tits, and the dildo action from you and the guys matt. hope to see mallory soon!!! -
Mar 25, 2005 Wow. When is she coming back! Great breast bondage. -
May 3, 2005 Definity: SHE ISSSSSSSSSS THE BEST!!!!!!! -
May 3, 2005 Sorry...this was not fair this was 5 GREAT -
Jul 16, 2005 Amazing. Mallory can take so much pain - it's quite unbelievable. -
Aug 8, 2005 Mallory, I am totally enthralled and entranced by your beauty, your body, and your awesome spirit. I love every set you're in and this one is one of the absolute best!! -
Aug 8, 2005 Mallory, I keep thinking I've seen you in the ultimate situation and keep finding out I'm wrong. Your sets are consistently among the best on this site! -
Aug 8, 2005 Mallory, you're never less than great, and these sets are no exception. Awesome as always!! -
Oct 1, 2005 Mallory is just magnificent. She really is the best you have. I can only imagine what it would be like to see two men working on her, one on each of those fantastic breasts. Working independently. Maybe a third between her legs. Hmmmm. More, more, more. -
Oct 8, 2005 love those tied breasts. -
Oct 8, 2005 blue breasts are a joy -
Oct 8, 2005 the best bondage pics i think i have ever seen.sweet! -
Oct 9, 2005 fab i have just shot spunk into slave wifes arse she loved it as well great tits need pissing scenes -
Nov 20, 2005 Mallory has a fantastic body and knows how to act the fantasy.Too bad she seems to have stopped working at all your sites.Would love to see her again especially at Ultimatesurrender. -
Nov 25, 2005 Mallory; once again, a stellar performance! Thank you. -
Nov 27, 2005 Since the B&D shots of Little Oral Annie twenty five years ago. Mallory has the most amazing breasts in bondage. No if she'd "ham it up" and exaggerate the agony. She'd be number one in my book. -
Jan 16, 2006 When you get a babe as gorgeous as Mallory, with such voluptious tits, whose whole body just screams out for treatment like this you realize that there is only one thing to do and that’s to give her what she is yearning for - shackle her, strip her, and flog every inch of her nude body with the biting, cutting, stinging whip! Pic 1180 - a lovely shot of her cunt! -
Jan 16, 2006 Rather nice! -
Jan 16, 2006 I retract that. Not 'rather nice'. FUCKEN' BRILLIANT!!!!! -
Jan 16, 2006 How that left football didn't drop off I'll never know. -
Jan 16, 2006 Mallory has the most gorgeous cunt! -
Jan 16, 2006 The only dull spot was latigo's remark (see above). If he had a criticism, fair enough, But he has to put in some bullshit about a blue balloon. Get a life, you jerk! -
Jan 17, 2006 Love the tie, loved the position, loved the cane, and I LOVE Mallory! Particularly liked pic 1292, where the whip is actially striking the flesh, and the camera catches the buttock flesh wobbing in. -
Jan 17, 2006 Holy Fuck! What a tie! Every time I think that surely they cannot come up with something better, they do! Simple, and really well thought out. It must have been complete agony for the model! Some great exposed shots as she squirms around trying to find relief from this torture! Normally I love flogging, but in this one, it’s best without - the tie is enough! Can’t wait to see the clips! Thanks Mallory & Matt! -
Jan 17, 2006 For this one, I have to borrow a remark from another member, re another shoot: “Hang in there! It could be worse! Of course, we are all hoping for worse!” -
Jan 17, 2006 Ditch the mask! Ditch ALL the masks! A key aspect of the erotic aspect of these sites is the sight of the model’s face as she is subjected to the various tortures. To lose sight of Mallory’s very expressive face is to lose half the effect! (I understand that its not so bad with the clips, as you can hear the squeals and screams.) The only person who should wear a mask is the master, as it gives him a degree of cold, calculating anonymity, which enhances the mood of bondage. Having said that, I thought the scene (apart from the mask) was really good - a great idea, impaling her of the stick-dick, so she can’t get away for the torment of the vibrator! Beaut pics at the end with Sierra’s interview, her voluptuous nakedness spilling out everywhere! -
Jan 28, 2006 big breasts -
Mar 30, 2006 Ditto Ditto Ditto - Excellent -
Jul 11, 2006 The wrist suspension scene had a positively poetic beauty to it. You folks amaze me with your creative ways of uncovering the diverse and delightful aspects of bondage. -
Aug 10, 2006 Ashlee Renee has nothing on Mallory/Sierra..... -
Nov 10, 2006 Simplicity, they say, is the essence of good design. This is a great shoot, not only because it features a strikingly beautiful model, but because it gives her the chance to react to a situation that is powerfully stimulating yet simple and uncluttered. Good stuff! -
Jan 17, 2006 For this one, I have to borrow a remark from another member, re another shoot: “Hang in there! It could be worse! Of course, we are all hoping for worse!” -
Jun 30, 2007 My first pictures from hogtied were from Mallory, I loved her, and she is still the best looking actress here !!!! -
Jun 30, 2007 Nice abused Tits !!! -
Jun 30, 2007 Mallory, simply the best !! -
Jan 30, 2008 Mallory,or whatever she was called,could certainly take it. Especially those tits of hers. Looked as though she had lost a bit of weight. Elsewhere that is. Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2008 nice tits...shes hot. thanks Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2008 fantastic Great! (5)
Feb 18, 2010 mmmmmm.... Mallory.... Great! (5)
Mar 8, 2010 she is godess of sex appeal she likes her tits firmly bound weep pamela anderson!!! Great! (5)
Mar 8, 2010 almost you forget looking her pussy her breasts draw all attention her strong body so flexible Great! (5)
Mar 8, 2010 looking the shoot my balls hurt a 10+ on penis scale Great! (5)
Feb 19, 2011 absolutely great.I loved it. Great! (5)
Oct 17, 2011 GODDAMN! This is one hot big-titted piece of cunt! I love that electrical tape gag in scenes 3 and 4. You need to bring those back! Great! (5)
Oct 29, 2011 absolut phantastic, this natural slave bitch Great! (5)
Apr 15, 2012 Simply the best model in history of hogtied Great! (5)