Apr 23, 2004 -

Sweet Karma...we'd never met her before and had no idea what to expect...sometimes that is how the best shoots are born. She defiantly takes the cold pressure hose and cums greedily. When strapped in to the water bed she impresses us with her breath holding and in a tight rope suspension she falls easily into subspace. You'll definitely be seeing more of this gorgeous girl here! Enjoy!

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Apr 23, 2004 Hey!!! I'm the first!! Fabulous shoot..I love them holding their breath for a long time..keep up the pressure to hold it longer!!!! Great body! -
Apr 23, 2004 Chanta - let me be the first to say, this is a fantastic session and a pleasure to watch. Please tell your workshop folk, this tank is the best thing they've ever made - so versatile and dramatic. You put it, and the delicious Karma, to very good use.... Well done! -
Apr 23, 2004 Karma has one of the hottest bodies I've ever seen. Her hard work really pays off on this shoot. -
Apr 23, 2004 What a wonderful ride for Karma and for us! Thank you Chanta!!! Fingers in the pussy always give me a thrill and to hear: "Fuck me hard!" is music. Next time that lovely back door needs to be opened for I am certain it holds secrets. Nice Guy -
Apr 23, 2004 outstanding show!! Karma, You're absalutly fantastic, and endured quite a bit here and gave us great orgasms. Chanta, again, always and forever stunning. Fantastic rope work. As for the waterbed, beautiful. You could have two tied on there if you wanted. I noticed when you where bouncing the end with her head in the water, she should have been face down. -
Apr 23, 2004 Question: is the underside of the tank glass also? You could some how have a cam placed under there giving an upward view. -
Apr 23, 2004 Nice to see you again Peter, I miss you suspend bondage and hogtied too -
Apr 24, 2004 great work. Perfect shoot. Welcome among "us" Karma!! Hope to see you again soon. Take care -
Apr 24, 2004 Delicious shoot, especially because of gorgeous Karma. I like her looks and her feisty appearance. I also enjoyed that thre wasn´t too much pain play involved. I would have liked to see more of Karma´s face and less of her voluminous hairdo, though. She was beautiful in clips 9-11 with her hair backwards from the water. -
Apr 24, 2004 Peter didn't tie this bondage, I did! There is an error on the update page that will be corrected on Monday. Thanks, Chanta!!! -
Apr 24, 2004 Once again.... excellent. My only question why you didn't jump in there with a strapon while she was under? -
Apr 25, 2004 Sorry for my mistake chanta, the bondage was so perfect that I thought the master came back, congratulations d(-_-)b -
Apr 26, 2004 VERY NICE!! Thanks for making the breathholds longer than on the earlier tapes! -
Apr 26, 2004 Chanta, I have a complaint!!! This shoot should have lasted at least an hour and perhaps a lot more. I was enthralled, the dark exotic Karma with her mass of dark curly hair and the blonde pale ice maiden who soon made it clear that she was in charge. This was a fabulous shoot, I cant remember seeing better. Please do this all over again but make it last longer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank you both for a marvellous shoot, and Karma "You come back soon d'yre hear." -
Apr 27, 2004 Great shot with the bed. I would love to see a big clock used to more easily see the models uw times. I think it would be more erotic if you told the model how long she had to hold her breath. 30 secs 45 secs then maybe 1:00. Of course the model would have to eb comfortable in breath holds but it would be great to have her be told how long she was to hold her breath. Also any chance of having the models try to escape? An escape artist tryout would be great. -
May 17, 2004 I don´t think she did a hold for even a minute. How long can she really breath hold??? -
Jan 23, 2005 She's a great beauty, body and face. But she was in such a hurry she didnt get to finish shaving. -
Jan 23, 2005 I love that green underwater Chanta, quite artsy! -
Jan 23, 2005 Tie hands behind. -
Jan 23, 2005 Photo shoot instructor is out for lunch. Clumsy compositions that miss the beauty of the model. And of Chanta. -
Feb 13, 2005 People seem to miss what's happening here and in other dipping scenes. I challenge anyone to hold their breath for 60 or even 30 seconds during an orgasm. So you're lying underwater concentrating on holding your breath while all sorts of things are being done to your lower parts... "I can't get turned on!" you say to yourself. Yeah, right. I'm going to die! -
Jun 18, 2006 and again an other soft session ==&gt really boring -