A Brand New Boy - October Live Shoot

This week update brings you the October live show that featured Michah Andrews who is brand new to BDSM and our favorite sub Dante. Sexy dom Spencer Reed is the stud of the show.

We tie up Dante and Micah while over a hundred members type in requests via chat. Both boys endure the metal rack and clothes pins. They scream as the water blasts the clothes pins off their bodies. Dante receives nice marks from the single tail whip. Michah screams for mercy when Spencer shoves his fat cock up the boy's ass. Spencer turns on the electricity while both boys are wearing the electric ball crushers and electric butt plugs. We milk their cocks and blow our loads on their faces. Everyone in the chat room cheers.

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Date Comments Name Vote
May 7, 2015 Micah needs experience, Good (4)
Mar 15, 2014 You will never get a dom as good as Spencer! He is always in control, and i for one really want to see him back!! I really hope he does return, sooner rather than later. I'd happily buy his shoot just because he is in it, and he gives me an instant boner just from looking at him! -
Aug 4, 2013 Micah Andrews Great! (5)
Dec 9, 2012 All four of you guys are really hot, especially Micah, who is eye candy all the way. Yes, I agree, lots of it was intense and you guys took it all. Micah, I think you moved very far in your journey along the path of BDSM Great! (5)
Aug 30, 2012 Love to watch LIVE shoots as they demand so much creativity and flexibility; talents that are not lacking in Van. Spencer is magnificent. I love anything he is in. Lucky is the man that gets to be trained and loved by Master Reed. The two subs were real strivers. Very diverse in their achievement levels but demonstrating the vigour a sub must apply to ones conduct if one wants to reach new levels. I would love to see a "Day in the life of a Dom" with Spencer and either Sebastien Keys or Dominic Pacific. Thanks men. Great! (5)
Jul 9, 2012 Van, I have learned to always watch your videos -- they are so sexy they make me hurt with longing all over. You have the best models, the best scenes, and best of all - you are there to ensure all goes well !! I am a fan !!! Great! (5)
Jul 4, 2012 Micah is adorable (like a little angel), and I like his employment of the safeword for two reasons: 1) It de-mystifies the use of it, and 2) You know that they've gone all the way to the limit, and that's worthy of respect. Dante was a trooper. Love him. Spencer is like a chiseled Roman gladiator, and Van was hawt as hell. Great! (5)
May 5, 2012 hot and awsomes Great! (5)
Jan 23, 2012 I love everything Dante is in. Great! (5)
Dec 17, 2011 Dante is SO HOT! I love his hairy body, and, yes, I'm glad he grew back the facial hair. I'm a bottom, but even I would love to have a go at his amazing ass. And Spencer, as ever, is an excellent Top. His body and attitude work together so perfectly. Great shoot, Van! Great! (5)
Dec 10, 2011 Spencer is the God. The Micha didn't seem too happy in the interview. Dante looked liked he loved it. And is the asian guy in charge of everything? Who IS he?! Great! (5)
Dec 6, 2011 I think Micah Andrews is going to join my list of favorite subs. Spencer Reed is always a pleasure to watch. Dante is the kind of guy, I talk politics with while having drinks....not take home to My dungeon. There's nothing wrong with him.....he just isn't my flavor of the month. Great! (5)
Dec 4, 2011 It seems that Micah and Spener took all the credit in the comments. In fact, I like Dante more, he will be a good slave and can take insturction without doubt. Great! (5)
Dec 3, 2011 Micah is so sweet. I love how he wants to do better every time. I'd love to see more no-mercy fucking with him. He' was definitely my fav part of the shoot. Spencer is amazing as always, and Dante is a natural sub, he can take whatever u guys give him. Great shoot guys. the cumshots at the end were all amazing. Great! (5)
Nov 28, 2011 Micah is my new favorite. His baby face kills me. SUPER! Great! (5)
Nov 27, 2011 Spencer Reed is the best one there Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 Spencer Reed in that outfit... WOW! Van i could listen to you say "Gooooooood fuckin boy" forever, love to see you in the updates, not just your voice! Nice work WHAM! Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 What is really fun is to read what others had to say about what we just saw : You find everything you wanted to say and because you want to say it you just repeat in other words what had been said ! For instance the down to the fact analysis manuel_37 gives make me always jump to the sentences he refurs because they are the best. And just now in the comment send by decaturguy77 what he says about Van : I fully agree with everything including the annoyance about the non replies in the forum. Finally I just have to say one thing : ENCORE UNE FOIS VOUS NOUS AVEZ DONNE UN SPECTACLE FABULEUX ! Thank all of you Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 By the way, Micah would be PERFECT for a small gang-bang. Have Spencer and a couple more guys (Phenix Saint, Master Avery?) just give a fuck-heavy session with an emphasis on no-mercy-for-his-hole fucking. Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 Much, much, much to like about this: 1. The no-mercy fuck of Micah by Spencer. No words to describe how hot that was. 2. Micah and Dante are great subs. I liked the device that flips over and has one upside down and the other right side-up. 3. Van, you are an INCREDIBLY handsome man. I LOVE watching you fuck a bent-over ass. Please consider being the featured dom in a shoot and letting Leo or someone else direct ... just for one shoot. You annoy the fuck out of me by never replying to our posts in the forum, but this shoot shows what a great director and great model you are. Really, really, really would love to see you as the featured dom and just own some ass without having to worry about the directing. Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 Spencer Reed, Hot no matter what type of cinema he's in. Dante needs a new test of manhood with Spencer alone. Would love to see that! Great! (5)
Nov 26, 2011 I don't mean to be unkind, and if these were just guys having fun in a sex club and I witnessed it I wouldn't have a comment. But the name of the site is Bound GODS. and these two boys were average at best. Sorry guys. You really missed the mark this time. Poor (1)
Nov 25, 2011 les live shoot ne sont vraiment pas mes preferer. Manque de suite logique peut etre mais Micah Andrews, Dante, Spencer Reed et master Van par leur physique sublime et leur visages si differant on sut malgre tout me faire passer un bon moment. En esperant que Micah Andrews reviendras bientot dans une video plus "classique" chez BG pour mon plus grand plaisir. Merci pour ce bon moment! Great! (5)
Nov 25, 2011 Par quel étrange avatar deux figures aussi angéliques que Micah Andrews et Dante en viennent-elles à se livrer aux caprices et aux sévices de deux créatures diaboliques qui donnent libre cours - pour notre plus grand plaisir, avouons-le - à leurs pulsions cruelles et leur imagination perverse? Faut-il admettre que ces deux sylphes délicieusement blond et châtain ont secrètement le goût de souffrir et le désir de s'exhiber? Tout porte en tout cas à le croire dans ce live shoot au casting idéal et au tempo - après montage - bien maîtrisé. Dans la première séquence, un bondage original (12' - 22') fait des subs deux frères siamois - et effectivement, par leur stature légère et leur carnation pâle, ils présentent quelque analogie. A la fin de la séquence (23' - 25'), un bref instant jouissif de dressage, vexation indolore que j'adore pratiquer moi-même. Dans la séquence suivante, le tourniquet s'avère un dispositif à la fois simple et ingénieux. Vif plaisir (26' - 32') à entendre, autant qu'à voir, le single tail marquer ses impacts sur le corps de Dante (remarquablement endurant). On rêve de voir la peau délicate de MA zébrée elle aussi par le même single tail - peut-être une autre fois... Rut vigoureux et bien chorégraphié de 43' à 49'; la suite et la fin, je l'admets, m'excitent moins. Spencer Reed - qui connaît pourtant le risque encouru à martyriser les blonds - fait preuve d'une sauvagerie maîtrisée dont tout sub normalement constitué rêve de faire un jour l'expérience. Est-il naturel, ou surjoue-t-il un peu? En tout cas, il partage la vedette avec Mr Van - très en verve lui aussi - plus équitablement que dans d'autres live shoots. En un mot, une réussite très stimulante. P.-S. Je saisis bien ce que veut dire bondbears, mais je n'arrive pas, pour cette session au moins, à partager son jugement lapidaire. Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 spencer is The God and Unbounded in his sex appeal!! Good (4)
Nov 24, 2011 missing the subs being kept in chastity, have not seen this for weeks now. Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 love micah! nice addition to BG! spencer is amazing as usual! Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 Spencer, you're my favorite. I like it better when you are smooth.... Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 That was a Hot session ! Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 great show! micah a very promising sub, and a welcome return of dante. imaginative bondage, good punishment. especially enjoyed spencers not taking no for an answer whilst fucking micah! Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 Is that Dante our Dante? Is he back? eheeee I love ripped Spencer though I understand he needs to bulk up periodically. Good (4)
Nov 24, 2011 This was hot. Micah did great for the first time and Dante was a real entertainer for the people when Van was repairing a scene. Great job for all of you. Van you were looking hot!! And Spencer well he is always hot. Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 micah is really hot. make him take more next time Great! (5)
Nov 24, 2011 The only GOD in that session was not even BOUND. Below average (2)