Taking Leilani's Ass

Nov 1, 2011 - , and

18 year old Leilani Leeane is dominated for the first time by Annie Cruz and James Deen in this all anal sex threesome!

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Nov 1, 2011 just not interested. Poor (1)
Nov 1, 2011 Wow this was great. I love a variety of women and this definitely was a great mix up from the usual. Kinky as always Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2011 looks ok Fair (3)
Nov 1, 2011 for a first time Leilani did well, really enjoy it the DP was great and Annie sure as hell put her in her place. Good (4)
Nov 1, 2011 standard. Below average (2)
Nov 1, 2011 The sound volume on the first part was so low it was difficult to hear, the last part was ok. Needed more and larger dildos to increase interest. The DP at the end was very good. Fair (3)
Nov 2, 2011 Every performer that presents her ass cheeks and hole for use by EB deserves a very hot and a very hard time. It is hard to believe a director was given more than an hour to work with the very experienced Annie Cruz and a fresh, new piece of meat and simply overlayed the same old tired ass script on their performances. We are really wasting talent. Below average (2)
Nov 2, 2011 252 pictures and not an asshole in sight!!! Filling up is just part of the story but here it's the only story. I agree with Larkspur the ass talent is good but the director has turned in another poor effort. I'll look out for Leilani Leeane elsewhere. I must say I see a pattern developing here-a newcomer makes a fair appearance on EB but goes on to really show her jewels on another site. I think the director once commented that EB was about punishment. Perhaps he meant punishment for the viewer!!! Fair (3)
Nov 2, 2011 What lovely girls. Fantastic shoot! Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2011 Another stellar update.Curves,curves,curves!What a magnificent asian ass! Leilani's ass up in the air,getting flogged by the wicked and sexy latina Great! (5)
Nov 2, 2011 Annie Cruz stretching that exotic asian ass for over one hour of pure delight.And to top it up,James is applying the final anal treatment.Big butt plugs in and out slowly off Leilani's anus,while beautifully spreadeagled,makes us appreciate the charm and lovelyness of that sexy model Great! (5)
Nov 3, 2011 Having skimmed through the full video I liked the early parts and the nice ass-spread at the end. The ass fucking was sub standard though. James Deen, I pay to see spread ass cheeks and the odd gape in the anal fucking -a reasonable expectation-not your constant boring in and out. If you are not there to showcase the butt and butthole then what are you doing in the scene? The whole thing was diminished by your pathetic effort. Fair (3)
Nov 3, 2011 Not worth watching Below average (2)
Nov 3, 2011 now that i am watching this it is very hot with good hard spanking :-) Fair (3)
Nov 3, 2011 It's all about Annie! Good (4)
Nov 5, 2011 I say again,Leilani has a magnificent ass.Nice skin tone and complexion too,and sexy legs and lovely eyes.Annie is a great match for her.And in spite of all the anal abuse,the girls managed to keep their high heels til the end!! ;) Real pros ! Great! (5)
Nov 7, 2011 I like an ass girl Great! (5)
Nov 7, 2011 this girl can take much thicker strapons,lets take bigger Great! (5)
Nov 8, 2011 Wow. If every frame of every movie on here could be just like the "preview" still for this one, what a beautiful life it would be. Best. Great! (5)
Nov 10, 2011 More please - just luv Leilani Leeane and Annie Cruz was fantastic as always Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2011 One of the better shoots I've seen. Annie and Lelani are nothing short of stunning women. Annie makes a great dom, and gave some of the best strap on I've seen. Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2011 however, in this shoot if felt like james deen had a small cock. particularly after watching all the action with that thick strap. Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2011 leilani is one fine ass Great! (5)
Nov 12, 2011 and only 18. where were these freaks when I was 18???? Great! (5)
Dec 2, 2011 Nice girl,good shoot! Great! (5)
Dec 5, 2011 Leilani is extremely beautiful and her natural tits/nipples are super nice and her shaved teen pussy is heaven. Fantastic to see her burning holes filled at the same time, I cant wait to see her in real DP action at BoundGangBangs. Great! (5)
Dec 7, 2011 HOT! More Asians with big asses taking it in the ass! Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2012 Lielani is bautiful, and Bobbi is a great domme Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2012 pretty good stuff Great! (5)
Feb 20, 2012 i expected better form kink.com Fair (3)
Apr 12, 2012 Leilani is awesome. I loved the riding scene, especially the last part of the ride with her butt exposed (unfortunately too short). More ebony girls, please. Great! (5)
Aug 17, 2012 lei makes me crazy hot in front of my wife,ooowe like fire!we need her in our oil pool!!! Great! (5)
Dec 28, 2012 Leilani is the hottest young nymph out there. She is nasty, hot and young....everything a guy or girl could ever ask for. Please have Isis squirt on her georgeous face Great! (5)
Jan 2, 2013 Get more of this model. She has a 10/10 ass. Very HOT! Great! (5)
Mar 11, 2013 Leilani Leeane.... Great! (5)
Mar 23, 2013 approved, leilani is a goddess, should be on sex and submission too Great! (5)
Sep 29, 2014 I love Leilani and Annie in this shoot. Just what I want from EB. Leilani has a great ass and Annie used it just the way it should be. Great scene with James Deen at the end. More of this action. Leilani great upcoming star. Annie fantatic! Great! (5)
Dec 19, 2014 Creative scene with one of my favourite Stars! Great! (5)
Mar 18, 2015 Leilani is HOTT!!! I already love Annie and she knows how to treat an ass. The scene was awesome, butt I'm so mesmerized by Leilani's body that I'd rate it highly anyway! Great! (5)