Beretta James

Oct 21, 2011 - and

Beretta James is new to BDSM and gets dominated for the first time on Whipped Ass by Gia Dimarco. These two sexy hard bodies delve in a day of tight bondage and lesbian sex with spanking, caning, clothes pins, suspension, ass licking, foot worship, ass hook and strap-on fucking.

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Oct 21, 2011 two hot models but too much weird shit like clothespins and pussy weights to make this one worth short too much tease not enough action.oh yeah were is the anal strapon scene that was promised?if there was strapon anal i coldn't tell because there were no FUCKING PENETRATION SHOTS to speak of.poorly thought out and executed.I expect better from this site. Below average (2)
Oct 21, 2011 I really like clothespins and pussy weights, awesome. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 This is more of the same old same old. Bring BOBBI STAR, please !!! Fair (3)
Oct 21, 2011 I liked it. I would like to see more of Gia as a solo dome. Barrette should come back when she can leave with some severe marks. Give her to Felony for that. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 Very great Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Wow Gia DiMarco and Beretta James in the same shoot together and BOTH are ABSOLUTELY FAN FREAKIN FUCKIN TASTIC!! Thank You Maitresse Madeleine for hiring such wonderfully gorgeous models for us. This was a tremendously HOT and SEXY shoot. PLEASE and OH PLEASE bring back Beretta James for a LIVE SHOOT if at all possible because Beretta James is GORGEOUS with beautiful eyes and a wonderful sexy body. THANK YOU Maitresse! One small suggestion would have been to have seen some more nipple torture with either clear plastic suction tubes on the models nipples or those pesky evil green elastic castration bands but maybe next time or next shoot. This shoot was a TEN for BOTH models!! Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 The models are beautiful, and am a big fan of Gia's, but if there was any real passion in this session, it didn't come across. I would rather see a less attractive woman who is really into the WHIPPEDASS ethos, than a pretty poser. Poor (1)
Oct 21, 2011 the models are good . but please make other Scene eg, office, school............. Fair (3)
Oct 21, 2011 Same old shoot nothing new here how about a prison or school shoot with 3 to 4 women. This and the last 2 shoots have been very bad. Throw away all new shoots and start over again. Poor (1)
Oct 21, 2011 You got it! More office and school scenes on the way! Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 How about a prisoner of war or captured spy shoot? Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 I love the pussy weights. Would be great to have more in shoots. Great! (5)
Oct 21, 2011 u guys got the best models that we can see. Great! (5)
Oct 22, 2011 it was ok, but im waitin for matriesse and charley chase update Fair (3)
Oct 22, 2011 Just couldn't seem to get this scene off the ground. There were a couple good starts (that's why I didn't give it a Poor rating) but they son fizzled. Finally, I realized the idea was to bore Beretta to tears and then talk her to death. That might be e good theme for a new site, but this one is Whipped Ass and that never really happened. Below average (2)
Oct 22, 2011 the last two shoots were pretty bad - you guys can do better... and lets remember its whipped ass... so maybe that should be featured? Below average (2)
Oct 23, 2011 Two very beautiful women lots of sensual content GIA and BERETTA both working well together GIA working with in BERETTAS LIMITS hence no marking none of this deserves a poor or below average vote to me. Then these members must see better content every week on other sites. Nice shoot many thanks jh/uk. Great! (5)
Oct 23, 2011 Amazing strap on by Gia. fab-u-lous!!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 23, 2011 Where is the update with charley chase??????????????????? Poor (1)
Oct 23, 2011 yo camp95330 i was askin the same thing they taking 2 long with the charley chase update, i hope its next week Fair (3)
Oct 23, 2011 I don't know, I liked this one. The sub was cute. Gia's pretty good in her role...the last two updates I'd seen with her (co-starring with Sinn Sage and Asphyxia Noire) kind of left me cold, but I agree that she's much better topping by herself. She's not my favorite dominant on this site, probably not even in the top three, but she's competent at what she does IMO. She could become great at it. Also, a couple of people have mentioned scenarios involving a prisoner/jail situation? I'd like to add my recommendation towards a scene of that type. Great! (5)
Oct 23, 2011 The Charlie Chase shoot got canceled due to reasons beyond our control. I have already booked her to shoot in November. Hold tight! M.M.~ Great! (5)
Oct 23, 2011 Both girls are hot, Beretta was amazing in her debut. I'd also like to support the idea of a prisoner/jail themed shoot. Great! (5)
Oct 24, 2011 Fantastic shoot! Great! (5)
Oct 25, 2011 Thought this site was about whipping womens asses? Where is this? Some times you have really good flogging in this site, but most often it is all about pussy play. This should be a BDSM site, not a straight forward "get bound and humiliated verbally with pussy play" site. Whip some ass, full body whipping. Use different whips, the flogger, cat'o'nine, single tail (I understand why most don't like this), riding crop, paddle and so on. I really like the shoot from devicebondage called Rain Degrey More Pain (even though a longer whipping would be preferred) and similar. This is a whipping site and should definately contain some more like this. Below average (2)
Oct 25, 2011 I really liked this shoot. Two beautiful women. Great. Great! (5)
Oct 25, 2011 Gia is great in my book, however beretta was not ballgagged during the final strap on scene. this has been the case the past few weeks and it ruined the last isis love shoot only my opinion, thats how i feel. Fair (3)
Oct 26, 2011 If they all could have the pain tolerance, endurance and low limitations of Rain Degrey life would be heavenly however, that is just not the case and at Kink we always work within the models limits. Please keep that in mind. Great! (5)
Oct 27, 2011 love this shoot, the girl's were beautiful. but i think my lady friend liked it even more, NICE. Great! (5)
Nov 25, 2011 After all the poor ratings i thought this wasn't going to be very good but i found it incredible hot especially the butt plug. YUMMY! Great! (5)
Dec 11, 2011 splendid photos sexy skin who needs anal lovely lovely girls great show Great! (5)
Dec 17, 2011 gia demarco is the only one who could one day rise to the level of Maitresse Madeleine. Great! (5)
Dec 24, 2011 I could watch Beretta James all day long. She's so beautiful and lovingly submissive. Please...more Beretta. Great! (5)
Dec 26, 2011 Very hot feeling!Thank you girls Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2012 I really don't understand the "poor" ratings just because these 2 lovely ladies aren't performing a member's particular fetish. Models have different levels of tolerance which is repected by all the Kink staff...that's what makes this site so good..IT'S ALL REAL!!!!!! Great! (5)
Feb 8, 2012 So I see people are wondering why we have any rating below good. The rating system is good is because it allows Kink to get a better understanding of what the members want. Yes my wants are different from other people. In this video I think it is great. So I am happy to give it that rating. If there is something that does not apeal to you, then let them know. The task of Kink is to find what you like. Just be reaistic about what you want to see. Great! (5)