Ariel X vs Cheyenne Jewel Summer Vengeance semi finals

Aug 26, 2011 - and

his is a brutal SEMI-FINAL match up. The winner goes on to the Championship, the loser gets fucked and sent home for the season. It's all or nothing. Which wrestler wants it more, who came better prepared, who is going to get fucked like a common slut for losing? It all comes down to this

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Aug 26, 2011 Good match followed by a good solid fuck in Round 4!!! Great shoot again. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 Love the Assassin... a lean mean fighting machine, as good as the Wrangler is she was outclassed, great round 4.....on to the championship Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 if Cheyenne Jewel has to lose, at least it was to the greatest of all time. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 Just finished watching first round in streaming while HD is downloading... Ariel has definetely left human race for something closer to spiderlings... quote Cheyenne: I'll try not to let her be on my back... Well that lasted at least 10 seconds! There's nothing you could have done. Gonna watch the rest now! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 WOW!!!! I did not expect it to be so onesided. Cheyenne will return next year more determined and better perpared. Ariel's work off the matt to prepare for matches definitely shows. She will be our first ever two time SV Champion. Bella's size will slow her down but it want stop her. Again great season for both ladies. Ariel X stamina and will to win is unmatched. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 WOW!!!! agree with everything wmjlogan said. I'd like to add that Ariel always had the endurance, stamina and determinition. that has been always been her edge over her bigger and stronger opponents at the top. but now I see she gain a lot of muscles and strength, erasing this disadvantage of her. most of the match Ariel not only outwrestled her, but even outpowered her, pushing Cheyenne and mounting her at will. even at the pre match armwrestling Ariel got a draw this time. legendAriel!! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 huepow greatest of all time bit of a overstatement i think. One of maybe but I think Ariel's lucky she will not be going up against Dia last years champ. Matt seeing as Dia will lose her title without losing on the mat maybe you should have this years champ face off with last years champ at some time. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 4 words: Best. Round. 4. Ever! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 Nicely done! I love both women and love to see each go at it. Only got to look at the photos and will make time later to be amazed by the match. Way to go Ariel! Great job Cheyenne. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 Wow such skill. Amazing round 4. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 I just watched Ariel first match of which she lost to the Ninja and wow how far she has come. Watch round four of the match with the Ninja and you will see where she got her style in this hot round 4. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 26, 2011 Agree with ols3687. Ariel needs to face Dia next year. Cheyenne has great promise and will only get better. You could tell she does not like to lose. Well fought by both fighters. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 27, 2011 Awesome match-up, and well worth the wait. Cheyenne is going to be sublime with more time on the mat and Ariel looked simply phenomenal the entire bout. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 27, 2011 i said from the outset that cheyenne could not beat ariel. cheynne is a good fighter tough as nails, but ariel is a mean so in so if you know what i'm saying? she talks shit and backs it up. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 27, 2011 Finally got to watch -- Wonderful! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 27, 2011 they say ariel is a bad mother shut your mouth, well i'm talking about ariel and we can dig it. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 28, 2011 A great semi-final the score does not reflect CHEYENNES skill and effort she put into this match but reflects the fact in ARIEL we have a very special wrestler a very special young lady who is very fit very skilled and very determined RAIN and CHEYENNE didnt stand a chance all this and only 110 lds. The best wrestler at U/S ever ? why not the standard of wrestling at U/S is constantly improving as is the gap between the elites and the rest of the wrestlers and one elite is starting to stand out and thats ARIEL we have seen her develope into the super woman she is today so yes im happy with her being called the best shes earnt it none of what we see came easy the fittness the stamina and the skills the only thing that she was born with was the determinatio the rest shes worked hard for. CHEYENNE has every thing that ARIEL has and will im sure improve with every match in this one she came up against a very special young lady but im sure she already knows that both wrestlers made this a great semi-final and i thank you both jh/uk. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 30, 2011 I expected Ariel to dominate this match after watching how Cheyenne fared (not well) in the two tag team matches when she was wrestling against a highly-ranked wrestler. Dragon Lily, for example, thoroughly dominated her in the most recent match. Ariel clearly has added weight and muscle and now has strength to accompany her quickness and endurance. I disagree with those who believe Cheyenne has the potential to be a future champion. She already has plenty of experience wrestling on another site, so I don't think she has a great upside. Bella and, possibly, Rain are IMO the only active wrestlers who have any chance of reaching the elite level to join Ariel and Dia. What neither of them have, however, is quickness, and that has been an attribute which all of the elite wrestlers have had. Ariel has it, and so does Dia. Syd and Vendetta both had it, as, of course, did Ninja and Nina. Of the recent newbies who I think had all of the potential elements to become elite, Ami Emerson and Bobbi Starr were the two who stood out because they both had size, strength and quickness. Bobbi, however, has her career going full force now and Ami apparently has retired from the industry. If Ariel and Dia stick with it, I don't see any real challenge to them from the current crop of wrestlers. Hopefully, next season will mark the debut of someone who ultimately can challenge them. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 30, 2011 mike412 you and i are on the same page. someone is paying attention. it's very hard to repeat as champ at us. dia was my pick to pull it off. ariel x comes in time and time again to get your attention. i'm glad you said something about the ninja. i think she came to us at 99 pounds, and still won. i'll have to ask matt about that, but i'm not far off. she was something. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 30, 2011 Yeah I have to agree with two comments above me, a good match none the less but with Vendetta retired and Dia injured its going to have the most predictable outcome ever. But who knows Bella could surprise Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 30, 2011 i think cheyenne will be a better wrestler after her match with ariel. my reason is other women came to us from other sites and lost at us. us has the best wrestlers on any site. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 31, 2011 CHEYENNE was never going to come to U/S and win the S/V after two matches yes she does have wrestling skills but not U/S style wrestling. ARIEL knows how good she is and can be and im sure that if she stays she will join the elites but it will take a few more matches but you are im sure looking at a future elite its no good comparing the wrestlers today with past ones as the standard is higher now the wrestlers are fitter this season has seen some great new wrestlers like MAHINA posibly an elite of the future. jh/uk, Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 31, 2011 I believe Cheyenne still has plenty of upside, especially if she uses that spectacular rd 4 as motivation (Ariel was brutal). I believe sometime in the future we'll see Cheyenne take her revenge. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 31, 2011 I agree that Cheyenne will improve. But, her upside is not comparable to someone who has potential but is making her wrestling debut as US. Cheyenne will improve because the overall quality of wrestling at US is the best and she will learn more here. But, she already knows the basics of wrestling, unlike someone like Ami Emerson, for example. And, Cheyenne simply lacks the quickness to ever be a threat to the really elite wrestlers on this site. You can improve your strength; you can train hard and improve your endurance. But, there is really nothing you can do about quickness. That isn't something that can come with more experience: You either have it or you don't. IMO she will be a wrestler who will dominate lesser opponents but won't ever be a real threat to the elite wrestlers on the site. Darling, for example, certainly earned her #4 seeding and she dominates the newbies as well as anyone. But, has she ever won a match against a higher-ranked wrestler? I think the closest she ever came was a 38 point loss to Dia (and that was relatively early in Dia's career before she reached anything resembling her recent level of wrestling). Right now, there is a real gap between Ariel and Dia, on the one hand, and every other wrestler on this site, on the other hand. Still, while the championship might be a forgone conclusion because of Dia's injury, this is by far the best wrestling site on the net. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Sep 17, 2011 Ariel X is absolutely perfect for these kinds of videos! She's tough, agressive, and from the look in her eye - seems to enjoy dominating and kicking ass! "Ultimate Surrender"? Heck, she's the "Ultimate Femdom Warrior'! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 Great fight! And great camera work! Classic battle...strength vs. speed. Speed won BIG. The few times Cheyenne got control, she went for the pussy too quickly, and Ariel is so quick that you can't control her with one arm, so she'd quickly regain control from Cheyenne. That's a shame, because with a little coaching, Cheyenne could give her a run. With fast, experienced players, when you get control, the first thought should be: maintain control, wear them out, then score points. She went straight for the points, and lost all the way around. Superior battle (4)
Nov 29, 2011 hawkeye21x I totally agree with you! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Dec 2, 2011 Good fight! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jan 18, 2012 amazing!!! Superior battle (4)
Feb 12, 2012 Ariel fucked Cheyenne really well especially when he fucked her in the ass I dont think she can sit for a while Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jul 21, 2012 cheyenne would make a fine wife for arielX Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jul 21, 2012 cheyenne would make a fine wife for arielX Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 13, 2012 Great, amazing fight; Great RD4; Absolutly great match!!! P.S. I like to watching (sometimes, not ever) the brutal RD4's Ultimate surrender! (5)
May 21, 2013 So far as win/loss ratio goes, Ariel is right up there with the elites. 22/2 - perfect tie with Ninja. Dia has a similar ratio - 11/1, and Nina rocks the best with 13/1...but if Ariel keeps it up for another several matches, she has the best record of any wrestlers, all seasons. I admittedly look forward to seeing the other wrestlers line up to take her on...and have no doubt that ratio of hers will keep getting better and better! Ultimate surrender! (5)
May 21, 2013 lol GDI im totally behinf the times Ultimate surrender! (5)
May 23, 2013 Great match for Ariel that is. She is amazing and US is fortunate to have her as the standard that represent all that US stands for. I heard her say while pounding Cheyenne's ass that she had been watching her and how she treated the other girls after beating them. Ariel gave it back to her and I know all the other girls who lost to Cheyenne were happy to see it. I could tell that Ariel doesn't like Cheyenne either. I think that is why she beat her the way she did and fucked her as hard as she did. Cheyenne was crying in rd 1 with that leg lock on her head. Real fighters don't cry Cheyenne. When Ariel lost to Vendetta, she didn't cry when getting fucked in the ass. I see she can't take it as well as she hands it out. Way to go Ariel. I never had any doubt that you would beat her but never thought it would be so lop sided. Ariel you are a true Champion and beautiful to go along with it. You're my HERO!!! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jun 25, 2013 After watching this again, I'm even more impressed with Ariel and her will to win. She is like a machine that just won't stop. Cheyenne fought her little heart out but you could see starting in rd.2 and rd3 that she just packed it in and resigned. And Ariel with a gigantic lead still kept pushing the action. When you look in the dictionary for the definition of Champion, you'll see a picture of Ariel. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jul 15, 2013 X, Damn, you have fight in you, nice energy. Looks like you enjoy the fight the most. Love old tits best, new ones are hot, but not this hot. Wow, no one finishes them like you, vicious with meaning. Man that is punishment. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Jul 18, 2013 Say what! That was not the outcome I was expecting. Did not know Ariel had skills like that! Much props girl! Ultimate surrender! (5)
Aug 5, 2013 Now after watching this a 3rd time, I am actually starting to appreciate how tough Cheyenne is and was. She was not a favorite of mine because I didn't like her attitude. But she has won me over with the improvement in her game and she has improved so much with technique and building a stronger body. She actually reminds me of how Ariel improved and became US Champion. Now I have gone on record to say that Cheyenne will become the SV champion and I stand by it 100%. For those of you who said she would never become an elite wrestler, well what do you think now. Sorry Cheyenne for ever doubting and criticizing you. You will and have gone far. Good luck the rest of the way. Ultimate surrender! (5)
Sep 14, 2014 Ariel beat the pussy up up up Ultimate surrender! (5)
Feb 3, 2015 I loved how hard she fucked and how often she was DOMINATED. The ass fuck was Great!!! -
Feb 3, 2015 I loved how hard she was fucked and how often she was DOMINATED. The ass fuck was Great!!! The loser has a great body!!! -